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Werewolf Dream Symbol – Seeing a werewolf in your dreams warns something around you is not as it seems. There are illusions that may veil aggression, hate, fear, and repressed anger. It can mean there are some parts of you that are dangerous. This can be to you and to others.

Maybe you are overindulging or have bad habits such as doing drugs or getting drunk every day. If you do not change your ways, you may find yourself in serious trouble. It can also mean there are intrinsic parts of you that you keep hidden.

A werewolf is a changeling, transforming from a human being into a werewolf. This may be a message letting you know that someone is not who they present themselves to the world to be. This person has a truly dark side they are skilled at keeping hidden. But, sometimes, they lose control. Who on your life could this be?

Werewolves represent sex and sexuality. They can symbolize wild sexual fantasies. This can mean you need to be less inhibited or more sexually adventurous. Have you or someone close been feeling this way lately?

Dreaming of werewolves can be symbolic of erratic, wild behavior. Maybe you fantasize about living a more exciting life or you could dream of living in the wilds of the country.

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  1. I have had many dreams about wolves or maybe werewolves. But one of them that I find very strange was when I wasn’t even asleep. I was laying down, planing on going to bed, I closed my eyes and a few moments later I saw what seemed to be a grey wolf. I opened my eyes back up, weirded out by what I saw. A few moments later I closed my eyes again and this time saw what looked like a man. The thing was that with the wolf and the man.. I only saw their eyes. Before that dream even happened I had seen that grey wolf, but usually only it’s eyes. I’ve looked up the meaning of dreaming out a grey wolf or a wolf’s eyes already, but i wasn’t even dreaming! I was fully awake. What does this mean?

  2. For the past few months I’ve been having this dream where a werewolf is always chasing me, I always hide and manage to think I got away, but then it catches me, but right before it kills me the dream resets and i go through it all again, the only time it kills me as right before I wake up, then I can feel everything, as if I cant die, when it tears my arm off I can still feel it bite into that arm as though it is still attached. Recently I’ve been dealing with some stuff at the school I go to and this guy is a sex abuser and everytime I see him insee red, I feel like I’m made of rage, then I hide it all and but it behind a mask. If anyone has any idea what that kind of werewolf dream means specifically then please feel free to reply and let me know.

  3. This dream can kill you because of something that happened in your past, he told me my name and knew me because of my family knew him 20 years ago and he will possess your soul if he tells you what to do and you shouldn’t because he wants you feel bad for yourself. DON’T LISTEN TO THIS MAN,DON’T FEAR ON HIM,FIGHT HIM IF YOU HAVE TOO!

  4. I have the same dream over and over. It comes in different forms, different intensities, different locations, and different fear levels. I’m in bed and I hear either a bump or growl. I know how to react to dream threats by taking control, but for some reason, when the werewolf shows up, I always end up on the dinner plate, even if I assume a similar aggressive role in my dreams. I just laugh at all the other uglies when they show up, but for some reason, even since my childhood, the werewolf has always haunted me.

  5. I have had a recurring dream lately about being locked in a bathroom with a man telling me SHE is coming.

    The first time I had this dream ‘she’ a huge werewolf destroyed a house just to get to me and kill me. Other times the dream has occurred it’s worked in reverse I’m getting longer dreams that the events run upto me being locked in a bathroom with this guy but only last night did the dream come full term.

    I’m suited up about to go on a date when suddenly the phone rings and he tells me he can’t make it, so I get back into my slacks and go round a friends house who was having a party, I start to get pretty drunk at this party and people begin leaving, the clock strikes 1am and my friend suggests the remaining 6 of us should fool about granted this turned into a all male group sex party. After all that there’s a knock at the door everyone quickly gets dressed and my friend opens the door… it’s the guy who let me down and he wants to know if we are all protected and if he can come inside the house once he was invited in the heavens opened and lightning struck the front porch causing it to collapse blocking our exit the man explained everyone needs to stay calm the 4 other guys and my friend went back to his bedroom and I went to the bathroom as I enter the bathroom I lock the door behind me and turn around and there he is the guy who stood me up, but this time I wasn’t just looking at him I was looking at his eyes they were glazed almost watering his nose began bleeding and then he says she’s coming and she wants you the guy once standing before me collapsed to the floor hitting his head on the sink as he fell completely knocking him unconscious and I was in complete panic mode and so I should have been because what came next wasn’t expected. The sound of screeching screams and whaling filled my ears it was my friends in the other room it sounded like they were being torn apart and the house began to shake, the ceiling began to fall off in places the sounds of claws on the bathroom door snarling I had no other choice but to climb out the bathroom window as silent as I could be I clambered onto the windowsill opened the window and as I pulled myself outward a bottle of shower gel falls into the bath creating a loud bang! The bathroom door fly’s open off it’s hinges the creatures head squeezing through with every inch came a crack down the wall causing the walls to crumble as I watched over my shoulder in complete fear the creature reached with its elongated hairy arm trying it’s best to catch me before suddenly the rain had made the outer window very slippery and before I knew it I was falling to my death a large shard of wood from the collapsed porch tore through my chest as I landed with force the once 3 story house was nothing but rubble and structure. As my life faded from me, I heard a woman’s voice in the wind telling me I’m free now.

