Watching TV Dream Meaning and Interpretations


TV Watching Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of watching television reflects how your life is in its present condition. It can symbolize how you make decisions and communicate with the others in your life.

Seeing your life as a documentary on television reflects your morals and values, and how you react to the challenges that cross your path. Watching the news is a message to let you know that if you make a few changes in your life you can expect positive outcomes.

Watching sports on television can represent exploring your feelings to better understand your life. You may be going through a complex situation and be looking to better understand why you feel the way you do. It can also mean you have been overdoing it in your waking life. This is a sign to take time out to rest and rejuvenate.

Television is a common pastime many watch daily. It can symbolize being confused about your emotions and your mental health. But, it can also refer to the way you communicate in your relationships. Maybe you need to turn the television off and spend quality time with family and friends. Get to know each other again without the noise in the background.

Dreaming of turning off the television can mean you will miss an opportunity or you could be shutting someone out. Or, if there is someone chasing you for a romantic liaison this is a sign you do not feel the same way. Turning the television on symbolizes making choices. Will you make the right one? Watching a show that you enjoy is a message to let you know that you are on the right path.

Dreaming of reading the news on television is a sign your life is in order. This can mean you may need to get more organized or you may need to loosen up a bit. Watching a disturbing show is a warning you need to say no to an approaching situation. Are you easily influenced by others?

Seeing blurry images warns you need to reassess something in your waking life. A new perspective may help things work out positively for all concerned. Seeing yourself in a television movie can warn that something negative is about to happen, if you did not like the movie. Seeing others you know in a movie reminds you may be avoiding your responsibilities at home or at work. Who are you letting down?

Seeing an over-sized television in a dream can mean it is time to take a break. But, a small television can remind you have made promises and commitments. Are you able to fulfill them?

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  1. I have read that people predict future events by seeing the news on the tv or in a newspaper, for instance people had dreams reading the news of the titanic sinking in their news papers and either didn’t buy tickets to go on it or sold them if they already had them. Some even predicted the iceberg. People also reported dreams of the twin towers burning showing up in news messages, they say months before it happened. So, write down what you saw if you saw news in a dream, date it and see if it later comes true. Look for the date in the paper or on the news channel inside the dream too, for extra information.

  2. Mary Chicago on

    I dream 2tvs while I was in my boyfriend place sleeping with him, the tv’s was off both tv’s was in his bedroom

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