Ying Yang Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Ying Yang Dream Symbol – The yin and yang represent the duality that exists in all of us. They represent our ability and capacity for good and altruistic things as well as our capacity for true evil. It is normal to be at first driven away at the thought of you own capacity for evil. However, the yin and yang teach us, even in our dreams, that we are beings of amazing potential. Whereas Christians would have you believe that you are inherently evil and incapable of doing any true and lasting good.

However, they are completely wrong. The yin and yang teach us that we are just as capable of doing good as we are of doing evil. It is right to embrace both of these sides of yourself. The yin and yang also teach us that no matter how hard you try your best will never be purely good, nor your worst purely evil.

Dreaming of yin yang is about balance and equilibrium. Yin yang are a balance of opposites. They represent the duality within us – right and wrong, emotional and logical, left and right sides of the brain. The male and female sides we all have as part of who we are.

While you are capable of achieving great things from the heart you are also capable of great evil. Acknowledge the evil side to control it. Evil is overshadowed by good so you are more likely to do good things than to behave badly. You need to acknowledge all sides of your character for there is much to learn about yourself from this knowledge.

Dreaming of yin yang is a sign that you have great potential. You need to tap into it to help you on the path to success. This knowledge brings wisdom and creates balance. Yin yang symbolizes that anything is possible at this time.

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  1. I had such a realistic dream of planets rotating around earth – it was absolutely beautiful..but what stood out the most was the biggest planet which was the yin yang symbol .. the last time i dreamt of planets, there were three distinctive plants which looked like earth, two fell out of the sky and into the ocean – the next day NASA had announced that they had found three earth like planets but only one of them were so similar to earth that life could exist there. I rarely remember my dreams, but these two are so unforgettable and were to real,

  2. i woke up in the middle of the night with anxiety over some issues and prayed for a sign to help guide me. I began having a lucid dream that i was sitting in front of an attorney and he was sketching out a yin yang symbol. It was like it was on a contract form for me to sign.

  3. something extraordinary happened to me today. the yin yang symbol appeard right in front of my eyes. it appeard in a basin of soapy water that I had used to rinse my clothes in. it appeared out of nowhere. I have the pictures.

  4. Wow, that was similar to my dream i had last night! I was outside at night kind of like at a drive up movie theatre in my dream and when I looked up there was a huge moon, (just one though and no tree) and it looked like a big yin and yang symbol in the moon! I looked up yin and yang moon in dreams but both come up seperate… So weird I seen a post similar to my dream!

  5. I had a strange dream last night. My mom and I were on a vehicle on a sunny day when I pointed out the big full Moon outside. It was strang to see a full moon at high noon. She was skeptic at first then when we arrived to our destination we took a closer look. You know in the movies when the scene is ready to unfold, a revelation. We saw two moons in a pattern of yin and yang with a tree shape in the middle of it kinda like those Japanese Bonsai trees. Below were four planets or spheres in a diamond formation. Then I woke up, I thought to my self what a peculiar dream

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