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Waiting Dream Symbol – Dreaming of waiting can mean there are issues of control around your waking life. These could be feelings of dependence when you should be more independent. Do you fear of having the independence to freely choose to follow your own path?

Take notice of how you feel while waiting in your dream. Are you being patient, waiting for things to happen? Patience is a sign you expect too much. Are you asking too much of yourself, someone else, or a situation?

Waiting can also represent stressing about the unknown or a decision you need to make. You are ready to take action, but the fear of the unknown may be overwhelming. This is a reminder to take action of some sort.

A dream of waiting for transport – a bus, train, plane, or a car – or of being at an airport or bus stop, can mean many things in a dream. You need to take into account the other things going on in the dream to get a greater insight into its meaning.

Waiting in rush hour represents feelings of not being able to move forward in your waking life. It can also represent many external influences that keep causing major changes in your life. This could be in connection with your social life and core beliefs.

This may even be overwhelming as just as you come to terms with one major change, another may come along to test your ability to cope. This can be a warning you need to find some consistency in your core values to achieve long-term success and happiness in your life.

Waiting at a bus stop in a dream is a reminder there are possibilities that can benefit you that you are ignoring. Is there something you are avoiding? It can also warn that although you think you have a clear vision and way forward, things may not be as they seem. You need to take all opportunities into account before making a commitment. You may fail if you discount possibilities currently not on your radar.

Waiting for a train can mean you have an urgent feeling you need to go somewhere but you do not really know where. At an airport waiting for a plane indicates you need to be more straightforward with others. Do you beat around the bush with some people? Do you find that at times people try to take advantage of you?

Dreaming of a waiting room can mean there is something in your waking life that you are anxious about. This can relate to a person, project, even a situation. Walking through a waiting room is a sign you will soon receive the help you need at work or in your business.

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  1. I dreamed when I went upstairs to the bathroom on my left hand an invisible being keep writing names on my hand in cursive writing? I was afraid so I went back down ask my sister to come look it happened again then I told her hold her hand out to see if it will write on her but it didn’t it kept writing in cursive names the were long names to The only name I realize was Isabella?

  2. In my dream i was escaping and trying to hide from someone. Then i call my boyfriend to pick m up and save me he asked m to wait but he didn’t came there. Then i call him again but and again he asked me to wait but he didn’t came. I was so afraid but he didn’t came to help m

  3. I dreamt that I ordered something for which I paid a high price, but delivery is long overdue. The dream does not say what it was that I ordered. In my dream, I feel anxious and at a loss on how to fix it. The dream causes me to wake up and I feel anxious upon waking. The dream has recurred so far about four nights in a row.

  4. This was spot on. I dreamed about waiting for a train, and in real life, I’ve got job offers I’m weighing and urgently need to pick one (though still waiting on details). What I don’t know tho is why my Ex was waiting with me…I haven’t seen him in years…that’s weird 😉

  5. I dreamt that i was waiting on a public train and there was also a lot of people who were waiting too. Until the train came but i wasnt been able to enter because they prioritized the elders and pregnant passengers. Because of that, i decided to walk on the railings and ran. Unfortunately, guards stopped me. Idk but suddenly, i was climbing on a not ordinary ladder and people were chasing me.

    • JoAnne Braley on

      It seems you are wanting to find a destination somehow, if it is your work, where you want to live, what you want to do, and that’s why yu re waiting for the train, as they lead to destinations. Other people are there, also. You find out it i advntageous to be pregnant, maybe you would like to have a baby someday, or maybe in your family you were ignored when a baby came, you have to figure that part out. Since the elderly got on first, you may have “issues” with those in your family or at work who are older and in charge and seems to have more power.

      I know about the chase dreams, as I used to have them all the time I was always the new girl in school as dad was in the military. They were because I was unsure and didn’t have protection in a way. Here you are, deciding to walk on the railings because you were left out of the train, and trouble begins. Instead of getting protection by the guards, they didn’t help. Society didn’t help you. Then, you had to get on some escape ladder our of desperation, and were still being chased.

      You can change your dreams. Before you go to sleep say “I will dream something nice and pleasant that will help me have more confidence and feel more loved!” Now, it might not work right away, but it will eventually.

      I found from dream specialists you can stop the dream and confront it. I learned when I had the recurring chase dreams (over tops of high buildings, through forests, from one tree to the next for cover from some monsters, etc. very scary), I could stop it.

      I learned I could control my dreams more, I would turn on the light, and say out loud “I will not have that dream anymore.” And, I didn’t. Before I learned that, the darned nightmare would CONTINUE.

  6. I dreamt I was waiting in a line to sign up for college but I chickened out and left the line. I now realize what it means. I need to face my fear of going back to school.. This is crazy! Great site…thank you!

  7. I recently had a dream of a large beautiful white hall, that was empty, scarcely furnished, but very warm and welcoming at the same time. It was a waiting room. I was some kind of assistant who had the job to lead someone, whom I love, to this hall, asking him to sit down and wait and then I left again. The feeling I had: I was extremely happy to be able to bring him there and I felt content, that I could do something so beautiful for him. I was not allowed to be a part of that meeting. And I also had no idea, who exactly it was that this man was about to meet. I just knew I had to bring him there and I felt honored to have been able to do that.

  8. i dreamt about a little girl giving me a ticket with the #1118.
    as we went to the ticket inspection booth, i carried her over to the other side as she said she didn’t need a ticket to enter (and i thought that maybe because she was still a kid, she can enter for free)
    and when i gave my ticket to the inspector he said to sign the ticket, after signing the ticket and giving back the ticket. i said, what now? can i enter now? then i woke up.
    maybe i was about to cross over and woke up instead? ahahaha! 😀

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