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Voodoo – Voodoo is a dark dream symbol of danger, manipulation, and control. If you dream of doing voodoo on someone else, this indicates that you want to control them and are willing to harm them to accomplish what you want. You should do some deep introspection in light of this dream symbol, because this is not a healthy way to have relationships.

If you dream of someone else doing voodoo on you, it means the same thing: they want to control you and are willing to harm you, or you fear that it is so. This is likely a toxic relationship and you should protect yourself from it.

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  1. Well my farther was into some pretty dark things in his life ‘lord forbid’ and when he passed he was creamated and i took his ashes and ever since then ive become pregnant just a few days/weeks after his passing and its very abnormal im having so much bad luck with this pregnancy and i havnt had dreams aince i was a little girl now every night its just sum crazy voodoo stuff and evrytime i just cant win its getting worse n worse also my 4 year old is having some pretty bad dreams as well ,, sn qhen my farther was alive he tried to show me some things but i really didnt want to learn i just dont want nothing to do woth this my life is already on a rocky rd i try not to give things like this enery im ready to just give up and get baptized.

  2. In my dream i saw that me and my two friends, we went to shop that actually sold voodoo items but no customers knew about it and we went to the shop and the shopkeeper gave me a bracelet for free and all of a sudden police comes in to arrest them for selling suck items i could give the bracelet back but i didnt and i just ran away from the shop with my friends with the bracelet in my left hand as soon as i walked out of the shop’s door i felt a severe pain to my head…well idk what the hell does this dream mean

  3. In my dream, someone stole my car while I was in class (I go to school at night. Also, in real life, my car is white but in the dream, my car was black). I searched and searched for my car. Once I found it, I didn’t notice the first very small voodoo doll. I got the car home and put it in the garage and later found another very small voodoo doll in the car. In my dream, I also felt that the people that were coming to my home were trying to rob me. I did all I could to protect myself, my children, and my home.

  4. Hi my name is Roxanne an i had a dream that my mother-in-law had told my sisters daughter that she was doing voodoo to us what does it mean

  5. I had a dream that I was threatened by a family member that has been trying to change my reality since I was a child. They threatened to take my “doll” which in my mind was a doll version of myself. They also said that if I don’t comply they would take my art which was displayed on a wall along with the doll in my dream. They chased me and I went onto the roof to get away. They got scared once I got on the roof and my partner came to be by my side to protect me. This family member is very disturbed in real life and has killed animals and even their first born. I am making strong attempt to stay away from them but due to present circumstances in waking life they’re still in my periphery until I can change my living situation.

  6. PrincessEliminator on

    I just want them to suffer. Want them to wreath what they sew… Want them to feel that feeling when everybody hates them. They the reason of her sons death so why not???

  7. I had a dream that A guy that’s interested in me asked me out to to eat so we went out to some southern restaurant where my best female friend happened to be. At his particular restaurant you can swim in the little lake behind it so we swam and played with baby sea animals but at the end a seal tried to swim away and we had to catch it so I was instructed to just go under water and open my eyes and look about 6 feet down and I should be able to see it grab it and bring it back to the surface . I was very scared as this fun summer lake swim turned into a dark Louisiana lagoon with moss hanging and. Dark water…. I put my face in and I saw something swimming up to me and as I tried to make out what it was I extended my arms to receive it but I heard everyone above the surface of the water in joy so I rushed to the surface and the had already retrieved the baby seal and was taking it out the water back to its indoor habitat. So I wonder what was down there coming to me and as I was about to look down again it was coming full speed so like magic I appeared at the ladder climbing out over looking the black lagoon heart racing I ran inside where I was given an extra pair of work coverall the restaurant employees wore to deep fry in. My best friend order a fresh porcupine to deep fry. Fast forward to us eating Indian style on the floor in a carpeted room I feel asleep. When I awoke I felt a sharp pain in my mouth so I ran to the bathroom and there was a needle and black thread sewn into my tongue with the needle sticking half way through my tongue poking the roof of my mouth. I rushed and began to remove the needle then walked out the bathroom to find my friends and ask them for some scissors to cut the thread they looked as if it were no big deal and to hurry up so I didn’t miss the show happening down stairs. So I rush to the bathroom to cut the thread from my tongue and I made it to the basement where I saw a lot of familiar faces waiting as this radio talk show set up to interview my friend for his new mixtape he had just released. Everyone laughed and joked as they began they opened up with him rapping over the beat one of his favorite tracks and it was all just too much so I began up the stairs and tripped and made a loud noise and everyone stopped in dead silence and looked at me and I said “I’m sorry did that interrupt the recording?” “Yes just go” a man said to me so I rushed up the stars just in time to see my mother leaving the house in a rush and it didn’t seem right so I hopped in the car to following her and we ended up in this dark road in the middle of a snow storm as the snow fell hard and fast it was so dark and hard to see but she wasn’t slowing down as we approached the end of a street with a river bed ahead. I saw she wasn’t stopping so like magic as she plunged in the water I transported through my car reached for her and pulled her right after hitting the water and I dragged her back to the side of the road and laid with her as the storm cleared the bright moon was out and stars filled the night sky. I held her as she wept asking me why did I save her. I too began to cry asking her why would she want to leave me. Then she began to talk talk about her early child hood and how her mother was a good mother in the beginning but then got lost then she held me and cried out ” I’m just tired, I’ve always been tired. Even when it’s light out it always seem so dark. I just don’t want to live anymore”. So I began to explain to her that I often feel the same and that I’m not giving up on myself and I won’t give up on her just when I went to hold her tighter to my right I saw bright lights it was a semi truck rushing toward us as we’re laying on the side of the road so with a swiftness I scooped her up and sat up and just then the scene had change and police and friends and family surrounded us and they searched the water for her car and friends asking what happened. The scene then changes to me waking up on a bed of white linen and looking a record player playing a voodoo chant I read the name clearly although I don’t remember the name. I got out the bed creaking along the would flooring of the old house I made it out side the the drums plays and people chanting and dancing with an elderly dark skinned woman looking at me holding a hand crafted artifact with woven material and feathers attached to it.” You’ve made it this is home” the. I could understand no other words being spoken as the chanting got louder and I began to spin in a circle seeing all the dancing people with white paint on their brown skin ,feeling the drums beating through my soul I faded as if I passed out. Then I awoke from my dream.

