Bartender Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bartender Dream Symbol – Being served by a bartender warns to be wary of the advice others give you. While they mean well, you need to take on only what will work for yourself. Watching a bartender in a dream can mean you may lose your skills in something because you are too busy dealing with the unnecessary details in life. Take a step back and take stock of what really matters to you. Yu may need to prioritize.

Seeing yourself refused service by a bartender signifies that something embarrassing will happen or you do something that leaves you feeling ashamed. Is there something you regret doing in the past that comes back to haunt you today? Being a bartender in a high-end bar is a message you have the ability to dodge all the challenges that cross your path. You work through them to achieve the success you desire. You will even outdo your competitors no matter what dirty tricks they use to try to stop you.

A man dreaming of a female bartender is a sign you need to resist the temptation for you may cause problems within your family. Have you been having an affair? A woman working as a bartender can warn that although a man is all you want with his promises of a wonderful life of adventure. He is not all he presents himself to be. This is a warning to look deeper.

A man dreaming the bartender is your partner is a sign that those who compete with you will soon be neutralized. A bartender dropping a glass with your drink is a sign there will soon be arguments with close family members. A woman dreaming the same thing can mean you will soon meet a new lover. Seeing a professional bartender juggling glasses warns you may be deceiving yourself about something or someone. It also warns not to take advantage of others for you will be the loser if you do.

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