Werewolf Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Werewolf Dream Symbol – Seeing a werewolf in your dreams warns something around you is not as it seems. There are illusions that may veil aggression, hate, fear, and repressed anger. It can mean there are some parts of you that are dangerous. This can be to you and to others.

Maybe you are overindulging or have bad habits such as doing drugs or getting drunk every day. If you do not change your ways, you may find yourself in serious trouble. It can also mean there are intrinsic parts of you that you keep hidden.

A werewolf is a changeling, transforming from a human being into a werewolf. This may be a message letting you know that someone is not who they present themselves to the world to be. This person has a truly dark side they are skilled at keeping hidden. But, sometimes, they lose control. Who on your life could this be?

Werewolves represent sex and sexuality. They can symbolize wild sexual fantasies. This can mean you need to be less inhibited or more sexually adventurous. Have you or someone close to you been feeling this way lately?

Dreaming of werewolves can be symbolic of erratic, wild behavior. Maybe you fantasize about living a more exciting life or you could dream of living in the wilds of the country.

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  1. I had a dream I had a werewolf living with me. I was to feed it and “love” it. Someone else in the dream (Possibly my child) had a cut on their finger and I had to hide them from the werewolf until it stopped bleeding or the werewolf had at least been fed and was no longer bloodthirsty.

    It was like I had two relationships in my dream, one with my caring loving spouse, one with a werewolf that tried to be caring at times when it wasn’t hungry but…it’s a werewolf…The caring didn’t come by naturally for this beast.

    The night before this dream my partner and I had a blow out regarding different parenting styles. He has known my parenting style since before we became a couple and is now angry at me over it because some of the things I’d like to do (homeschool for example) are not conventional.
    I’m sure this and the dream are connected.

    Anyone with any insight I’d be happy to hear them.

  2. When I was a teenager my brother was in the military. Every now and again he would come home on leave. One summer afternoon my parents left to drive into the city to pick him up at the airport. It was a long drive and they weren’t due back till late.

    I was home alone and a bad summer storm had passed through. The power was cutting in and out so I sat in the living room with the windows open and the front door open with just the screendoor closed and locked because of the wind.

    I fell to sleep lulled by the wind in the trees and had a terrible nightmare. I dreamt a werewolf with a huge head was circling the house looking for a way in. It was dark and the living room lights were off. I was trying to work up the nerve to shut the front door because only the screen door was closed.

    I quietly snuck to the front door and tried to close it but the werewolf came out of the dark and stood at the door looking in. Its face was in partial shadow. It had a huge manacing grin with large fangs and it started to snarl.

    I began hearing pounding at the door and woke inva panic. Someone was angrily calling to me to open the door. I jumped up and slowly made my way to the door and it was my brother stamd right where the werewolf had been standing. He was looking in and looked exhausted and irritated and yelled at me to open the door.

    They must have returned when I was asleep and they were trying to wake me. It was a muggy evening after the storm passed and the were eager to get inside. I opened the door with my heart pounding from the dream.

    The whole time my brother was back I couldn’t shake the image in the dream of the terrible creature at the door looking directly at me. I said to myself, “He’s changed. Something must have happened to him.”.

  3. Well, I actually had a dream of two werewolves. One was black and one was grey/white. I think they were brothers or best friends (not quite sure) because they lived in a forbidden castle that is somewhere in jungle i guess. But the thing was that I have seen them in their human forms too. I think they were both sexually attracted to me or something. the dark one was very lustful and the grey one was a little bit gentle and romantic . I dreamed that I kissed the grey one first (I am guessing middle of my dream) and then I kinda realized that I liked/loved black one for some reason. And when I went to castle after black werewolf, he wasn’t in there. So as I was leaving, I met him in front of a fountain that is located near the front door. But I for surely got jealous of some woman that was living in the castle and she had a baby. When I was in the castle I met her and she said it’s all a misunderstanding. Probably that’s why I kissed the grey werewolf out of jealousy . So when before the black started to approach me, I moved a little to get away from him but he blocked the way and then I suddenly woke up from my dream lmao

  4. I got a dream that there were number of black and beautiful wolves running into the jungle through our building compound. they were soo beautiful, like their fur were shinning black and eyes are yellow or something. Then suddenly I saw two werewolves being kind of slow as one of them was exhausted (I think so.), his eyes were red in color and in mere seconds he transformed into this man. That’s it. Thank you.

  5. I had a dream about a werewolf crashing into my car causing a wreck does anyone know how to explain this?

  6. Well first things first I found a werewolf who’s badly wounded and when I took care of it I feel like I was a part of their pack and they began beheading people all around the village ( not civilians but knights ) but I really don’t know why I didn’t feel fear for them beheading people with their claws instead I feel calm

    • Hi everyone
      I’ve just came out of a dream where a dark werewolf was lurking out the front of the house. The werewolf was wet, dirty & in poor condition. It was growling at me. I walked up to it, put my hand up to its face & told it to stop. I touched its face & I felt it’s cold wet nose. My other hand could feel the cold wet fur on its shoulder. It stopped growling & realised I was there to help. I commanded it to come with me so I could clean it & make it magnificent again. It did & we went together. I had no sense of fear during the dream or when I woke up.

      Interpretation for me is in relation to a real time issue that has been festering for too long now between my mother & my son. Unfortunately neither have much time or respect for each other because they can’t communicate properly between themselves without either of them being defensive. It is clearly obvious that both sides are hurt by each other. Yesterday I tried to respectfully initiate a moment where we could acknowledge these issues & move forward together as family. Well it all turned to shit & ultimately my mum put blame on me for backing my son all the time. This is not true as I’ve pulled him into line where needed. My point is is that the werewolf in my dream is my mother. She is in poor condition (self determined) where she feels backed into the corner & defense’s up. She is by nature, non trusting of people & ultimately has pushed people away including most of her family members. I can see this rift between my 15yr old son & his grandmother widening & I am trying to not let this happen as it hurts me too. It gives me hope that in this this dream the werewolf stops, I help & we move forward together.
      Thanks for reading

  7. This is resonating with me big deal. I sow myself running for shelter hiding from a werewolf but I didn’t really see any, I gathered all the people to ma ke sure they are secured, but not my sister whom I was calling so loud to come and hid with us, I sow the hyena leaving the bulding and thought it wasn’t scary and surely not a wolf, but my sister came to me and staid put side just looking at me with care as I was locking the glass gate knowing that she is turned to a werewolf herself.
    So my sister is the only one who got rich and living an easy life from all of those took shelter.
    This is amazing
    The hyena left the building thought, this may be a good omen for me in what I’m working for a bew start that may realy change my life and those I wish to change theirs too, I already got them in the building, another good omen is that the door I looked is glass, fragile door, can’t hold hold strong facing the change that is coming.
    I love this, it resonates with my dream a lot, thank you.

  8. In my dream that I just had recently I was a wolf but I was with three other people who successfully transformed and who could move at the speed of light I just couldn’t but this is the weird part My eomma was in this dream and While the other three left the place we were in I asked her if I am changing so I got down on all fours and tried my best but the whole time I was trying I could feel my body temper rising and as it rose she told me that I almost had it… what does that mean? This is not the only Time i’ve had this dream but last time I had it I actually transformed why not now?

  9. I had this one dream about a werewolf eating my family, where I was the only surviver. I heard once that this could mean they are going to live longer, however that year, in December, my father passed away. I was like 5 or 6 when i had this dream. I still don’t understand if this has anything related to this article, but if someone were to have something similar happen, please let me know.
    Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for answering 🙂

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