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Artist Dream Symbol – Artists are creators who use a number of mediums to express their thoughts and ideas. Whether the artist is a painter, performance artist, or a musical artist, they all represent forms of self-expression.

To dream about an artist can represent aspects of yourself that are creative, unique and curious about the world around you. It can also indicate that you like to go against the grain and do things your way.

artist dreamsNegatively, an artist may indicate that you have an eccentric nature and can be obsessive when it comes to certain things. Your work life may be interfering with some of your relationships around you.

Artists are also symbolic of people who want to share their ideas and thoughts with the people around them. They often seek recognition for the work they create and try to get recognition.

This could indicate your need to gain recognition from the people around you for your thoughts and ideas. You may be craving attention that you do not receive in your waking life.

Alternatively, dreaming about a specific type of artist can indicate that you have a desire to pursue that specific passion of yours. Maybe you have a deep love of music that you have always wanted to pursue, dreaming about a musician might indicate that you should go ahead and pursue this passion for fulfilling that desire to learn music.

Additional Artist Dream Interpretations

Dreams of artists are to reawaken your creative ingenuity. It is a time to trust your intuition and use your latent skills and abilities. This can be a time where you are encouraged to develop a creative passion you neglect or ignore. Dreaming of an artist can also mean you need to address the way you see the world and how you feel about what you see. There may be a change in perception that gives you greater insight into yourself.

An artists’ art can symbolize the type of life you wish to create for yourself. For a better understanding of your dream, consider the different aspects of the dream you see. Consider your feelings and the stage an artwork is at as this will tell you where you are at on your current path. It may even reveal the changes you need to make to achieve success.

Dreaming of being an artist is a reminder you have the ability to achieve whatever you have a passion for achieving. There is no point sitting around waiting for others’ approval or for them to take action for you. You are the master of your own destiny. What holds you back from pursuing your dreams? What is it you fear Do your actually fear success?

What you see in the dream is likely to reflect your emotions and the way you see things in your waking life. Dreaming of an artist can also mean you have repressed feelings coming to the surface that needs expressing. Are you having trouble expressing yourself? Do you bottle things up? Are you afraid of others’ reactions if you speak your truth?

When you dream of a famous artist, consider what it is about their work that resonates with you. For it will be this that you need to do or change in your waking life. What stands out about the art of the famous artist you dream about? This will relate to your real life. An unknown artist in your dream is a sign you are working hard on something and are still to achieve success. It is a push to keep going. Persevere. Look at the subject of the artwork to get a better understanding of what part of your life needs a new focus.

Seeing a starving artist who cannot survive selling their work, is a sign you do not fully understand your skills and how to the use them. There may be something holding you back. Do you know what block your path to success?

Artist Dream Symbol

Dreaming of an artist brings news of change and new adventures. Seeing an artist on stage is a sign your finances will improve. You may receive an expensive gift or win a prize that can change your life in some way. It will come as an unexpected surprise.

Being an artist and enjoying others love of your work could herald the birth of a child. A woman with this dream can mean you will discover you are pregnant soon. For a man, it symbolizes becoming a father. And, if you are older, there could soon be news of grandchildren or a birth of a new child in the family.

Performing with a famous artist can mean there will soon be new business opportunities. These may come as a creative partnership that achieves success for everyone. Being applauded at the end of a performance signifies you will have greater success at something than you ever expected, especially as it did not cost you much financially.

Shaking hands with an artist is a sign you will receive a gift from someone who resembles the person in your dream. Receiving an autograph from an artist brings news of a lottery win. The prize money will be so large it can change your life permanently. Giving flowers to an artist is a call for help from friends and family. Someone close to you needs your help and support at this time. Be there for them. Seeing an artist on the red carpet means your colleagues and peers have great respect for you.

Questions to Ask

  • Does the artist represent an aspect of your personality?
  • Do you have a need to gain recognition for things you are doing?
  • Do you have a passion for that particular art?

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  1. I dreamed i was sitting on a big tablet with song writers we had one mentor who was harsh but before we left he gave me a task to do and how i will write the best song i woke up immediately and grabbed my note pad then i realized i totally forgot all the words i was writing in the dream

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