Beggar Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Beggar Dream Symbol – If you dream about a beggar or a homeless person, it indicates a dependence on the people around you. This dream may indicate you are begging for attention, love, success or authority in your life that you might not have find at this moment.

beggar dreamsThis dream may also indicate that you have a poor view of your financial outcome and are not confident in your success. You may suffer from a poor outlook in life because of past failures and obstacles that have held you back.

A beggar can also indicate the need to help those around you who are less fortunate and don’t have as much opportunity that you do. Maybe you have been ignoring people around you who need help, and it is time to take a step back and do more in their life.

Alternatively, a beggar can represent an area in your life where you are a complete failure. There might be a specific area in your life where you feel powerless and have no control over.

Questions to Ask

  • Does the beggar in your dream represent an aspect of your personality and the need for attention?
  • Does someone you know demonstrate these qualities or traits?

Alternative Beggar Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of a beggar can indicate your lack of contentment in your waking life. Have you been feeling unhappy lately? Seeing a beggar in a dream can reflect the state of your waking life. This dream can be in relation to how you feel about material things. This is a dream to help you avoid the disappointments that can cross your path. Is there something that currently makes you feel unworthy? Maybe a person or a situation? It can be a time where you need to look deeper into who you really are. Be wary about how you communicate with others during this time. Things will eventually improve.

Seeing someone begging for money represents the hidden talents that you are still to discover. It is a time to try the new things you have always wanted to do. Helping a beggar indicates you compartmentalize your life into different areas and approach them separately. You need more self-confidence to move your life forward. Face self-doubt and your fears to deal with them head on. This can end many years of suffering. What are you waiting for?

A beggar in your house is a sign others will help you in some way. Dreaming of successfully begging for money is a sign there are fun, prosperous times on the way. Begging at someone’s door warns the one that you love will not last forever. Giving money to a beggar means that luck will soon cross your path. This can be something that has a major positive impact on your life. A beggar at a railway station means there are prosperous times coming. You may even be rewarded for the good you do for others.

Refusing to help a beggar is a warning. This can bring bad news to your social standing and financial stability in your waking life. Have you been behaving badly lately? Being rude to a beggar is a sign of your own hypocrisy. Beating a beggar can mean abundance soon enters your life.

A beggar stealing from your house can warn there may be a sickness soon. A beggar passing you as you walk down the street foretells of a wonderful future filled with prosperity. Something unexpected may soon happen that alters your life positively. A sleeping beggar is a sign you will soon find peace, tranquility, and happiness.

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  1. In my dream-me and my family are in a mall and me and my sisters saw a beggar and we made fun of him,we later chose a fast food restaurant and ate there,but i realized that what ive done was wrong and i should say sorry to him,so i excused myself and walked to the place where i saw the beggar.

    I walked to the beggar and apologized,he forgave me and i gave him money,this beggar is a teen just like me,so we chatted and talked and somehow i got this urge to pray for him so i asked him if i can pray for him then he said yes,so i started praying for him and in the middle of me praying,i saw our mayor and his friends walking towards the direction we are in,and so as i was about to end the prayer,i felt the hands of the mayor and his friends on my hands and prayed with me,after the prayer random people started clapping and cheering for me saying ive done a good thing,so i was embarrassed and walked out of the place and got back to the restaurant again.

    The dream felt so real that i thought i was really there.

  2. In my dream it seems that I know the beggar really well and I’m actually friends with him. He doesn’t beg it seems like he was ‘someone’ before then for some reason he became a beggar. We both seems close and we took on a journey to find him a sword… idk my dream is weird… so I promised him that I’ll find him a sword and I know a place where can I get it. then I took him to a place and chanted some words and suddenly we were in some unknown place. There we walked and see a white huge mansion, it seems like I know who lives there, that is where I’m planning to get his sword. As we approach the mansion tshe scenery have change and were in the middle of a small T shaped road with trees around it. We were just standing when we saw a deer beside us walking gently past us and from a far we can see a gray wolf staring at us and that goes for a while then we tried to walk past the tree and sa an animal’s foot which i’m assuming a fox leg hiding behind the tree then again we froze in our spot and the dream ended.

  3. In my dream – I had a beggar who broke into my car and took a nap. When I went to get my car after work, there was vomit in the driver seat and the beggar was scrambling to get out of the car. I went to the store to get gloves and hire a cleaning crew. I felt sad and also disgusted bc of the vomit and filth in my car. I was unable to clean it and got a new car but that car broke down and got another car and it was a mess. I woke up after giving up on the mess and felt kind of confused.

    Not sure what this could mean based on the beggar symbol.

  4. In my dream I saw a beggar who was very rough and forcing me and my friend to give the money and even after giving the money also she didn’t leave us

  5. Funmilayo islamiyat on

    In my dream, like four beggars tried to strip me, they tried to pull off my clothes and these beggars were crippled but somehow I managed to over come it and they were unable to fulfill there plan in the process of this I got angry, I meant really angry and went for a very big, long wood and I started hitting them with it. I hit them so bad ,until a very calm lady came and collected the stick from me .

  6. In my dream the man was dirty and homeless. He was confronting me about having sex with him. I knew I did have sex because of him saying it but the act of sex was not in the dream. It was a nightmare.

  7. In my dream, I saw this mid age male beggar was chasing me so madly. He was not trying to harm me but his hand keep beggaring for something with a smile. I feel so panicked and feel creepy towards his look. I think I remembered him chasing me as I ran, I fell a few times, and I can’t stop looking at him till I woke up.. the closest suggestion is the one “I refuse to help him”, which I’m lack of attention in my waking life?

    Please share your mind if you face the same. Much appreciate.

  8. In my dream I saw a beggar whose face was familiar but i couldn’t make him out. I initially hesitated to give him but I later gave him money and he wanted to give me a change because i gave him twice what he requested which I refused to take back. After that he prayed for me.

  9. In my dreams I saw a mad/ homeless fat young lady who wanted me to help her in my car to another town close by. What does that mean please can someone help me out?

  10. In my dream I saw a very old lady at my street who can’t even walk, just moving her body by sitting . I just crying by seeing her that at this age she s begging for food and iam planning feed her with some good foods I just wake up before giving the food to her. Wat it mean…. Can anyone help me out to find the message for my dream???.

  11. I saw a sight impaired mad beggar in my dream after which I saw anonymous dead people in my dream. What does that mean?

  12. I my dream, I’m helping in begging for a person someone who i know very well, at last i gave all the money to the person, what does it mean, please tell me.

  13. I my dream, I was a beggar and made more money then I do from my current job. At last of my dream we all beggar’s got into a car business which was successful. End was good so I hope it was a good symbol.

  14. I have a dream last night that i saw someone i know on the street looking something on the garbage and we gave some food to them. The still want more but because im in side the car i did not give the food that i wanted to give to those people i know. On the street.

    Then i thesame day i dreamed that we are playing and because i dont want them to catch me i fly and im flying and they scared of me. Because i am flying

    Then theysame day i dream sleepers what is that all means?

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