Vulture Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Vulture Dream Symbol – Vulture visits your dreams at a time when you need to have patience. You need time to consider the options and the whole picture so you can make the right choices for you and your future. Recall past lessons and experiences to help you analyze the issue from all perspectives.

This will give you valuable insight into what worries you. Do not allow others to push you into a decision. You need to be adaptable to reach your goals. Learn from the past. Always remember that you have the right to make your own choices. Trust in your intuition.

vulture dreamsThis predatory bird can also indicate you need to beware. There are shadows closing in on you. You are being watched or manipulated. You are under pressure to make no mistakes or they could be fatal. Someone is waiting to strike when you do. What ‘vultures’ surround you? What opportunists have manipulated their way into your trust?

Vulture brings reminders of your ferocious protectiveness of those you love. Sometimes you need to let go a little to let them learn their own life’s lessons. Be there to support them on their journey instead of taking over control of their challenges. In a world of so much conflicting turmoil, you recognize the need for a deeper understanding of all things. If you help people too much they may lose control of their own being. This can make them dependent. Be wary of taking things at face value for often there are hidden agendas. Consider your actions before you react.

A vulture flying in your dream can bring financial success to all areas of your life. This is a clear sign you accomplish current financial goals. Seeing their young still bound to the nest is a symbol of future prosperity as long as you are focused on what you need to achieve. You have to continue working towards success. Killing a vulture signifies you have success meeting your challenges.

When Vulture crosses your Path

When vulture crosses your path you have the ability to see the bigger picture and understand the use of patience to reach your goals. You have the ability to see straight to the heart of most things and people. You usually see straight through others’ illusions.

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  1. I dreamt that there was a very large vulture sitting on my balcony and I called my mother to come see it. It was just sitting there and staring at me. It had a very wise and strange expression on its face. My mother told me to drive it away but I was too scared to approach it because of its size. And then it suddenly tried to enter the house but I made a shooing sound and it stopped and sat on the floor of the balcony. It started making some gestures with it’s wings.
    Please tell me what the meaning of this dream is.

  2. I dreamed that I was at a house from quite a few years ago. In the dream I saw a group of large birds, the first I saw was a very large vulture with ribbons tied to its legs. There were other large white birds and they were all flying above me. I though they were amazing. Later I went back and the vulture was laying in the bushes outside of the house bleeding. It looked up at me and its face looked like a statue. I believe I woke up after that.

  3. I dreamed I was ouside of what it was supposed to be my house. I saw that my bird cage has been attacked and I was so indidgnated, so my cakotiels were not there or perhaps a vulture was eating perhaps one of the birds, the cage was desolate a vulture was on the top attached to it. I removed it by the head and strangulated the vulture. Them I so another on the side of the cage and removed it equally by the head, and this time I was so furious that I decapitated it with my hand. Then I think there were more, and removed a third one … I so also betwen trees close by a intense blue owl looking at me! But as fast as this was happening I had a small one of them in my hands and skueezed until it was compleateally destroyed, because it was part of the attack that they did to my cage and birds. I marvel on the color of the owl and felt bad that I destroyed it, but it was the thing to do at that time.I do not know if any of my birds survived but the intruder was completely removed. I don’t remember any thing else I think I wake up.

    • I had a dream there was a 3 headed vulture watching me then it turned into 3 vultures standing there. Two vultures grabbed one and threw it at me. It was huge a monster of a bird no feathers just skin. As they threw it at landed on me and I screamed but I realized it was dead so I shrugged it off got up and walked away from the other 2 vultures

      Thoughts on meaning??

  4. I saw in dream a vulture flew and sat on the balcony sill. I found it beautiful and I told my family look beautiful vulture.

    • I dream a vulture birds but there colors are not pure black one vultures look likes a peacock colors one vulture looking at me the others vulture flying and im looking on it.
      Vulture looking at me had a white colors under his beaks and some sort of orange or red colora

  5. I dreamt of where I was with a meet seller and so many vultures where flying all over there and on top of my head I have to shift still some followed me still flying over my head. Please explain more

  6. I dreamt about a huve dragon-sized vulture. It picked me up with it’s talons and wanted to drop me. I survived it twice and finally i Think i ended the birds life by kicking it’s head.