    I have no idea what it means but I have very lucid/vivid dreams and they sometimes scare the crap out of me.

  6. I dream the werewolf was howling in the night and I was terrified and I came up to make up my bed for me and daughter and she made a little water fall on the floor in the room and I was yelling at her but something tells me to look up and that when I saw the warewolf standing at my window and I started to scream and I ran to my moms room it’s my kid and I broke In and went after me in my dreams trying to find a way to get into the room for me but then I jump out of my sleep the dream was terrifying I was scared I woke at 1:23am in the morning and I couldn’t go back to sleep cause I was shaking and I looking at the my winding constantly to see if there would be anything or anyone standing there from the outside part this is the second time I’m having this dream and it started omg to freak me out

  7. Please help. My 3 year old son just had a dream of a werewolf. It looked at Him and said, “Prepare to die”, before attacking Him. We’re very selective in what He watches so Werewolves or Death even are concepts He shouldn’t yet understand. What does this mean for someone so young?

  8. I dreamt that i changed to wolf and start attacking one guy whom we are having an issue in real life. During a dream i saw him came to me with a sword want to attack me then suddenly i changed to a wolf and start attacking him back and made all the people run from the area. What does it means.

    • Hey I have a dream I turn into a wolf.
      Maybe we can help each other out.
      Email me if you have any questions.

  9. As you can see you are not the only one to dream of becoming…. something more.
    In my dream I was attacked, vowing I would return to hunt him down.
    Upon awaking I went to the mirror my face started to change, a muzzle perhaps. My breath quickened as I realized I was changing. I fought to control it realizing my mother would be in grave danger should I change completely. I fought until I had control.
    I then actually woke up, the sun shining in just as it had as I looked into the mirror. Now every time I get angry I growl and I can feel something inside of me clawing to get out.

  10. About 20 years ago, this dream. I am traversing through a quagmire, in a land that felt quite ancient and prehistoric. I am apparently running away from something. I get out of the quagmire and enter into a cave. In the cave, in the middle, is burning a small fire. Also in the cave I can feel the presence of a invisible entity, a spirit?, (my spirit?), a helper spirit?. I mention to the spirit that I hope ‘He’ doesn’t find me! At that moment a werewolf dressed in battle regalia wielding and swinging a double headed battle axe with each hand enters into the cave. ‘He’ is the one I was running from in the quagmire! The werewolf approaches me snorting and menacingly swinging the dual double headed axes in front of me. I say to the werewolf, …”I’m pregnant to you, but eat my shit”…. then I wake up!

    I think I finally understand the dream meaning. But would like someone else to comment, so as to test my understanding of my interpretation. After a few comments I will offer my interpretation.

    Thank you.

    • Anytime i dream about being a werewolf, its me attacking and killing people and running free into the wild, my last one was about attacking someone i never even met before and anytime i feel anger or anything, i start to feel something come out, something that shouldn’t ever be shown to the world.

