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Animals Dream Symbol – Dreaming of animals symbolize different aspects of yourself. They give insight into your emotions and help you understand your basic instincts. When interpreting an animal dream, you need to take all aspects of the dream into account to get an accurate meaning. Take into account whether the animal is:

  • healthy or in poor condition
  • wild or domesticated
  • close or far away
  • coming from a particular direction
  • moving slowly or quickly
  • in its natural or an artificial environment.

Dreaming of wild animals can bring a warning of hard times coming. Dreaming of a domestic animal brings peace and harmony, love, and affection, as well as loyalty into your life. Animals can bring clarity and help you look deeper within to reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition.

animal-dreamsAnimal dreams bring guidance in times of confusion and trouble. Animals visit to awaken you to what you cannot see. Each animal that visits represents the specific answers you need. They remind you to hold the key within. All you need to do is recognize this and stand tall in your truth.

If an animal attacks you or someone or something else, be wary. There is someone around you determined to destroy you. It can also mean there is a lot of negative energy around you. This is something you need to clear out to help you move through your challenges. If the animal runs away after the attack, this means you successfully defend yourself. Being scared by an animal can relate to everyday problems in a relationship of some kind.

Dreaming of patting an animal signifies releasing your passion or aggression towards a close relationship. Not being sure of the animal’s identity is a sign of anger. There may be people angry with you for who you are in your reality. You may not know who these people are. An aggressive animal can mean being unjustly attacked by others where they have no right to judge.

Seeing baby animals relates to your inner child. This is a message you need to listen to that inner child to bring more joy and happiness. It can also mean that you may be being childish in some way. You may need to show the maturity to resolve an issue. An injured baby animal represents any turmoil you are going through.

Dreaming of a reptile or cold-blooded animal signifies your own heartless actions. It may be a time to reflect on who you truly are. Eating animal flesh can mean you have reached a sense of fulfillment by coming to terms with all in your past. And, an animal helping you in a dream, can mean you need help in real life. Do not be afraid to ask for a helping hand.

Seeing a part of an animal like a tail, eye, or ear is a message you need to tune into your own natural instincts. Animals that appear strange or scare you, can visit when times are tough. It is a message to alert you to your worries and how worrying about something is not going to help solve it. And, taming an animal can indicate you are trying to control others in your life. Fairytale animals represent your inner wisdom and how well you know yourself. If you are in doubt, take the time to investigate your intuition about the specific issue. Fairytale animals are a positive sign that visit to help you grow.

Have you ever Seeing an animal in a dream can represent some of the primal desires and feelings that you have. The animals in your dream often represent a specific part of your personality or character that is hiding in the darkness trying to let itself out. Most animals have intrinsic personalities and traits that people assign to them. For this reason, an animal can represent feelings that we have about other people in our life. Seeing an aggressive hyena might show people in your life who are being sneaky and are trying to hurt you when you least expect.

Animals appear in our dreams often draw powerful emotions because animals have a deep connection to humans. The characteristic of the animal you dream about should be considered when dreaming about an animal. For example, if you see a confident lion in a dream it will have a different meaning than seeing a shy and quiet lion. The personality of the animal you dream about should always be considered.

According to Sigmund Freud, animals that appear in our dream our sexually suppressed parts of our subconscious mind that are trying to be freed and manifest themselves in our dreams. Unlike Freud, Jung argued that the animal must be taken on an individual level rather than be categorized as sexually oppressed animal desires that Freud thought. Carl Jung argued that the meaning of animals will depend on the specific associations that the dreamers about regarding animals in their dream.

Although it can be quite common to see animals represented in our dreams, it is not easy interpreting dreams that have animals in them. The interpretations can only be given on an individual basis given the meaning of the animal to the dreamer have the dream. For example, cat lovers will see cats as a symbol of grace and elegance, while someone who doesn’t like cats will view them as annoyances. For this reason, it is important to ask yourself how the animal made you feel in the dream to discover the true meaning of the dream.

