What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?


One of the most common dreams are the dreams about people you are familiar with. You might have a dream about your loved one or it could be about someone you just met last week. Because there are many different scenarios that feature people you know, we will break down some of the more common dreams about people that you might have.

Here are 10 dreams that you will have at some point in your life

#1. Dreaming About Someone From Your Past

someone from the pastPart of being human is the interactions that we have with other people throughout the course of our life. Everyone we meet along our journey has some sort of impact on us, whether we realize it or not. For better or for worse, your experiences over the course of your life with shape who you are.

Every once in a while you might dream about someone you know from the past that has crossed your path. It could be an old crush that you had in grade school or it could be a co-worker that you used to work with. There are thousands of different scenarios that feature people from our past so it is important to understand the context of the dream.

Sometimes events in our life can trigger old memories that will fire up neurons in our brain that remind us of people from the past. If an old memory suddenly becomes fresh in your mind, there is a good chance that your subconscious might activate that part of your brain.

Most of the time when we dream about someone from the past it is about a person who influenced us or someone who had a meaningful impact on our life positive or negative. If you were bullied by someone in your past, you might have a dream about that bully 20 years later.

#2. Dreaming About Someone You Are Currently Dating/Married

Someone you currently love

Dreaming about your current boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife is a very common dream for couples. The scenarios that you experience in the dream will vary depending on how strong your bond is with your significant other. If you feel loved and emotionally satisfied from your partner, you might have romantic dreams that involve being in love together.

Conversely, if you feel unsatisfied in your love life, you might have a dream about cheating on your spouse or you could see them cheating on you. (Cheating dreams don’t necessarily mean you are unsatisfied, they often represent our internal fears that we have inside of us).

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In order to interpret dreams about people you are in a relationship with, you need to understand the context of the dream and how it makes you feel. It is quite common for our partners to show up in our dream as have completely different personalities. You might dream that your boyfriend is emotionally abusive, even though he is the complete opposite in your waking life.

Just because your partner is doing something inside of your dream, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are like that in your waking life.

#3. Dreaming About Someone You Have A Crush On

Dream about a crushWhen you have a crush on someone your mind will spend a lot of energy thinking about your crush throughout the day. A million thoughts will go through your head as you imagine yourself being together with that person you like. Whether you are day dreaming or simply imagining different scenarios, these thoughts can have an impact on your brain.

The more focused energy you spend thinking about your crush, the more likely that person will show up in your dream. Your crush could appear in a million different scenarios, depending on a number of different factors.

These dreams can often represent wish fulfillment dreams, where your sub conscious is acting out something you truly desire. Crush dreams occur mostly among teens and young adults, but can occur at any age. You are never to old to dream about someone you like, especially if you are currently single and looking to get back into a relationship.

#4. Dreaming About Someone Famous

Celbrity dreamsCelebrity dreams are very common among super fans. If you spend hours and hours every day watching your favorite star on YouTube and interacting with them, you are likely going to have your thoughts consumed by that person. Given the rise of social media, it is now possible for fans to get in direct touch with their favorite star.

Fans who are emotionally involved with their favorite stars are likely to see these famous people showing up in their dreams. When you spend a lot of your mental energy focusing on a celebrity, they can often make an appearance in your dream as someone you are very familiar with.

Unfortunately, dreaming about a celebrity does not mean you are going to start dating your crush. It simply means that you have spent a lot of time thinking about them, which has been reflected in your dream.

#5. Dreaming About A Family Member

family dreamsDreams about family members are very common among people who have close attachments to their family. You might dream about your family if you haven’t seen them for a long time and you can’t see them on a regular basis.

A mother who is always thinking about her children, is likely going to have dreams that incorporate her children inside of the dream. Conversely, a child is likely going to have dreaming scenarios that involve the whole family inside the dream.

You dream is a reflection of your reality. If your family is apart of your everyday life, you can expect them to make an appearance in your dream. If you came from a broken home and have emotional issues as a result of your upbringing, then you might have dreams that are a reflection of this pain inside of you.

#6. Dreaming About An Ex Lover

ex loverThere is no denying that when we leave a relationship, a piece of that person still exists inside of us, whether we are conscious of that or not. Anytime you have an emotional attachment to someone it creates a strong memory of that person. Even when you break up from that person, the memories are still inside of your brain, locked away.

