Bermuda Triangle Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bermuda Triangle Dream Symbol – Dreaming of the Bermuda Triangle represents the mysteries and secrets in your life. Also, known as the Devil’s Triangle off the south-east Atlantic coast of the US. It is an imaginary geographical area not recognized on any official file of the area.

This area is known for the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships in the area with all those board vanishing into thin air. This can represent something in your life at risk of suddenly disappearing. This can be something or someone. In life, changes can take you by complete surprise. One day everything is normal.

Then the next day everything it is gone. This can represent an argument or the physical loss of someone or something important from your life. It will blindside you. You may have trouble coming to terms with this loss in your life.

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  1. My friend and I took a bus back home. But the bus driver over shot my station. I saw a bright light on the next station and the bus go into a small city. There are only 2 aunties in this city. The bus driver told us that we are accidentally go into Bermuda Rectangle. I try hard to get the signal to contact my mum and my sis but failed. I asked the 2 aunties how to go out of this city. The aunties told us they were accidentally came in and not able to go out. They don’t know what year is now and they are selling things here for living. The problem is there are only 2 person in this city and how are they do the selling business. i was fear and cry and keep connecting the signal but failed… then i woke up.

  2. I had a dream that I along with a few friends planned a trip to Bermuda triangle. We boarded an old ship and found an abandoned mansion on an island. We kept out stuff in that house and came back to our place oy to return to the mansion. Later back at home we were told that the mansion was abandoned and spirits reside there. And another person I knew went there and never returned. I was thinking of ways to get my stuff back and then I woke up.

  3. I had a dream that I was walking on a ledge, and I suddenly remembered it was also called the Bermuda triangle because people always fell down trying to get around the traingle ledge. Then I ran the other way.

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