If you dream about an animal that you don’t have any feelings or associations with, you need to ask yourself what the animal represents. An animal like a cheetah usually represents speed and gracefulness, while fox can represent cleverness. Using universal attributions for the animal is the best way to identify what they can mean to you.

Animals Dream Situations

Agricultural Animals

Dreaming of an agricultural animal that is used in farming can often represent specific traits about ourselves that are tamed and under control. You should try and focus on the context of the dream and how it reflects to your personal situation. If your life is out of control, a farm animal can represent the need for consistency and routine in your life.

Animal in Pain

If you are helping an animal that is in pain then certain characteristics of the animal can be reflected within yourself. If you see a wounded animal that is familiar it can represent a real life tragedy that might have occurred that is difficult to accept. You might have a family member that is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital or have a friend in need. Helping animals that are in pain are signs that you are a compassionate and caring person.

Animal with their babies

If you see an animal that is being protective over a baby animal it can represent the basic childhood instincts for you to be loved and protected by someone who cares about you. Sometimes baby animals can represent a time in your life when you were under the protection of a parent or an older sibling, maybe you have lost that sense of protection.

Caged or trapped animal

Seeing a wild animal inside a cage means that you are controlling some aspect of yourself that wants to be free. The animal represents that characteristic that is being controlled and locked up. If the animal breaks free from the cage it can indicate that you are looking to let loose and let go of some of your inhibitions. If you find that the animal is trapped and caught up in something, it can indicate that you are stuck in a situation that you are not able to get out of. You might be stuck at a job or an unhappy relationship that you are looking to free yourself of.

Changing into an animal (zoomorphism)

To transform into an animal means that you are letting go of all your conscious barriers and letting your instincts go free. Because animals are not constrained by the same values and restrictions in society, they are able to get away with certain behaviors that would be deemed unacceptable. You might be sub consciously expressing new freedom from ending a relationship or quitting a job. The ending of your animal dream can determine whether you are going to solve a particular problem or be stuck in the same situation.

Domestic Animals

Domesticated animals that we see in our dreams can represent certain wild traits and characteristics within ourselves that we have managed to use to the best of our abilities. The domestic animal is free to roam around within the confines of set borders, unlike the caged or farmed animals. This is symbolic that you are still able to express some form of your instincts that we have directed with success.

Eating and animal

If you dream that you are eating an animal then it can indicate your desire for sexual expression and freedom. The desire for sensual pleasure can be expressing itself in your dreams. Another interpretation for eating an animal is that you might be drawing from the particular traits or wisdom that the animal represents to you. A shy person that is eating a Lion is trying to show their ability to overcome a fear and gain the lions bravery.

Chased or Attacked by Animal

Dreaming about being chased or attacked by an animal can indicate built up anger that is trying to release itself from your unconscious mind. The dream might be trying to show you that you need to find a way to release your rage so that it doesn’t manifest itself in an uncontrollable manner. Dreaming that a particular animal is chasing you can represent an aspect of yourself that you are trying to run away from. This can indicate certain aspects of yourself that you don’t want to admit are harmful to you and others around you. Dreaming about an animal biting you can also indicate that there is someone around you who doesn’t have good intentions for you.

Wild Animal

Dreaming of a wild animal often represents the innate instincts or your ‘inner beast’ that lies under your conscious mind. According to Freud, the wild animal represents your sexual desires that are struggling to be unleashed into the world. The wilder the beast, the more deep rooted your sexual desires are. If you dream that a wild animal is being tamed, it can indicate there is a need for you to focus on trying to control some of your instincts and use them to your benefit.

Wise/Talking Animals

A wise animal in a dream can often be a useful source of hidden wisdom from our self-conscious mind. Talking to an animal in a dream represents your hidden innocence that is pure and good.

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  1. Last night I had some misunderstanding with my fiancé which made me want to change my mind over the relationship. After the argument that really got me angry, I went to sleep and found my self in my dream having sexual intercourse with a one time crush of mine, after which he said he would make me his 3rd wife which I disagreed to, suddenly I saw different animals including cows coming from behind, chasing both me, him and his family, as we were running forward another set of animals which also includes cow were coming, we were now left in the middle. So we decided to run to d the left part of the road which was covered with some bushes, as we were running, another set of cows came out from that part. My heart was now beating very fast and that was how I woke up.