The emotional that you have with someone will often determine the likeliness that you dream about that person. If you were with someone for 10 years and have 3 kids together, that person is likely going to have a bigger emotional impact than a short fling you had for 2 weeks.

it is also important to know that the situations revolving around the breakup can also have an impact on your feelings towards someone. If someone dumped you and you never go to express your true feelings in the relationship, you are likely going to have unresolved issues inside of your mind.

Dreams are often a way to help the mind process hurt and losses that we have experienced in the past. Conversely, if you were the one who dumped someone you never loved, you are less likely to think about them or have a dream about them in the future.

#7. Dreaming About Someone Who Has Passed Away

dead memoryIf you lose someone who has been an important part of your life, that can often leave a big gap that is difficult to fill. When our loved ones pass away, it often leaves a hole inside our hearts that makes us feel empty.

It is very common to dream about lost loved ones or family members, especially if you never had a chance to say proper goodbyes to that person. Unresolved hurt and pain from the loss can result in your dreaming of that person.

Anyone who has ever had a positive impact on your life, is still going to be alive in your mind. Even that person isn’t alive in flesh, they can still live on inside of you.

#8. Dreaming About Someone You Don’t Like

Dream about an enemyNothing is worse than having someone you don’t like show up in the middle of your dream. The one person in the world you don’t want to see can make a surprise appearance in your dream.

A kid who is being bullied in school might have a dream where there bullies are harassing them or someone who went through an abusive relationship might have their abuser show up in a dream.

When you really don’t like someone, that person can be on your mind and occupy your subconscious thoughts. Once someone gets inside our head, it is quite often that they can show up in our dreams.

The best way to stop dreaming about someone you don’t like is to come to terms with that person inside of your mind. If someone hurt you in the past, forgive that person.

If you were bullied by someone, realize that people change and move past the hurt you experienced. By finding closure, you can help resolve conflicts that might still exist in your sub conscious mind.

#9. Dreaming About Someone In A Sexual Way

sexual dreamsSexual dreams about people you know are one of the most common dreams. If you have a sexual dream about someone who is close to you, it might be your subconscious mind living out your deep desires that you have. It is important to remember that there is a difference between desire and acting out on those desires. Just because you feel like doing something, doesn’t mean that you should do it.

Young teenagers are the most likely to have sexual dreams as they are developing and maturing. One of the great psychologists Sigmund Freud believed that all dreams were sexual in nature and were a result of sexual repression from the dreamer.

This theory has been largely disproved in modern society because our culture and society has changed since Freud was alive. In Freud’s time, society oppressed the sexuality of the people, which meant dreams were the only way to truly express yourself.

How to Interpret Dreams About Someone You Know

When it comes to interpreting dreams there is no hard science behind interpretations. True interpretations comes down to how you feel about the dream. If you think a dream has meaning, then you should dig deeper into your mind and start asking yourself what are aspects of your life that are reflected into the dream.

Some dreams are the result of our wish fulfillment, while others are the result of our brains processing pain that we have experienced throughout our life. The dreamer is the only person who can truly understand what their dream means. A good dream interpreter can help you search for the right answers inside of you, but at the end of the day you have the final say on the meaning of your dream.

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  1. Lately my husband has had dreams of being back in high school. We did not go to school together because we grew up in different towns and he is 7 years older than me. So I don’t know much about him in high school other than what he has told me. I’m wondering if he is having these dreams because he regrets some of the decisions he made back then or what. If someone could help with what this dream could possibly mean I would really be thankful! THANKS SO MUCH….Miranda

  2. I was in a relationship where my girlfriend started acting distant when we would go on dates. In a dream, she was walking with me and I noticed that she had a sad look on her face. I asked her if she was okay and she didn’t say anything. Then she just walked off in another direction. I woke up after that and started having anxiety about our relationship. Later, I asked her if she was happy with our relationship and she replied with “I don’t know.” Shortly after that she told me that she needed some time to think about things and she pretty much ended it.

  3. I kinda like this guy….. I had a dream they I saw him in the mall and he gave me a gun and I guess I took it and started walking around with it, and I guess a while later I shot the ceiling and the bullet bounced back at me and hit me in the head and I passed out. Then I wake up in my room and I see myself on the news talking hysterically about getting hit in the head… then I see my mom next to me arguing with something in my closet, so I open the door and I see the same guy hiding in a box, a jewelry box actually and his head was sticking out….. which was really weird. Anyhow he saw me and jumped out of the box and came up and hugged me, and I just felt so happy in that moment I guess, and I woke up….. really weird

  4. I had a dream last night about Markiplier that we were just hanging out and the dream ended when for some reason we went into my house. Can someone tell me what this means?

