Yelling Dream Symbol


Yelling – Dreaming about yelling can be fraught with all different kinds of emotions. If you dream about being a fan on the sidelines of a game and yelling it could be very positive. If you dream about yelling at a jaywalker or other person it could mean that you are a very caring person and only wish the best for people. If you dream about yelling at your children you could be a very abusive parent.

If you dream about telling at your spouse it means that you disagree with their thought about something and need to calmly have a discussion with them about it. Try writing notes back and forth. Whatever you do, do not allow yourselves to yell at each other. 

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  1. I had an interest in a boy that I knew I never had a chance with, and we always got in small arguments and finally we decided to not talk to each other and I really do not like him at all anymore. He has said some hurtful things to me. In my dream, he was across the street in a fenced in backyard and he walked out and he said something I can’t remember and so I flipped him off and I was like “f*** you, pete” and he returned it. We kept yelling profanities and nonsense to each other until he walked off and the he turned around to keep talking but I stopped him and said “no, don’t talk! No.” So he tried talking louder so I could hear him but i continued telling him to stop talking. What does this mean?

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