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Worm Dream Symbol – Dreaming of worms is a sign of arguments with enemies. It also warns there is sickness around you. They also represent the earth’s fertility. Worms in the earth indicates the health and fertility of the soil. Worms help to rejuvenate the soil ready for new growth. They have an important role in the natural cycle of life living deep in the soil.

Dreams of worms are about rejuvenation and transforming your life. It can also mean you have a role in helping the environment regenerate itself. Worms can bring messages there are enemies around you. They may be hiding in the shadows.

worm-dreamsWorms can bring message to recognize the perseverance of others. You are not the only one who is resilient. Big noting yourself will make you unpopular. This can mean there are tough times coming. You will come through these with perseverance and be well rewarded. Lots of worms in a dream means there may be arrogant people around you. If you recognize this, then you have an advantage in financial dealings with them. But, beware, your enemies are trying to steal your property.

If there is only one worm, this can mean that friends will help you when you least expect it. It can also mean someone new will come into your life. Using worms to catch fish indicates there is success coming into your life. Stepping on a worm indicates you are going to push your best friend out of your life if you do not change your current ways. Is this what you want?

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  1. My dream last night was of a white worm, maybe 6-8″ with iridescent eyes. It was in a type of a little used laundry room and i was not at my own place. I saw it crawl under a cabinet, when it came out, it flew at us (all of a sudden there was another person next to me…?) I swatted at it with a metal ‘carnival type’ coin. It went down, but then started flying again. way weird. Then i woke up.

  2. Last I dreamed I was in some new kind of prison walking around with a dirt bike.
    The accelerator handle came off and a woman picked it up and handed it to me she was black.
    I then walk outside and sit on the ground and piles of FAT Long white worms were in the soil next to me.They white long and fat but kind of dry and sticking together. I was a little taken back by them them and I remember pulling who apart and then saying that so good bait and someone it looks like a maggot .but they were worms and very healthy.

  3. Yesternight I dreamt about one black worm on the wall in my room, and the worm was relatively 3 fold bigger than two other worms on the wall.
    In that dream I managed to take the bigger worm off the wall, and it fell on the floor.

  4. I was washing my hand and then I feel strange so I look down. And I see worms coming out from my skin like I can feel it’s pain I scream in shock I see them coming out and then I woke up I called it bad dream !
    Help me !

  5. Hi I dreamt that i was rinsing my mouth with clear water but with the water black worms came out my mouth. At first i didnt realize where the worms came from but the more i rinsed my mouth the more worms appeared. Then i started feeling tge worms in my mouth. Then at one time the water that came out my mouth was first a bit red then black.. then i saw one red worm between the black worms..

  6. Hi I dreamt that i was rinsing my mouth with clear water but with the water black worms came out my mouth. At first i didnt realize where the worms came from but the more i rinsed my mouth the more worms appeared. Then i started feeling tge worms in my mouth. Then at one time the water that came out my mouth was first a bit red then black.. then i saw one red worm between the black worms..

  7. Maria Valdez on

    I had a dream that I saw may 9 yrs old boy eating some mud with small worms and he start complaining of headache..what does it mean?

  8. Robert besas on

    I dream worms many many worms in my body head ang feet many worms that’s colors white i dont know what is mean i try to push or to get worm in my body but worm can’t what is the meaning of that dream??

  9. Debbie Haley on

    I dream I was walking eithy daughter when my stomach felt bulky do I sneezed out of my mouth came three fat worms in slime please tell me what that meant

  10. I dream i was pulling long worms out of my right foot its so long that some worms cut while pulling out, when i was finish and i look at my foot i saw that there was a big hole and i can even see my ankle bone and a sliver lipstick case in the hole. then i went to the doctor when i realize that on my left foot had hole as well i was so scared i jumped out of my sleep.

  11. Worms was in my nose I started pulling them out like my nose was full of them and the hit the ground and wiggle away in large groups

  12. just last night.., I was dreaming a lot of white worms.., please help me to find the exact meaning about this.., hoping to hear you very soon.., tnx and more power

  13. I dreamt of an abcess that brokebout of my ring finger and released two headed worms. They were painless and a doctor friend inticated that as they had left the body they were hamless.

  14. I dreamed I was a henchman (or henchworm) of an evil earthworm. There were two spy worms wriggling into our worm den. I jabbed one to death with a push pin, then disemboweled the other.

  15. I dreamt abouy worms dropping on my wet. They were wet and slimmy..
    I do not know what they mean but they kinda freak me out

  16. I had a dream from a worms eye point of view. It was almost like credits from a movie without words. I remember seeing little black girl dolls dangling from tree branches from red ribbons. I was looking up to them. It was an autumn scene, and I am a black woman.

  17. Hi, mine was not a dream. I sometimes meditate and see colors before falling asleep and though I was intent on seeing something pleasant, last night what I experienced was a violet purple backround + tons of wiggly black worm like shapes that made me uncomfortable. I tried to clear it from my mind, but I finally had to open my eyes to reset. This is extremely rare so I’m wondering what it meant.

    • Yesterday night I had also dream about violet worms, these were not worms actually something like ant. They came out of my skin
      I tried to get rid of them. Wtf is that?

    • Hi Courtney., Seeing colours while meditating tells you wear your energy is in the body at what chakra. It starts from the lowermost the sex centre and to the uppermost Shastra at the top of the head where it is purple in colour. It is the whole sequences of rainbow colours so if you see any particular colour that means your most of the energy is concentrated around that Chakra of your body try not to concentrate on the colours see the background behind it. Best of luck. Take care

  18. I dreamt about a giant worm (it was soooooo big) and it always came out of nowhere to eat people by like sucking them in if you know what i mean. What does this mean?

  19. What does this dream mean? I had worms inside of my feet, both of them. I was pinching the worm out like a blackhead and getting it close enough to the edge and using tweezers to extract each worm. There were lots in each foot. They came out quick and painless. Symbolic meaning????

    • I had the same dream last night with 3 worms in three different places on my body. Exactly like you described… Like a pimple.

  20. First of all the thing I hate the most. Are worms. So im not sure if it just because i hate them that i dreamt of them or it has meaning.

    I dreamt of the worms that are in our room, our bed. It was just 2 worms but its a little fat and a bit long. I was screaming in my dream the whole time when I get away from it, it just follow me. When I woke up my heart was beating so fast that Im having a hard time to breath.

  21. What does it mean to dream of white worms coming out of a cake and wrapping around your fingers but you pulling them off.

  22. Johanna Boevree on

    I just had a dream that made me feel really weird. I can’t remember any of it really except that i had some kind of worm sticking out of my leg..and for some reason i couldnt..or wasnt supposed to take it out. What could this mean?

  23. cherayah catlett on

    Hello I just woke up from a dream. I had clear black worms in my tongue. I began to pop them out but few were still clear.what dose it mean?

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