Banana Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bananas – Bananas are a phallic symbol in our dreams and represent playful sexual encounters. These are positive indicators of sex. If you dream about a banana in relation to a friend or coworker, it is an indicator that pursuing a playful sexual encounter with them would be beneficial. The banana specifically means that the relationship will never be serious or lasting, but it will bring you sexual balance and satisfaction.

banana-dreamBananas often represent male and female sexuality. It can mean that you may be a bit uptight and could learn to loosen up, and vice versa. Dreaming of peeling a banana is representative of your sexual feelings. You may be sexually aroused or dreaming of meeting your perfect partner.

Dreams of eating a banana can mean people are being mean behind your back. Slicing bananas means you have been indiscreet and this will bring you trouble. Giving banana slices to children indicates a sudden loss of weight, and giving them to adults can indicate you will put on too much weight.

Buying bananas can mean your children have been making and keeping friends. But when selling bananas, it can indicate they have no trouble making friends with people you do not like.

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  1. I had a dream that me my husband are at the airport mybhusband pick 4 beautiful yellow banana mad jos them insidwnour laggage.

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