Berries Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Berries Dream Symbol РBerries indicate happiness and bounty. Dreaming of berries is often a sign of many small blessings to come in the near future. Strawberries are a sign of sexual gratification, blueberries are a sign of good health, grapes are a symbol of financial gain. Dreaming of eating berries or cooking with them indicates that you and others around you are going to enjoy blessings and good news in the near future.

berries-dreamBerries are super useful and healthy, and they are used for making all sorts of things. Berries signify your creativity or a relationship comes to fruition.

Blackberries in a dream can represent your hidden sexuality. It can also be a reminder you are becoming forgetful and careless.

Seeing blueberries can represent a longing to recapture your long, lost youth. You may currently be depressed. Maybe you are wondering how you got here, and want to improve your life but are at a loss about how. Blueberries symbolize eternal optimism. You can choose to be happy or sad. What do you choose?

Seeing cranberries is about your health. They are a sign you will live a long, healthy life. It can also signify warmth towards others. Drinking cranberry juice is a warning there may be too much stress in your life. It may be a time to take some time out.

Picking gooseberries signifies your bright, happy personality. Your outlook on life helps you resolve any challenges. Eating them can mean you enjoy your time out from your daily responsibilities.

Mulberries in a dream is a warning there may be a major challenge that crosses your path that makes it difficult to achieve your dreams. Seeing a mulberry tree is a message to let you know you are protected from negativity in your personal reality.

Strawberries symbolize your sensuality and the temptations around you. They can also mean that your dreams may soon come true.

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  1. Hi
    I had a dream this morning. I am in a kitchen (which is not my kitchen) washing up the dishes and I see a pile which looks like blue berries and I thought of eating it after am done with washing up my dishes. As am nearly done with washing up, I saw the pile of blueberries moved and went out of the kitchen and followed the path to go out. I was shocked and was thinking what it was!! Then suddenly I could see it was a berries looking snake with two heads and I flew away. It said nothing to me at all.
    What does my dream mean?

  2. Yesterday night I had a dream where I pick ripe amla from a tree in a court yard of the home where we previously lived . Actually I climbed the roof to with great difficulty climbing the parapet wall and all but could pluck the ripe fruits and eat it. What does this signify.

  3. Ranjith Kumar on

    I saw blueberries, blackberries And cranberries in My dream but I took black and blue berries and ate them. I can’t taste them (Probably because I’ve never eaten berries)

    • In my dream I put mixed berries (rasberry, blueberry, blackberry and such) on a corpses (a baby and a kitten) before we re-buried them (the rain destroyed their graves the night before). In my dream, putting berries on them was a kind of blessing (for peaceful afterlife or something like that).
      Any idea what is this means?…

  4. Hello, i seen this post and decided to drop alil sumtin’. I recently had a dream where as (bare with me because im trying to piece it together) i was either given these berries or they just happen to be in front of me. Either way, the berries were in my face and they happen to be boysenberries, and im looking online to see if there is a specific meaning to boysenberries in a dream. Hope to hear a reply.

  5. In my dream I and my friend were walking next to the road and I saw a tree full of Barries and I said “let’s go and eat those”. We went and I pulled one branch of the small tree but it was taller than me, I pulled and shake. Most of the Barries ware on the grass and we picked them up and ate them until we were full. I am unemployed electrical engineering student and I am now lost what was the meaning of the dream. Today is November 27 2017.

  6. Hi

    What does it mean if you dream of your children eating berries and not actually eating them yourself?

    I had a strange dream I was walking with my two young daughters (7 and nearly 9), it was night time and dark. My daughters were picking berries from the bushes and eating them, I told them to stop as some berries are poisonous, as we walked further on we came to a house with a hanging basket inside the porch with strawberries growing out of it so I said to my kids they could go in and ask if they could have a strawberry each. They went in and there was a kind young lady around 16- 18 years of age who gave them a large ripe, juicy strawberry each. As we walked out I told my girls to go back in and say thank you. When we went back in the lady showed us on her t-shirt it said class of 95. We learned that she went to university in 1995 but she was still a lot younger than me which made me realise she was actually a ghost. 1995 was actually the year my father passed away.

    Does anyone know what this dream might mean?

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