  5. So before I ever met the guy I liked, I had a dream that this guy I met and had blonde hair, brown eyes, etc. (the exact description). I married him in the dream. Then I start liking this guy (I’ve liked him for over a year now) and I completely forgot about the dream until a couple months ago. It’s kind of obvious that he likes me back (he’s extremely shy so he stares, smiles at me, his friends always tells me to date him and some of them didn’t even know I like him) then back in the summer my best friend was praying for us (of course I was too), and she had a dream that he was beating up a ghost and all we can figure that he ghost was all the people that are standing in our way to be together (yes there are people that are). Then, he finished beating up the ghost and me and him hugged and were crying happy tears. I’ve had some other dreams about him but I don’t really remember them. The other night I dreamed I was dating his best friend and I hated him. Then his other friend came and told me that the guy I like still likes me and wants to date me. I felt horrible because I still liked the guy I like and I was supposed to be dating him. My friend and I have both prayed about him and I being together. Does anyone have any ideas what this can mean?

  6. I keep have this dream about a guy who j have no interest in. I found him irritating and stubborn. Never in my life have I ever had a dream about him the very first time last year. I’ve dreamt about kissing him and hugging him. A year later I’ve had dreams about dating him. I find it hard to believe but it’s strange. And it aggravates me every time I dream about him. What does this mean?

  7. I’ve been having a very perplexing phenomenon the past few weeks. I’ve recently had to end a relationship of 10 years, a extremely difficult thing to do, but her severe bouts of depression coupled with her life long Aspergers had taken such a toll on both our lives that at 48 yrs of age I’m just not emotionally strong enough any more to bear the weight of all the responsibilities she put on me and not see some sort of forward progression.
    Since this significant event has taken place, I’ve had several (4) people of varying degrees of familiarity tell me that i was in a very recent dream they had. I’m a friendly, social, outgoing, caring and very positive thinking white male, and i do genuinely want to know how everyone from the cashiers and counter help at the stores to the guards at my work are doing, i always ask how their wonderful families are doing, etc. Does this have an impact on people so much so that I’m regarded or remembered enough that enough energy is spent thinking about me that I’ve found my way into their subconscious, and what are the odds that 4 people almost simultaneously dream about me? I am extremely interested in understanding such a crazy coincidence! I can’t seem to get a grip on this. Any theories? All 4 people are females, to boot !!!!

    • Same thing just happened with my husband. 3 young women he works with had the same dream …the were out and he was watching over them and he said nothing. He protects, cares for and watches over (like a dad or grandpa) all the young ones (and older ones) at the night club. He is one of the security at a large club.

  8. myrna williams on

    I dream about my ” son Antonio who was killed 7nw years ago i dreamed my 2 u ounger keep sa y ing. Antonio wants to get come j ome and sayed no and they keep s s ying i. I dont know y o i saying no. He could not come home but i never sae him but ay the end of the dream he walk into my room and he said mama can i come home and sayed no geet out of here you cant come home and you woke up.

  9. I had a dream about a group activity I don’t know where and there were like 50 people there but I hadn’t ever seen them before. They were all completely made up in my head and I gambled with them and cooked with them and even did the dishes with them and throughout the dream I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing and had to fit in. I also had a feeling of sexual tension with one of guys J did dishes with and later talked to whom turned out to be his mother.

  10. What does my dream mean? I had a dream that a good friend of mine broke up with her husband.
    Thank you.

  11. I always dream of a man. I admired this man when I was in high school, but when I went to college and met new friends, when I think that I had forgotten all my feelings for him, when I could no longer remember him, that’s the time he would appear in my dreams. and in my dreams, he would tell me how much he loves me. after that, within a week or so, he would either send me a message or I’d see him. It’s been happening for almost 10 years now. I really don’t know what to think about my dreams. I once told him about my dreams, and he then told me that we need to resolve it.

  12. I had a weird dream long time ago. I live in New York. Around September 2002 I dreamed that i was in England as a tourist, I came out from a hotel and had no idea of where to go. A beautiful girl noticed that i was kind of lost, we went to different places and had a good time. Returning to the hotel she said that we will see each other soon.

