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Yantra – The yantra can manifest itself in many ways in our dreams. Being a symbol of the divine and the essence of the unity of all things, the yantra can reveal to you the course of your life into peace and nirvana or your decline into chaos of a foreboding sense of failure. Some people do not know what the yantra is. Simply put, it is a symbol of the center or most sacred part of something. The following are common yantras seen in dreams:

  • The circle represents the controlling force of water.
  • The Square represents the controlling force of earth.
  • Upward-facing Triangle represents the controlling force of fire.
  • Downward-facing Triangle represents the controlling force of water.
  • Diagonal line represents the controlling force of air.
  • Horizontal line represents the controlling force of water.
  • Vertical line represents the controlling force of fire.
  • Point represents the controlling force of ether.

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  1. I once saw a dream with this symbol. I described recently to a friend after a long long time and he directed me to search for the yantra symbol. Akwardly enough the dream was in a military base and i was the captain sort of speaking (i was 20 at that age and the year was 2005) but in my dream i felt 30 or smthin.. In my dream i was giving orders to my crew that i should be left undisturbed cause i was about to have sex with a woman known to me. When i entered the room she spread her legs and there it was. The yantra symbol. The material felt and looked like a big gem. A jewel. VIVID red was the color with the outer circles being a less tonish red than the inner circle and triangles felt alive and it looked like it was breathing light. There`s an LED effect found on various electronics called breathing and it actually immitates what i saw just for you to understand the visual. The outher circle were rotating in a clockwise rotation and the inner circle without the trianglesanti clockwise and the inner part were forming magnificent fractals as if it was leaving traces behind with triangles being the base since it was stopping once and a while to its still form and i could clearly see the triangles. I was amazed and curious and i just stared at it and i was captivated by it. Didnt get a bad or a good vibe out of it. It was more like a tranquile experience and the fact that i never forgot it makes me think it was a subconcious play of my mind. Anyhow thats my only experience with the yantra symbol. My friend suggested to me to meditate and focus to it and see where it leads.

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