  11. I just woke up after having a very vivid dream. I was so sure it was real… almost heartbroken it wasn’t. It started with my and my sister in my car, dropping off a horse in a trailer. It was pitch black outside and raining. My headlights weren’t of any use. My sister got the horse out of the trailer, but something was wrong. My dog started barking at something we couldn’t see; something floating around us. The horse was wild with fear. I jumped out of my car to help and was thrown 20 feet from the car. I laid in the mud, dazed. I felt… accepting of whatever was about to happen. I tried to take control of the dream and keep it from turning into a nightmare. I was buffetted by a strong wind and I could feel every rain drop on my face; it was cold and wet. It’d never felt so real before, and I came to the conclusion it was real life. My eyes shot open and I jumped up, getting my dog and sister into the car. “What about the horse?” She asked, and I told her it’d be fine. I drove as fast as I could out of the property, tires squealing and all. We were trying to find our way out of a neighborhood, but it was so dark I could barely see. We pulled into a creepy old house, and suddenly my car was gone. We were standing there, and my sister fearfully mentioned a bad feeling about a werewolf. I was quiet about the idea, not opposed to the super natural after what had happened. She told me she once had a nightmare of a werewolf anally raping her friend, and we decided we should run. Before we could, this dark form appeared on the ground. A person was standing by it, talking to it. I have forgotten what they were saying. I gripped onto a tree, and shook so hard my nails made a clacking noise against the bark. The form rose up, and became this giant four legged being. It turned towards me. I turned and I ran, and after about a hundred steps, I heard it behind me. I turned around, and seeing a fearsome werewolf, I screamed and collapsed to the ground. It was on me in seconds, and before I could do anything, it plunged into me and began to rape me. I saw visions of myself in the arms of… some animalistic man. I was being viciously bitten, and he raked his claws from the middle of my chest and down to my stomach. I was screaming and crying ‘no’ as he grabbed my arm, and tried to force me to scratch down his chest as well. I screamed “I don’t wanna be marked!” And the vision ended, and I came to realize that in order for me to see those visions, the werewolf had fit my entire head and shoulders into its mouth. Suddenly I was shaken awakd by my mom, and she told me my dad had heard me making ‘lewd noises’ and had my mom wake me. I tried to tell them my dream, but they wouldn’t listen, and I just returned to my bedroom. I laid there in the dark, the moon shining through my window. I held a green apple in my hands, and noticed it was the color of my eyes. I pierced my nail into the apple a couple times before taking a bite. I looked to the side and out my window to see a big white dog standing there. I froze, and wondered if that dream was real. I slowly got up, and somehow reached past the glass and pet its head. I turned to sit on my bed again, and saw it had come past the glass and was laying on my window seat. However, it was laying on its back, and had a human-like look to its behavior. “Can you do that again?” He asked. I froze and stared at him. Finally, I stepped up to him, and before I could touch him, he sighed and swung his arm out. “I see even my voice has an effect on your dreams.” He leapt up and landed on my bed. We began to converse, and I barely remember what was said. I do remember him telling me I was his, to come back with him and start our lives together. I remember considering if going with a werewolf was a sin, and if they were demons. Would I go to hell? But I had a strong pull towards him, and without caring, I leapt onto him for an embrace. A heated kiss started, not caring if he had a muzzle or not, and the dream ended. I was so surprised it wasn’t real, that I went and found this website. Can someone help me out? Why was this so vivid? It’s the one dream I didn’t know wasn’t real and the most vivid i’ve had since I was a child. Help!

  12. I dreamt I was next to a forest at night outside this greapy old house I could here the werewolf howl but from where I don’t know I felt I must go get my great grandmother she died twelve years ago but for some reason she was there I found her and carried her through the forest all the time feeling I was being stalked by the creature I moved as fast as I could through the woods back to the safety of the house as I stood there inside with my back to the window and the emerging glow of the moon from behind the clouds I heard the the howl again so close it was like it was next to me I placed my grandmother on the floor a the howl came again fear struck me because I realised the howl was not coming from outside it was inside but we were the only ones there another blood curdling howl and I was gripped by an intense crippling pain my eyes blurred and my body twisted and I became aware that the howling was not from outside it was from inside deep inside of me I was howling I could not stop it was being drawn from me and the more I tried to hold it in the louder and more pained it sounded. I came into semi consciousness and was aware I was in my room at home but the pain was immense I was crying out for help whilst the howling continued yet louder
    It seemed to last a life time. At last it was over and I was awake hoping my flat mates did not hear me I do sometimes shout in my sleep. This is the second time I dreamed I was a werewolf and I was not even hi this time.

  13. I had a dream last night that i was standing in the woods by this stream wearing a school girl uniform and a big red cloak like red riding hood but my hair was black and my hair is red anyways im standing there in the process of changing then this guy stops me and i think he says something like you don’t have to do this then i say im not meant to be this fertile being im meant to be wild then the dream ends

  14. In my dream me, my buddy, and gf go to the mall to be dropped off by my mom. And as we are on our way to the mall the werewolf came out of a couple of trees near the mall and everyone ran inside the mall and my group ran inside a small store inside the mall and we locked the doors and hid. Then a quick look out the window and there was the werewolf just standing there by the entrance not coming in. It stood there for solid 5 minutes. Then it left back toward the parking lot and then i get pictures sent from my mom saying COME OUT NOW but me analyzing the pictures and my mom had a mirror in the car and the reflection showed the werewolf taking the picture in the car. It was as if it wanted just me. Then i remembered my brothers were getting ready to leave school and my mom always picks them up and somehow the werewolf knew that. Then he left the car and the parking lot to the main street. I looked outside and saw my mom’s lifeless body just laying there so i quickly looked up the school’s number and called to tell them to bring the kids back inside and to barricade themselves in. Then i wake up worried sick about my mom so i sat there wondering if it was real and if my memory cut off or just a dream.

