Banking (Financial) Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Bank Dream Symbol – When a bank is featured in a dream, this represents your level of activity in your waking world. This could be in relation to how you feel about how your life is progressing. Dreaming of being a teller in a bank that receives coins foretells of abundance and prosperity entering your life in the not so distant future. Paying coins into the bank can warn you are often too giving and generous to others.

This can be to your detriment. Seeing there is no teller in the bank is a sign of tough times at work or in your business. You need to prepare. Banks represent the understanding and knowledge you have within yourself. It could be that there is a power struggle with someone or a situation in your waking life. The bank represents the inflexible, controlling part of your character. It may be there are responsibilities in your life you try to deny. Unless you fulfill your commitments, you may fail. Watching a bank robbery is a sign you are living in the past about someone or a situation.

Has someone suddenly left your life and you miss them? Has something come to a sudden end? This is beyond your control, so it is time to move on. While seeing a bank can mean you will have a small windfall of some sort, it can also be a bad sign.

Depositing money in a bank can indicate insecurity and a lack of self-confidence in your waking life. A large bank deposit can warn that you need outside help. This can relate to emotional physical and moral protection. To help understand this sort of dream, consider what in your waking life you feel you need protecting from. A bank that has been robbed can mean there will be a surprise visit from an old friend. Thinking your credit has been stolen is a warning not to be happy with second best or what is happening now. You should always strive to be your best. Withdrawing money from a bank can mean that things will stay the same as they are for a while in your waking life.


Dreaming of banking and storing valuable items in a bank is alerting you to your personal security. Banks can represent authority figures who could warn that you need to protect yourself. This may not be about money. It can be about work and personal things. It can mean you need to be extra careful at this time managing the resources in your waking reality. It may be time to live within a budget for a while.


Dreaming of banknotes is a sign financial matters will improve. A lot of banknotes indicate you will be widely successful. You may even become famous. Counting banknotes warn that you need to be careful of your finances in your waking life. Seeing yourself give away banknotes means your financial affairs will turn out as planned. Finding banknotes brings the good news of improving financial affairs. A role of banknotes can mean you will have a surprise.

This can be negative or positive news. It can also mean that you make that purchase of your dreams. Receiving banknotes can remind you to visit family you have not seen in some time. Losing money or dreaming of making a payment can mean you may lose money in real life. It can also symbolize your emotions. This may be a time of conflict with friends. Have you recently lost the support of someone you care about? It can also indicate there is something from the past that constantly haunts you. This is the time to deal with this negative energy from the past once and for all.




Giving Money

Being given money in a dream can mean your money worries are over. Your hard work has paid off with much abundance.



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    I am a exbanker retired many years now and last night I dreamt that I was back at work at the branch I started my career as a banker.. can someone interpret the dream for me, it’s not the first, I’ve been dreaming several times similar dreams.

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