    In April 2003 i was walking from a parking lot to my new job as a marine engineer in New York. At Pier 83 Hudson River, Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises. I see this gir, a tourist, as she walks towards me i noticed that she was smiling at me then she called me by my name. I thought it was a coincidence but I asked her how she knows my name. She asked if i didn’t remember her. I told her that i had a dream that i went to England, and for my surprise, she interrupted me and completed telling the dream. We had a nice conversation.
    I was very young plus my boss in this new job was calling my cell phone too many times. I was stupid for not asking for email or phone number. The last word she said after a 20 minute conversation was: “Don’t worry we’ll see each other again soon”. Since then i have been searching. I told my experience to a british couple that were visitin New York and were in one of the boats i was working in that time. They asked me if they could publish my experience on a newspaper and i became negative thinking that it would be impossible to find her like that. I was feeling bad that not everyone was believing and that slowed me in the search. I hope to find her someday.

  13. I had a dream about a guy rwcently he was a guy i went to high school with we were friends in yr 10 for a while then just stopped talking and havent talked for 9 years i had a crush on him but he never knew anyway i dreamt that i was with him kissing and holding hands. 9 years is a long time so what does this mean ??

  14. i had a dream last night that my friend and i went to a funeral and back to my parents where me and my male friend had sex( loving second more than once in that night) i have no sexual feelings towards this guy when im awake at all we are just friends. i have just woken up feeling really award. what does this dream mean please .

  15. Recently I had a dream that brought to mind another dream I had years ago. Now what I found most interesting and confusing is this. The dream had people in them that I was not closely tied to. The dreams happened in a short period of our time. I say this as it seemed like more time transpired during the dream that the time I was asleep. The most recent dream the person told me he was out of the country. He kept telling me thaty God placed me heavily on his heart and he had been praying then switch immediately to we are praying for you Lynn. Now I was only asleep for 15 minutes but I woke up with this immediate thought that I slept to long and would missed Church. I am not surprised by the message as I had been going through some spiritual crisis caused by some. This is an individual I see as being as one as a spiritual guide. I also was reminded of a few years ago of having another dream of someone where a similar experience occur. This person I had little contact with. But in the dream *I was confused as it seemed like the person was distressed and my appearance was a comfort to him. The thing was my confusion which this person kept tell8ing me when he got back he would explained it all to me. The person kept insisting there was a type of connection we had that was causing the confusion. The thing that holds my attention is this with Both of these men I had no ideal they were out of the country at the time of the dream. I went to the environment the next day thinking I was going to find out when the man in the most recent dream would be there. My thinking was that my dream was telling me a way to work out my spiritual crisis. I found out this man is in India which is where I had in my dream that he was in the middle east somewhere. I am not sure if he told me he was specifically in India but he did tell me he was not in the country I would not be able to speak to him until he got back. The dream from years ago, I found out about two weeks later from a friend who kinew the man that this man had just returned to the country. The person then went on telling me this man had some things emotional things this man was going through. M ay be it was the look on my face but this person soon began to stutter and change the subject. Their intentions on coming to me was thinking I knew this man as they did. They wanted me to know thinking I would go to help this man and at least pray for him. The thing was I was stunned. I also thought it was interesting that the person revealed it was something this man hwas going through while being out of the country. . I saw tha tman many times in the environment where we both were at but there was never a relationship a friendship or anything. as a matter of fact this man’s actions were that he did not like me. After the dream the man began to do things to caused me harm let me know I was not welcome in that environment that he thought I was deserving of being threaten as well as publically humilating me at speaking events. I gave up trying to figure 0ut what that dream was. My question is this though Could it be possible that somehow we did connect in some dream like world? This scared the man or he felt that somehow I was the caused of some negative thing? I had not thought about this in a long while. After the dream and receiving the information see how this man act3ed whenever I was in the same environment I gave up on thinking he had some bit of knowledge for me. The bigger question is this. Is it possible thAat when we dream that we connect even with people who we have little bond with and if this is true how can we stopped those things? I will admit I am little freak out over the last dream? The thing is I had no knowledge of thaty person nor did I have any information to think this person was in another country. I had recently seen the man walking and speaking to others just the week before> P4ersonally I much have people come and speak to me in the waking state. Maybe the firs tman increase in disdain for me was a cause of his dreaming the same thing.

  16. Hi, Im sona. Im 28 years old. I actually rejected one boy’s love.. recently i had dreamt about him..why this happened to me?

