Bird Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bird Dream Symbol – Birds in a dream are a positive sign. They can symbolize your career and social side of your life. A woman dreaming of a bird can mean you are either happy in your relationship or you will meet your soul mate soon. A colorful, beautiful bird in a dream signifies you will marry the right person. You will have a long happy life together. Birds missing their feathers can signify you will have someone who considers them better off than you attempt to dominate your life.

Bird Dream Scenarios

bird-dreamsAn injured bird may warn there are tough challenges coming soon. Flying birds bring messages this is a time where you can achieve anything you dream of achieving. The universe will answer your prayers in reality. You are free to choose from unlimited opportunities. Catching a bird is a sign you will always have enough. Your hard work will always see you prosper. If you are not well off, birds bring news of financial improvements. If you are rich, it warns there may be some financial losses or challenges to meet. You will be fine financially in the long run.

Fighting birds warn of arguments between you and your partner. Birds sitting at the window brings untold luck to your home. Seeing birds feeding in the garden is a sign that someone you have longed to have visited is on their way.

Dreams of bird’s eggs are a nest that symbolizes successful friendships. An empty nest can mean you feel negative about something in your life. Blackbirds bring bad news from people you usually avoid.

Birds can indicate several different things. If your dream is about brightly colored birds, it represents female fertility or sexuality and is a strong positive indicator for engaging in sexual activities. If your dream is about darkly colored birds or birds of prey in flight it indicates a clearing of bad energy if they are flying away or coalescence of bad energy if they are flying toward you.

Birds of prey flying from left to right are a good omen. If they fly from right to left, they are a bad omen. If you dream of darkly colored birds perched on a tree or on the ground, it is one of the worst omens of bad things to come. Lightly colored and white birds are good omens and the bringers of blessings and good news.

Additional Bird Dream Meanings

Dreaming of birds represents what you want out of life. Beautiful, colorful birds signify you are with the right person and will have a wonderful marriage. Dreaming of catching a bird is a sign of good luck, prosperity, and abundance. Hunting birds signifies you will suffer a financial loss of some kind.

Seeing birds without their feathers can mean someone more affluent than you will try to control your life. Birds flying across your dreams brings messages of abundance and prosperity. A flock of birds flying across the sky can remind you that you are free to choose from the unlimited possibilities that cross your path. Seeing a bird with a big beak can warn you may find yourself involved in a scandal.

Dreaming of birds is a positive sign that can represent your social and career aspirations and your achievements. A woman dreaming about birds can mean you will soon meet your soul mate or you will have a long, happy relationship. Seeing a birds fight can mean you will fight with your partner. A bird at the window fills your home with luck and happiness. Watching birds pecking in your yard heralds the arrival of someone that has long been absent from your life.

See Flying Bird Dreams

Waterbirds bring the good news that you will have success. Blackbirds can signify there is bad news about people who have a life of trouble. A bird with a broken wing is a warning of a broken commitment to love. Eggs in a nest bring the good news of meetings with people who can help you achieve success. Seeing an empty nest may mean you worry all the time about your job or business. Seeing chicks left alone in the nest, hungry and crying is a sign you constantly worry about a family member.

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  1. I dreamt of soo many brown birds in my bird and somehow i felt trapped.I tried to wake my sister who was sleeping in my bed and in my room so she could wake me up i failed and her whole body suddenly turned into was frustrated but eventually i managed to wake up…what does this mean?

  2. I dream I was doing the bed, and there was one or two birds in between the sheets. At the beginning I was concerned, I thought the birds were dead, and then realized they were alive. In my dream I started saying : “They are alive, they are alive” I can’t remember anything else besides the color grey in the middle and green on the sides. I am not sure they were able to fly. I can’t remember anything else. Anyone who knows the meaning….

  3. In my dream I was trying to own 3 different sizes of birds! All brightly colored types. This took place inside a large convention. In which each room had a different set up of a bird jungle gym or man made toy setup/ play area. The smallest and first bird I owned was almost all green, with a very long and soft feathery crest. I think it had a black face. It was about the size of a humming bird that perched on my finger but then flew away. I then had a second bird that was bright red and about the size of a small parrot or Jay/Woodpecker sized. I do not recall it flying away. But i do know i sold or got rid of it. The last bird I owned was a very large parrot! It flew away but I found it, playing with a bird toy that was hanging from the ceiling. In another room the first bird I had that flew away came back to me and I kept it.

    I know the reason I was there was to learn all I could about my birds.

  4. Ezeanya Francis Chukwunonso on

    I dreamt of catching a white bird in a room. It seemed to have a little challenge not being able to flee before i caught it. I almost suffocated it,but seeing it’s innocent countenance,i stopped. Pls what does it mean? God bless you

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