Zoomorphism Dream Symbol


Zoomorphism РIf you experience the feeling of changing into an animal in your dreams it means that the animal or animals that you turn into are your totems. You gain strength from this beast and it desires to imbue you with your animal instincts. By allowing this change to happen and by carrying a small likeness of this creature you will be able to succeed even through the most difficult of challenges by allow yourself to become the animal that you morph into in your dreams. 

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  1. How about if it was about a close friend turning into an animal? I dreamt about a close friend turning into a bird, dying, then turning into a dog as soon as they died.

  2. What if you have a dream that someone else transforms into an animal? Last night as I was dreaming, I was outside at night with a small child (have no idea whos child) but I knew I was responsible for taking care of it. As me and the child are outside, a young boy on a scooter come up to us and starts trying to mess with the child I’m responsible for. I start chasing the kid away and he suddenly turns into a small bird and starts attacking me. I respond to the attack by punching the bird every time It tries to attack me until I ultimately knock the bird out. I woke up immediately after defeating the bird.

  3. My dream goes like this, there were little boats on the shore of a dock and my friends and i were trying to sink them because of evidence reasons, after several trys there was one left and we werent able to, so i turned into a cat n sank the thing, after i was swimming under warter still i the form of a cat and would come up for hair from time to time, they looked for me but werent able to find me i was untouchable, after the heat was off me i turned hunan and than the girl that was gonna check us out i knew and while i was talking to her one of my enemies
    Came from behind and i turned around n when i did he grabbed a part of my front hair a cur about an inch off, i was so madd, i pushed him he pushed me back laughin n left, i wanted to know how much he cut off so i said look for the hair in the floor , sounding very demanding

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      wow, i had a dream about turning into a cat too, i don’t remember much except for that there was a my little pony in there somewhere, no idea why…

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