Ball (Sports Ball) Dream Symbol


Ball – The ball represents hardships and trials. Depending on what is happening to the ball will help to determine what its relation to you is. If you are playing with a ball (hardships and trials) it means that you are confident, self-assured and have a sense of wholeness. If the ball is rolling away, it means that you may be losing control in a situation relating to hardships and trials.

If you are kicking the ball, it represents your complete mastery over a situation relating to hardships or trials. If the ball is rolling toward you and you are trying to get away, it shows that you are avoiding a situation relating to hardships or trials. The size of the ball indicates the importance of the situation. Other characteristics of the ball determine its nature. The American Football or the Rugby Ball represent physical trials.

The Baseball or Softball represents ethical trials. The European Football, or American Soccer Ball represents social hardships and trials. Marbles and bouncing balls represent financial or spiritual hardships or trials. Golf Balls and Tennis Balls represent sexual hardships and trials. Other balls may represent these or other hardships and trials.

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  1. I had a dream of playing tennis with my cuz at a tournament-we are NOT tennis players. It was not clear who the winner was, but it seemed like it was more recreational than competitive. What does that mean?

  2. Dear Stephen…I find your explanation of dreams involving a ball to be very interesting and true just wanted you to know that your words and thoughts are appreciated much by a dream meaning Websurfer such as myself…ps stay blessed

  3. I dreamt of riding an inflatable ball (like those used in pools). I was using it as if it was a transportation device. It’s as big as a yoga ball and it ran fast. What does this mean?

  4. I dreamt of kicking two soccer balls. One was of normal size while the other was huge. I had been reluctant but kicking was exhilesating experience.

    • If you dream of your late sister it means that she is visiting you normally with a message to let you know that she is ok and in spiritual terms crossed over. An example when I lost my sister four years ago I absolutely broke down especially in the chapel of rest. Four months later I had a spiritual dream which was vivid in nature and with lot of energy almost electric. She told me that she was fine and put her arms around me.

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