Bamboo Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Bamboo Dream Symbol – Dreaming of bamboo represents early maturity and growth, solving difficult problems. It is also a sign of good luck. This can mean you will have more strength to refine your plans for the future. Bamboo used as a part of your interior decoration can mean it is time to get into physical shape.

Breaking bamboo foretells of hard work and tough times to achieve success. You will have to prove yourself. Seeing bamboo used as a cane is a sign there is trouble coming.

According to Chinese legend, bamboo growing in front of your house signifies a happy home. There will soon be good news from home. Picking bamboo sprouts brings news of a new addition to the family. This may be to your family or to the family of a close friend or a relative.

Seeing bamboo furniture can mean it is time for rest and relaxation. It can also mean you will have interesting conversations with new people. Dreaming of tools made from bamboo can bring news of new adventures. Get ready for a fun time.

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  1. I dreamt about a bamboo plant that I have with jelly water balls and in my dream it overflows and when I go to tend to it I sort of put my fist through the top of the vase to finish the overflow and when I realize it the bamboo sticks were broken …. I’m nervous what could this mean???

  2. What if im climbing up to the bamboo tree and at the top im swinging it up and down? What was the meaning of it?

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