  2. Random user on

    I had a weird dream last night,more like a nightmare.It started with me as a man,a dad to a girl, received a letter. We were in some sort of bunker type building,but it was fancier with chandelier etc. For some explanation the background people were Butler type people with their fancy clothes. Some reason I needed help,I had a crisis with my daughter and we needed to escape I think. I don’t know what the letter said but it had something that shook me,it signed off with “the Bunny man” or something similar but we trusted it.over time we kept getting these letters with more information on how to see him .skips to the day I meet him and I’m really excited.i go down to this basement level of the building and it’s just unfinished floor but there’s a small passageway made of wood ,you have to crawl because the basement is tall itself but the passageway is I crawl until I reach this opening to another door and it’s really dark. I start yelling out to this Bunny man but suddenly the doors shut and I’m locked inside. he then calls out unnaturally loud “goodbye”.I don’t see his face at all but do later.

    Somehow I switch from this man and my point of view is the daughter. I’m in a room and this man with a bunny costume or he is half bunny starts chasing after people . We’re all running away and I see him catching people and biting/eating them . Suddenly after about 2 seconds they would change into half bunny half human creatures and start eating people .I remember I ran into this bedroom but it was a room with other purposes and I climbed up the bunk bed to the top bed and I see people running up to get to the top of the bed but then the bunny people catching them and they turn into more bunny humans. They were really frightening because they looked like people in bunny costume but the costumes werent fake looking. They had huge ears and the faces I couldn’t see exactly because it was blurred out for some reason but somehow their faces resembled those creatures from stranger things. Anyways ,at the last moment I saw the bunny human jumping toward my face and that was the end.

    That’s all my dream but it really scared me and I lay there completely frozen with fear.
    It probably doesn’t mean anything bc maybe I watch too many horrors but nethertheless it sure spooked me out!!

  3. Liza Anastacia Becerra on

    I have vivid dreams. I also suffer of sleep paralysis. My dream last night was about an animal biting me on my right hand. The bite was deep and was in the shape of two half moons opposing each other, a lot of blood came out. I tried to wash it and the pain was unbearable. I proceeded to kill this animal that resembled a black baby dragon. At first it was hidden under the bed, and then when it came out, I smashed it with a broom. In real life, I don’t even go near any insect or animal, but this one, I killed with hate & disdain.

  4. I was viciously attacked by a bee in my living room and it stung me right in the neck (I’ve never been bit or stung in any way before but MY GOD, it felt so real on my skin, how even), before my throat started closing up (I’m guessing my brain decided to give me anaphylactic shock here) and I fainted in front of my mother. I hadn’t done ANYTHING to piss off the bee (except maybe wear an orange polka dot shirt lmao) and it was all a blur of fear and anger before I woke up breathing heavy and clutching my neck, oof.

  5. My parents recently got into a big fight, and separated houses. While I was asleep in my mom’s house I had a dream that i was at my dad’s house. I was walking through the wooded area near the house, when tons of dogs ran right up to me and nearly trampled me. They were of all different sizes, breeds, colors, everything. I ran back to the house and some of the dogs continued following me. Everything faded to black for a bit, and then it was nighttime. I was outside and I decided for some reason to open up the gate and go past it. (The gate in front of the house only opens up to a small space and then road, which I usually never open) As I was walking around, I saw what looked to be 2 babies in strollers. I went over to the “babies” to see what was wrong, and they started talking in full sentences. They were asking me to find my mom, but for some reason I couldn’t. I was physically unable to find my mom, I had absolutely no idea where she was. I tried to open up the gate but it was locked, so I was stuck there. I had the weird feeling that the “babies” were ghosts. A black goat opened up the gate, and when I was going back to the house, an entire zoo full of animals surrounded me. There were wild aninals, domestic aninals, small animals, big animals, and lots of animal poop. They all started closing in on me, and I tried to run and that’s when I woke up.

