Ambulance Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Ambulance Dream Symbol – Dreaming of an ambulance is a warning from your subconscious. It is a warning that you can no longer ignore something in your reality. It has to be dealt with. The time has come to face whatever you avoid before it is too late. There may be some urgent situation that needs your attention. The longer you avoid it the more urgent it gets. It may also indicate you need to visit your doctor for a health checkup.

ambulance-dreamTravelling in an ambulance can mean many things. Pay attention to the surroundings and situations in the dream. It could mean you are going to hit a rough patch. Being taken to hospital can indicate that you need to be careful of what you say. Have you been gossiping?

If you are not in an ambulance you see at a hospital, you need to be more careful when dealing with members of the opposite sex. Seeing elderly people in an ambulance is a warning to give up bad habits that can cause health issues later in life.

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  1. I dreamt that someone close was sick taken to hospital then after few hours he was lying on the flow of the ambulance critically ill and was being rushed home in an ambulance .

  2. I had a dream that I was playing with my young son in the street next to two flash homes then I looked up and an ambulance was flying in the sky then a massive truck was coming our way in the sky also but we got out of the way before it hit the ground then more things then I woke up

  3. I had a dream that I was with my mum and my sister sent someone to kill her as I was trying to save her some one stab her and I was rushing her out I saw and Ambulance and took her in we where to go to one hospital I know but the driver keep taking us somewhere and all does place was fill up that when he started taking us to the right hospital

  4. I had a dream that I was rushing in a car fast as a passenger and an ambulance comes from behind and almost hits us but then swerves around and tries to save someone and tried to bring the hose out and that was it

  5. I dreamt that I got injured by something so my mom and me both were waiting for ambulance to take me hospital. 4-5 ambulances went from front of us, we tried to stop them but they ignored us. Then we got to know that we don’t belong to that area thatswhy they were not taking us to hospital. My mom somehow took me to hospital but there also doctor didn’t gave any medicine. So we came back. On the way some people were dancing on road and others are watching them.

  6. i had a dream. i saw my friend(ex-school) falling off from inside of a building shirtless. i heard a big BANG and CRACK sound but there were no bloody scene. i do not know where he jumped from , upon landing , i saw my ex bro-in-law who happen to be the same school as us , acknowledging to me that it is actually our common friend. i dialed emergency number. i went out the building , i was in front of the entrance and among a fleet of stairs. i saw the approaching ambulance , it slowed down but did not stop as if they saw me but there were no parking lot available. i asked that one of them get down because someone is dying. THEN i woke up , not knowing if my friend is dead and whether the medics went to help .

    Someone please interpret my dream .

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