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Writing Dream Symbol – If you see yourself writing in your dream it may indicate that you are unable to express your thoughts and feelings to people around you. The act of writing can symbolize the act of trying to get your message across to people around you.

If you are writing down specific names and places in your dream, it can indicate that you are keeping note of people around who are positive and influential in your life.

If you are writing with a piece of chalk, it may suggest that the thoughts are only temporary and are less important than something permanent.

If you see yourself writing a book, it may indicate your desire to be creative and to try new things. You might want to consider trying a new sport or finding a hobby that you can find fulfillment in. Writing a book can also indicate the desire to leave a lasting imprint on people around you.

Writing a letter to someone you know may be an expression of your thoughts and feelings that you have towards that particular person.

Alternatively, writing in a dream could be showing your underlying passion for writing and be a reminder that you should continue to grow your writing talent.

Dreaming of writing words represents the need to take the words spoken around you, and that call your attention, seriously. It is a sign you are trying to communicate with someone. Dreaming of writing a letter can symbolize expressing the emotions you have for that person that you have never been able to express before. It can also mean your subconscious is trying to awaken your conscious mind to something important. It is a time to listen and follow your intuition.

Handwriting Dream Symbol

When you dream about your handwriting it is a reminder of your creativity and how you express yourself. This can be a dream about your creativity opening up to new opportunities. It can also be a warning such as ‘the writing is on the wall’. Is there something in your waking life this can relate to? Is there something that makes you feel afraid?

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  1. I dream about writing on a book but I see myself on my dream.. Its actually like this… There are 2 unknown guys, and 2 girl including me, in my dream I know them and we are close but the 1 guy I have a crush on him… So we go to the mall the surroundings is like the mall are close? Or something? I dunno but its kinda dark but of course there is a lights on… So we walk to go to the 2nd floor I think because it didn’t take too long to see a table… So we head there and yeah write a story.. So when we sit, we silently write on a book… So many time pass, let says “my crush” get my book and kinda playing on me? So I grab my book and when I get it I hit “my crush” with my book in the head but my emotions that time I was a bit angry but when I hit him I laugh…. And thats all but actually my dream was kinda long but this part of my dream is the last part… So yeah 🙂 … Thanks for reading heh >//<…

  2. Elizabeth Owen on

    I dreamt I took my car to the Home Depot for an oil change. One of the technicians put the paperwork (the bill?) into a flimsy, plastic envelop and asked me to address the envelop so that the paperwork could be mailed to me.

    I didn’t have the right kind of ink in the pen I was using to be able to write on plastic.

    There was already writing on the envelop where the address should go.

    I got frustrated and said I couldn’t do it and angrily gave the envelop back to a different technician — who found a different pen (maybe a sharpie) and tried to fill out the address, but even he was having trouble.

    Beginning interpretation courtesy of this site: My subconscious mind is trying to get a message to my conscious mind about the direction in life I’m going.

  3. Anand Krishna on

    i dreamt of a mantra carved on a large rock, in a strange language,i don’t know but i could read that ,this was written there “japt mi mrityu vratam” and i was told in my dream by an american that it means “chant my name untill death” now what it means?

  4. I had a dream with a different name from mine in italics. It was a tattoo on my right hand on the outside of my hand. Can someone tell me what it means?

  5. My husband dreamt he found a time machine. In order to make his time machine function, he had to inscribe it with certain text from an imaginary old, green haiku book. When he found the book, its pages were blank, so he decided to write his own haiku/inscription in hopes to make his time machine work. However, he found that he was writing in crayon and had difficulty maneuvering the crayon to form the letters, as if he was a child still learning to write. Maybe his time machine worked? 😛

  6. I had a dream where a naked male sat on my bed infront of me, but had Korean characters written on their body, neither of us wrote it on him and no source as to how it got there.

  7. yes, I dreamt of seeing oval and rectangular shaped torn scraps of white paper with blue ink writing on them. My younger (by 18months)) brother was with me. I think he tried to read a couple of the scraps, but unfortunately I couldn’t work out what he was saying. Also the writing looked familiar, very much like my style of writing. Some of the words were written horizontally and the odd word had been circled. The horizontal words were written separately at the top, or the sides of the body of writing. There were a whole bunch of scraps of paper.

    I also dreamt that I found my lost silver pinky ring, that in real life my older sister had given to me for my birthday about a decade and a half ago. I was puzzled and pleased that I’d recovered it, but wanted to know why it had come back into my life, cos I think that ring is lost forever.

    I also dreamt that I had a silver diamond engagement ring with a single average sized stone in it. A diamond squarish pendant on a silver chain, and two plain silver bands. The bands were same as one that I have in real life.

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