  17. Renee daugherty on

    I have been having these dreams wanting to have sex so bad with someone I know I’m my past I can’t seem to stop dreaming it but there also another person which is my ex I also have sex dreams about him also bout the tony one I have alot here lately why and what does it mean

  18. I keep having dreams about this kid I went to elementary school with… I’m in a happy healthy relationship right now, but for some reason I keep dreaming about me and this boy being kids and growing up being friends and then me dating him and only staying friends with my current boyfriend. It makes no sense. It’s like in the dream I know them both, but instead of how real life went (which was me and the boy not being friends just more kids who grew up together. And me and my boyfriend meeting in middle school and being friends till senior year when we started dating..) now it’s been about 5 dreams about him, and I want to tell him, but it’s really weird. We’ve talked maybe 2 times since elementary school.. He never bullied me and I never liked him in a crush way.. It’s driving me nuts. I want to know if maybe he and I should be friends or if something will happen to him or if I just accidentally got him stuck in my head from a Facebook post and can’t let wanting to know him more go? Help!

  19. I dreamed, as a child and throughout adulthood, of a home, watching children running and seeing other things happen within the home. I live in that house now.
    I’ve had several dreams and still dream nightly of an infinite number of things.
    I believe when we dream, we become one again with the light, god or energy. Our subconciousness is ours, but we aren’t within our bodies. Maybe a bird, a tree, another dimension or reality. We also can manifest within other people’s realities.

  20. It’s been a week now and I can’t stop dreaming of my ex every single night I dream of him, I wake up and try to go back to sleep, by then I feel I can’t stop thinking of him and all through the day he stays in my mind. I know this my be a big part to my dreams, but I can’t think of nothing else since he is the only person that pops to my mind … I had thought of him before and never had dreams of him before so why is this happening now ?? I feel like I’m losing my mind … Someone please help me

  21. I need some help. I am having a hard time figuring out this dream/nightmare and it is driving me crazy. I woke up at 3:00a.m. this morning just balling my eyes out, as I had just seen my Aunt that had passed away on Feb 16. 2013 from cancer, and she was clear as day. I was sick to my stomach as I have never had a dream like this before. I asked a neighbor and his remark was that I had better get checked for cancer. I still can’t get that picture of her out of my head. I’ve never had dreams like this before, they have always been of me almost dying but I wake up before that happens.

  22. i am not a professional, but the same thing happened to me a while back, i got bullied very bad by him, the next thing you know, POW! my brain went crazy, it turned out that the only reason i had the dream was because i was writing in my diary before i went to bed, i was writing about a crush and bullies in the same night, i did some research a little while after that and found out why. i would try writing about them down, then go to sleep, then see if you have the dream again.

  23. Christopher Punzalan on

    Had a dream in a dream that my ex girlfriend’s aunt who just past away rang my door bell and as i open the door she was wearing a blue poncho and told me follow her to the van that was park across the street as i go around to the sliding door of the van she handed me a rolled up fleece blanket and two chain that is hooked together with a letter E charm but notice that there was another lady in the van but her back was turned to me when i asked the aunt who she was she told me to go around and ask as i go around it was mom in her younger age.

  24. Hey I’d like to ask about something and it is rather weird.

    Years ago, I got bullied by this guy that I really hate with passion until now. Everytime I see him, I would either ignore or just walk away if he’d look at me or just standing right next to me.
    But last night I had a dream (which is quite weird because I usually don’t remember my dream as I woke up) but in the dream, I was dating him ?! I don’t get it because I know I really really hate him, but yet why is he in the dream dating me? Please if you have an explanation for this, I’d thank you very much because you see, I really want him to get out of my head now.

    • I had a similar dream last night. I left school 20 years ago. I was rather aggressively bullied by a guy. I dreamed that he suddenly realised that that he was in love with me and that rather than being shunned by this guy and his group of friends, I was actively welcomed in. I always believed that he had a bit of a crush on me at school, so it is not entirely unexpected. I am missing a school reunion tomorrow, and at the last one many of this guys peers, including one of his best friends, were kind and lovely to me and boosted my self esteem sky high. I think that this is my unconscious mind just rounding off the experience. I have always been treated kindly by lovers, even after we have split up. I believe this is my minds way to nutrilise the hurt from those years ago, to complete the loop. I could break my neck to attend the reunion, but it would mean a round trip of 300 miles in a few hours.???

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