  7. I dreamed that my ex-husband and I built a new home (or was going to build) on property that we had already built a home on. When I looked down toward the back of the land there was a huge dead tree and buzzards (over a dozen-because I counted them) in that tree and moving to another tree. I said, “Oh look there are so many of them!” Then we went over to a neighbors (I had seen him before) he was sitting on his back porch surrounded by lots of stuff, I noticed his whole property had a privacy fence around it. He said something about going to a birthday party and would win something. Then he told my ex that he wanted to buy some of our property but my ex made all kinds of excuses why he couldn’t or shouldn’t. When I ask my ex why he told him all that he said, “I didn’t want him to buy it.”

  8. Chasing a vulture away in my dream while caring for the sick but it kept coming back till finally I was able to chase it away with a kick and then I wake up kicking my leg

  9. I’ve dreamed that I was taking care of a bunch of baby vultures and one by one of them were dieing on my hands. Every time that one of them would meet their end, it would me feel absolutely terrified and sad.

    In the same dream there were a bunch of different birds watching me, including a red arara.

    There was a second bird they looked like a red arara however it had a vulture face… And that one scared me.

    What bothered me in the dream is that I’ve never dreamed of vultures before, I’ve never seen one of those as they are uncommon where I live and also, that I had never searched anything about them recently.

  10. I had a dream of many many vultures at afar and they were flying together towards me. They ended up flying over me. When they were afar the image was scary as they almost blocked the sun. When they were flying above me, I could feed the air move due to their wings.

  11. I dreamed of a old big vulture flying into my face very fast and trying to catch me and I just screamed and suddenly I woke up ! nothing more .

  12. Hi, I saw a vulture been so agressive with the people who were there (it was indoors) and I went outside to look for it baby and I found it and take it to the vulture and it calms down. Everyone congratulate me because of my quick thinking then I went to a room where I was talking to a woman who apparently in the dream she was my friend (I never saw her in my life) and a huge rat came from a mountain of clothes that was beside her (the rat was hiding in the clothes) and went to attack me trying to bite me which she ended up doing and I hit her several times with a shoe. The end

  13. I had a dream I was going to my Dr appointment but I had to walk threw hundreds of sleeping vulturs. I walk very very slow and I made to the end and I woke a baby vulture up and it started chasing me but I got away.

  14. I dreamt that I was left on a rubbish heap in astraunuat clothes and a huge grey blue vulture almost eat me up but the vulture realized that I was awake and stood near me hovering over me like the worst nightmare I ever had. I was so happy to wake up wondering what the dream meant

  15. I dreamed a three headed vulture was stading just looking at me 2 or 3 nights lately. He was normal color but missing some feathers and three headed. What does this mean?! Slot going on in my life right now.

  16. Yakubu Mohammed on

    I saw myself and my younger brother walking in the bush and there’s a plate of food kept for me but vulture and one other black bird were eating the food

  17. Lately Ive been telling people how I accidentally sold my soul. This spirit had offered me a life without worries and great fortune. I had left and felt myself battling this demon calling me a whore and a liar, this scared me and I prayed asking God where my guardian angels were, after praying everything became silent and my dogs stopped shaking and sat on my chest and calmed me. This year I’ve fought temptation when it comes to lust, lying, and all throughout this year of struggle I’ve been presented with weird opportunities that would lead me to great fortune. I’m in the military and was being threatened to be kicked out. I told them ok, they wouldn’t kick me out. I met a guy who to me was a prophet. He could quote the Bible back and forth and suggested I get ptsd benifits and start dancing which is what I’ve always wanted. Today was my appointment for my ptsd. The night before I had a dream about a vulture and a red cardinal. I realized going to this appointment would grant me with extreme fortune but I also realized I would be lying if I went to this appointment. I decided not to go. Right now I know I’m fighting to get my soul back. In my dream my dog was there and I was protecting him. I have a deep believe my soul was placed in him.

  18. I dreamt of a vulture in my house…the vulture was trying to pick on my pet birds…so I shooed the vulture away bt it flew up and sat on the railing of the staircase and then after sometime it went away

  19. Hi, i saw 1 (Beautiful) Vulture has got down to an electricity wires of a street across my home. Then another one (normal/ ugly one) has got down at same place. As i saw vultures for the first time in my life, i offered them food in my dream. By the time i realised, normal/ ugly one flew just pass me suddenly and i to save myself being hit by vulture, fell down. Later, i see myself telling my family about what just happened… But i seemed excited while telling my family.. what does this dream mean?

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