  15. I have lots of werewolf dreams and they always have the same looking werewolf in them. Pitch black with red eyes. In lots of dreams I’m being chased by him or harassed but there is one that is the worst. I was with these people and we all ran into this little house because we were getting chased by the wolf. When we were in there I heard a loud banging on the door, so I ran to the back of the house to hide. He broke in and I heard people screaming. I walked back to the main part of the house to see them all mutilated and dead. Then I saw him. He came at me but more like a man than a wolf. He tied me up and started torturing me with a blowtorch and scalpels. It felt soooooooo real. Then he just got up and left. Afterwards I got an infection and died. I don’t know what this means but it is one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had and confuses me to this day.

  16. in my dream the werewolf didnt want to attack me but it wanted to attack everyone around me – at one time in the dream the werewolf was resting right next to me. And throughout the dream I didnt feel scared but intrigued and curious. and at the end of the dream the werewolf revealed itself and it was someone i know but that has no impact in my life it was super strange seeing who the werewolf was.

  17. I was in a group with about 5 others, including a young girl who was very anxious and paranoid. We all knew she was a warewolf amd she could change at any time when she felt stressed. For some reason we were trying to find the part of the building that was the central load baring for the whole building when the girl snapped, used some kind of telepathy and enchanted the ends of pikes, lances, ect and attacked herself. It said in some book on mythical creatures that if that happens to someone, their wolf side comes out permanently

  18. Hi Stephen, in my dream me, my mother, daughter, one of my sister’s and my grandchild were in a bus going home I assumed, then all of a sudden people were getting in the bus and turning into werewolves , people were screaming everywhere, I got on top of the seats so the werewolves wouldn’t get me, I was screaming telling my family to get out of there seats, but they just stayed seated , like they were not scared. Me and my sister got off the bus and my mom, daughter and grandchild stayed in the bus with the werewolves. I told my sister , we have to go back they’re going to get bitten, but she assured me they be ok I was crying so hard and suddenly felt dizzy and fell to the ground, my sister is trying to wake me up , then as I was waking I started throwing up, my sister was saying it’s ok and tried to help me up then I saw myself turning into a werewolf . I told her to go ,so she went on top of a tall van and I was trying to get her but couldn’t, then I woke up from my dream. It felt so real , what does it mean. Thanks

  19. Angel Rose Hutchins on

    I’ve had way too many dreams involving, a boy with black hair that covers one of his eyes, while the visible eye is almost like the “liquid luck” potion from the Harry Potter series. I remember the first dream had been quite terrifying, considering how with one minute he was a wolf, and the next he was a boy who looked to be around the ages eighteen through twenty-one. After awhile I got used to have him join my dreams, but what concerns me is the fact that he has always referred to me as “mine”, “mate”, and other things such as that. With being a wiccan and having to deal with high school, I am unable to set aside to time to find the meaning behind my wacky dreams…….

    Anyway, if you would like to help me out I would be eternally grateful.

  20. In my dream I was with a naked lady. During our intimate moment a werewolf came out of nowhere. I screamed and jumped up and ran.

  21. I always have dreams with wear wolves in them, but they are chasing me. Not necessarily to hurt me but to frighten me into staying within their circle. Almost like forcing me to bend to his will and do what he wants. Very scary I always wake up feeling more anxious but relived it was only a scary dream. Happens too often I think…..

  22. I’ve had this dream before but I scares me every time. So I’m somewhere like in the woods or even a room. And I’m camping there with about 2 other people(I know all of them). And so all goes well until we see glowing eyes near the door. (It was very dim) And a deep voice says something that I don’t remember. And then the light would go black and I’d hear a scream. And the light goes on again. We try to help that victim (who is one of the ppl camping with me). But we can’t. Then I got up and closed the door and locked it. So then I found it open after a couple of minutes. And then I close it again after a saw the eyes again. And then it went black and I woke up. It was a very traumatizing experience for me.

  23. My recent dream consisted of me being an alpha werewolf and that I was living my dream life in a 200 story hotel with a few other werewolves (different types of werewolves that is). Since I woke up i’ve been trying to find the significance of my dream and so far it’s inconclusive.

  24. In my dream I was being watched by something when I arrived at this old very old what looked like a bar and these women surrounded me and showed me a secret passage to get under ground to view all the werewolf homes and that they been looking for me for thousands of years because I am a senior werewolf that had been missing for too long. They told me to think about re joining them to fulfill my duties to our elders that need help. I also had a another dream where we we’re fighting another clan all men clan of werewolves for land and of how far we can search for food. I was told in my dream to watch for signs of real life signs of werewolf’s to watch out for because I might be in a middle of a fight when werewolf’s would attack during the day.

  25. I had a dream of werewolves claiming on buildings and they knew looking for something so as I walked away I seen a car coming up the street and something told me to hide from the car how to keep going once the car left I continue to walk down the street and I ended up at this house that I knew the people in it and the baby was crying since someone didn’t answer the phone and then my turn to my aunt and my cousin and ask them how they day was at work and they said that their phones were what could this mean

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