Yacht Dream Symbol


Yacht – Dreaming about a yacht is symbolic of power and prestige along with great wealth. If the yacht is small and/ or in bad upkeep it means that there is a deteriorating sense of wealth about you caused by your need to show off or keep up with the Joneses. If the boat is large and stately t means that you will soon be invited to a party that will hold great potential for your future.

This is especially true if the yacht in your dream has a party on it when you dream of it. Pay close attention to the name of the yacht because this often reveals the name of an important person or company in your future. 

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  1. i had a a bday party in my yacht dream with several peolple both girls and boys and the ones i knew and the ones i didnt …
    it was strange i was stuck in the yacht with my ex best friend who i stopped talking with ages ago
    something really strange happened i tried to steal something from the yacht a braclete of a unknown owner but i stopped and i change my clothes twice at the party can anyone help me what my dream means?

  2. Ellen Mendoza on

    How about when a yacht is being surrounded with walking dead people all like hungry and looking at me? But before that the dream started out with a happy oriented family, where I had a baby girl with my fiance who always builds a good future with me and my two kids (not his) and the baby girl brought so much happiness and surprise when she stood and walk on her 6th month.
    the dream was weird for me because I never watch zombie movies for a long time anymore. I am focusing on to being a coordinator of our place for a successful weekly Bible study.
    I know this may be a long comment but this topic is what i found when i tried to search for an interpretation about the yacht. That’s all. And thank you so much! Be blessed. 🙂

    • Reach out to the spiritually dead people, share the gospel, share your wisdom, remember that yacht means wealth, power. Could be spiritual wealth too

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