Waiting Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Waiting Dream Symbol – Dreaming of waiting can mean there are issues of control around your waking life. These could be feelings of dependence when you should be more independent. Do you fear of having the independence to freely choose to follow your own path?

Take notice of how you feel while waiting in your dream. Are you being patient, waiting for things to happen? Patience is a sign you expect too much. Are you asking too much of yourself, someone else, or a situation?

Waiting can also represent stressing about the unknown or a decision you need to make. You are ready to take action, but the fear of the unknown may be overwhelming. This is a reminder to take action of some sort.

A dream of waiting for transport – a bus, train, plane, or a car – or of being at an airport or bus stop, can mean many things in a dream. You need to take into account the other things going on in the dream to get a greater insight into its meaning.

Waiting in rush hour represents feelings of not being able to move forward in your waking life. It can also represent many external influences that keep causing major changes in your life. This could be in connection with your social life and core beliefs.

This may even be overwhelming as just as you come to terms with one major change, another may come along to test your ability to cope. This can be a warning you need to find some consistency in your core values to achieve long-term success and happiness in your life.

Waiting at a bus stop in a dream is a reminder there are possibilities that can benefit you that you are ignoring. Is there something you are avoiding? It can also warn that although you think you have a clear vision and way forward, things may not be as they seem. You need to take all opportunities into account before making a commitment. You may fail if you discount possibilities currently not on your radar.

Waiting for a train can mean you have an urgent feeling you need to go somewhere but you do not really know where. At an airport waiting for a plane indicates you need to be more straightforward with others. Do you beat around the bush with some people? Do you find that at times people try to take advantage of you?

Dreaming of a waiting room can mean there is something in your waking life that you are anxious about. This can relate to a person, project, even a situation. Walking through a waiting room is a sign you will soon receive the help you need at work or in your business.

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