  6. Mia Simothens on

    Hello everyone. I know that I am very late to this forum, but I need help interpreting my crazy alligator dreams. I have dreams similar to this on a weekly basis, all involving alligators. This is my dream from last night, and any help would be appreciated!

    I entered a middle school, found the door to the basement, and took the stairs down. From the top of the stairs, I could see a polluted lazy river, with murky water and trash covering the surface. I decided to descend the stairs to investigate. About halfway down, multiple alligators (perhaps crocodiles?) started flying at me from all sides, so I began to run upstairs. When I believed that I had outrun them, I started to walk again. Then, I saw some decomposed body parts sticking out of a big heap of trash on the stairs. Upon closer inspection, I saw an alligator gnawing on the decomposing body. I screamed and ran to the door of the basement with the alligator chasing me very quickly. The dream ended with the alligator chasing me through the halls of the middle school. I do not know if it got me.

    Thank you!!!

  7. I had a recurring dream when I was a kid and still to this day I have flash packs of it. It started off with me being an adult sitting in a driver’s seat with four other people one next to me in the passenger seat, and three in the back all of which was female. We was sitting in front of a store they was talking but I couldn’t hear anything. I turned back to look in the back seat to try and talk to them and all I hear is screaming. The women in the middle of the back seat was screaming and she was saying thing but all I heard was screaming. The next thing I know is she’s turning into a goat and everyone in the vechiel was just sitting there say things but I still couldn’t hear anything. I just sat there in silence looking at what was a women that turned into a goat. Any ideas of what this might be would be much appreciated it’s been over 20 years and still have no idea…

    • In my opinion your dream can mean that you are in control, (Externally) since you are the one that is driving, but then as a woman you are out of control maybe when you are around other women, then you loose control Like a goat and so far that’s all I could think…

  8. While we were going 5 sleep I saw a bat any suddenly it transferred to a ziraffe and tried to attack my brother then when I tried to stop it started attacking me may I know what does it mean

  9. So im not great at writing but i tried to write out most of my dream
    On an island in the middle of the ocean the island is inhabited by spectral wolves you were there to do research at your lab on the island when you and several others where held hostage for the security codes. The unlocked the facility got all the information and let us go before blowing up the lab we were able to find tents sleeping bags and food in one of our supply drops not far from the lab and that’s when i spotted the first one there was a white wolf looking down at us from the hill above walking slowly not taking his eyes from us i watched the wolf as he disappeared behind a tree we need to set up camp now before night falls as far as i knew they will only attack at night and they never leave the body’s our tents were set up amd they were more of small tralors then tents with bathrooms and showers “didnt want anyone going out in the night for a quick bathroom break and not come back” i rationed the food we had between our 3 groups and we waited for night fall to enter our tents thats when i saw it the moon was coming over the horizon and it was huge and red in color at first i thought it beautiful then my heart dropped into my stomach at the sudden realization “were not safe tonight” tonight of all nights was a full moon the wolves like most wolves hunt better on a full moon because of the light but these wolves also gain supernatural abilities on the full moon like phasing through walls and being absolutely silent at a dead sprint also we dont know what happens to the people they catch there’s no evidence of anything I rushed everyone into their tents i tried to make extra precautions by doing everything i could to lock the tent with a carabeener everyone in my group looked just as scared as i felt i wanted so badly to comfort them but i didnt know how. we had to stay very quiet through the night the wolves already know where we are and im positive they could smell us but it was just one less thing for them to track. I laid down in my sleeping bag Aaron laid beside me and i was glad he was he was my favorite of the crew given his good looks silly nature and comedic values not to mention smart i reached out one of my hands to him and he took it in his i looked him in the eyes and there was a sad look in his eyes as he smiled at me he was just as scared as i was i scotted my self closer to feel some comfort in his arms i pressed my face into his chest and he kissed me on top of the head i was starting to fall asleep when i heard a scream from the neighboring tent Aarons grip around me tighted thats when it appeared a lage white wolf waled right trough our tent and took a long look at all of us none of us moved none of us even made a sound the wolf turned his head towards me and made his approach tears started steaming down my face i didn’t want to die yet this isn’t how i want to go i have so much to do still That’s when i heard the wolves voice. it was in my head im sending you to the land of the dead find your way out and you shall live again then the wolves massive teeth gashed around my head and everything was dark but it was getting brighter as the scene of a pier town appeared before me

  10. What does it mean to have a dream about a place you’ve never been before or somehow it connects to a familiar place like your home which doesnt have an empty forest like path behind your house suddenly have one and end up going there the next day?

