Zeus/Jupiter Dream Meaning and Interpretations


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Zeus/Jupiter Dream Symbol – The Roman God Jupiter and Greek god Zeus are the same characters in different myths. They are represented as the god of the gods. No-one questions their reasoning or decisions for Zeus holds the wisdom of all men and women. He stands for order and justice, and all that is fair.

zeus-dreamsWhen Zeus visits your dreams it is a good omen that prosperity and abundance is on the way. You could soon be out on a shopping spree spending more than your fair share. Abundance will come your way as long as you walk your path with continued integrity.

If you have been out of luck or struggling with many challenges, this is a sign that soon things will turn around for the better. Your struggles could through your disorganization. Is your life in chaos? Are there simple things you neglect? Zeus is a reminder you can make choices.

You can choose between negative a positive. What will you choose? When you choose positive the universe rewards with a happy, balanced life. Choosing negative brings constant challenges and stressful times.

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