  11. I had a dream on different days within two weeks, one was about two dogs and a cat. One dog was big as a labrador the other was small like a shih tzu caged together in a really small cage with a cat. I pitied them so I released them. This one was inside the bathroom after i took a bath. The other dream is about the same caged animal, but this time its a bunch of rabbits and a few skunks caged and fit in tightly together in a really small cage like the first dream. I didnt get to release them because a chameleon suddenly showed up and i was trying to capture it, but it tries to free from my hand and it started to get crushed or something so i let go of it and it ran away…. Both dreams happened after i was given a surprise in my dream. On the first dream, my brother came inside the bathroom while i was taking a bath, but the shower curtain was blocking us then on the other dream, my brother gave a fireworks as a birthday suprise before i saw those caged rabbits and skunks.

  12. Samish sharma on

    I had this dreams, because today I had it again, the everything felt familiar. Anyways I am in my room enjoying with my sister, n my dad was also there. But suddenly the animal in my room woke up. And it only wakes up to eat, it has done that earlier in an ugly and ruthless manner and then it goes back to sleep. Today in my dream it woke up n my sister was frightened she escaped… I managed to be out letting my dad out first so that it doesn’t eat us, and then shouted on the father why would somebody gift something like that, I m a vegan, n I literally hate the way he eats other animals…kindly tell me what does that mean? I don’t remember how many have I had this, but had this earlier too….

  13. i had a dream where there was a duck and i cute it vertically in half and i opened it and put my hand through its skull and got disgusted but I liked it and then i just closed it back up and i woke up. i have no idea what that means wtf.

  14. BloodcatStudios on

    Well, i had a dream about these humans with animal-like characteristics and they said I was a wolf. Strange. It was a reference to my right ear which has a small extra bit of cartilage or something. What does it mean because it doesn’t really say so here.

  15. I had a dream that a bird landed on a large branch next to an adult, male lion. Suddenly, the bird transforms into a lion cub and the adult lion beings to attack it by biting it’s jugular and disembowling it at the same time while I watched, feeling helpless. I have no idea what it means

  16. nessaEtzMom on

    just woke up from a dream i was walking in from a back yard and seen there were 2 lions (male and female) but the gate to the cage was open just a little im waving down someone(a man dont remember who) to close the gate but they cant hear me and i see the lioness open her eyes i yell to “run” (i only seen my son) i get him in the house lock the back door and the male lion is already starting to come in thru a window. so i go lock another door and another now a big brown grizzly bear has joined in chasing me. i get to a den decorated for christmas there are presents and a table with a bunch of goodies on it i turn around to lock yet another door but they (the bear and the male lion Young not a full maine yet) jump me they start to bite me. it hurts but not tooo much almost like they had baby teeth. some blood but not much no tearing off skin/limbs. i yell for help no one can hear me its a party i can see thru the window. i get a tin down from the table and start to give it to them they stop and start to eat its contents all sweets cakes cookies ect. they stopped attacking but i had to almost stroke the lions head as they ate. felt a sense of relief like i made it i calmed them down my son was safe. he was inside playing didn’t see mom fight. but i made it. then i woke up.

    any thoughts on this????

  17. I had a crazy dream last night . I was talking to some people and I turn and see a huge brown bear chasing a red fox. The bear was really trying to attack the fox and they were headed right towards me. As they almost got to me they darted to my right and ran off into the woods. I feel like the fox is my spirit animal and it made me feel directly attacked for some reason. I dream of the fox all the time but it’s never been like this. Anyone have any ideas what this could mean?

  18. I was being chased by Polish women. Then I woke up inside the dream again, in a giant urinal that kept flushing and tasted like beer that was being blessed by a rabbi and priest. I then woke up for real and pissed out the universe. Any ideas….?

  19. In my dream I was attacked by various animals first I was bothered by a wasp then I was bitten by a spider, I couldn’t see the spider but I notice lots of spider nests. The third animal was a cat that seemed domesticated but bit me every time I went to touch it. The last animal was a rat, I saw tissue being pushed out from a vent and after a few minutes a rat appeared, it jumped down on to the floor and straight up to my hand and bit the center of my palm, every time I tried to pull it off it bit me, this happened around 4 times until it stopped and went, I panicked about having caught a disease or infection then my dream stopped

  20. I had a dream at 03h00 hrs in the morning: My wife and I came across a snake with two heads, one on each end. we tried to catch it and it bit my shoe and disappeared.

  21. My dream: cat being knocked around by unseen/unidentified figure until jaw with teeth attached knocked out sometimes partial out and in mouth others completely out and laying on floor….same night/dream.

    History of me and cats: I do not have cats. I’m allergic to some cat it causes s.o.b and itching of face. I also think they are cute, loving and annoying getting into food and onto counters, and shedding annoys me.
    Any tboughts?

  22. Was attacked by hyenas. My hands had lacerations all over. In my dreamworld hyenas were domesticated and used mules for young children’s entertainment in a dedicated track. Everybody is taught a safe word if hyenas start acting agressive, which is oddly “fuck off”. I somehow stumbled onto the track and saw 2 hyenas charging at me and I yelled out “stop now” because I had forgotten the safe word. They bit hard into my hands and even my penis. More hyenas were arriving from the top of the hill as was a random car who rescued me and took me to a nearby house to patch me up. It was so weird because as I was getting patched up, a druglord arrived with his posse and their agressive dog looking for a package they thought the owner of the house had apparently stolen. Things were getting super intense. One shitty situation after the next. They couldn’t find it so we made peace and started making dinner. A woman from the posse helped me with my wounds in the end.

  23. Had a dream some nights ago, i was in a park or forest with 2 other people. I don’t remember who they were. Someone said there was a lion there. He was sitting/lying in the sphinx position, maybe 10 meters away from us and looked calm. i remember thinking that he was thin as you sometimes see them on documentaries. He then stood up and walked towards me. I felt nervous but thought that if i would remain calm and not show any aggression or fear, he would just stay calm too. And so he did. He walked calmly towards me, i was very nervous and alert, but tried to remain calm, he just walked around me in a circle. when i felt he was just behind me, i kind of felt him brushing up to my back. I turned around and it had become a smaller lion, a lion cub.. it became younger and more innocent. I was kind of amazed mentally, emotionally i was still alert. there was a cage next to me the cub and i was wishing for him to enter it. i think i felt bad to put it into a cage, but then i noticed it was more of a tunnel kind of cage, at the end the lion would come out into the other side of the forest and i would continue to be safe, as he would also be free. The lion cub walked in and i closed the gate to the cage quite fast. He was not really happy, but also not really revolting. I did not the see cub walk through the tunnel. because the dream was immediately over. I have been thinking about it several days now. What could it mean that the lion changed into a younger one? and that i wanted to cage it, so it could pass through a tunnel and come out futher away from me? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you 🙂

    • I am aware this was 2 years ago…but still going to answer. The fact that the lion turned into a younger one means you need to get in touch with your childlike self. You need to bring more joy and happiness into your life. The fact that he looked sad might mean you are secretly sad inside. You might not even know it. The fact that he went into a cage means there is some part of yourself that wants to be set free. I hope things have changed for you since then. Perhaps you changed jobs or got out of a bad relationship or friendship or moved somewhere new. Perhaps you took up a new morning routine that helps you feel more relaxed. The main point is, I hope you found some extra peace and happiness.

  24. a snake was coming after me he went to bite me and his fang nicked my finger, i shot him then couldn’t find more bullets.

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