  8. Its hard for me to express because im not good in english. But I woke up so bothered because of my dream In my teeth theres a white hair in my teeth lots of white hair after that theres a toothpick coming out and theres a flesh coming out as well. And then I saw a man I think his an expert of healing of this kind of situation He said that this is a Voodoo. And the solution is coconut.

  9. I had a dream that I was telling a man that I lived with that he is evil and does voodoo he was a boyfriend of my mom and I lived with them in real life when I was 13 years old, he use to deal with coconut heads and candles and all other things while i lived with him, now i am grown and have my own he twice gave me and my kids a whole bunch of rotten fruits and vegetables to my house he was in my dream clear and I argued with him in this dream and saided to him that he is evil and do voodoo I don’t no what this dream is telling me please help

  10. I had a dream I was at my sisters house my whole family was there even the dead ones.This voodoo black lady walks in she comes to me chanting on her knees.no one sees here but me.I just watch her then she try to kiss me. I grab her face with both hands start messing her face up like it’s clay. I much her face up. What dose this mean? I had a dream of a black man we was just walking and talking he had on a rob and long deadlock. I just had a dream of a huge black voodoo lady trying to have sex with me and trying to suffocate me. Can any one help me figure it out of?

  11. Uhm. I’m having dreams of others doing voodoo. I’m not in the dream, it’s like a movie.. But it’s really creepy. I remember 4-5 dreams every night and they’re all about voodoo

  12. I had a dream not where voodoo was being practiced, but just the word was said like someone in my dream said to me “oh she does voodoo. stay away from her.”

  13. Thru out the night I was twisting and turning and had difficulty sleeping. But three times I woke up to dreams of someone performing voodoo on me. In one of those dream I could see a demonic type of animal. What does this all mean? This all happened on the same night.

    • Not a healthy dream be very careful someone in real life maybe trying to harm you the dream is trying to tell you something but you have to put the pieces together.

  14. Chitaria Dunn on

    I had a dream about a voodoo master. Perse that came to my school and was holding a class on voodoo and I was too afraid to go in because of the way the room was decorated. It had things that POPPED out at you, and i told him that I was afraid and he walked away disappointed. The room had a pop-up alligator, white ghost, and various other things and it was dark and had candles lit everywhere. This scared me because it reminded me of a haunted house. At the end of class i along with various other students had stayed behind. When the class came back out, some of them were altered like physically. One had abnormally long hair, and my other friend had dropped 100 or so pounds. And I went up to the voodoo master and he was telling me how he was disappointed and was talking to me about my “planet” and the power I am capable of. I told him that I had wAnted to learn voodoo. But he disappeared and I tried to find him and my mother told me that if was truly meant to be my teacher that I would see him again in the future. I just remember the way his eyes lit up really big and they were sort of sparkling,when he was telling me about how powerful could be. What does this dream symbolize?

  15. I was dreaming my ex was doing voodoo on me and about a month later he was taking me to court with lies our relationship was very toxic and i was a victim of domestic abuse now im fighting him in court and he is telling my chikdren lies and talking bad about me to them which makes them uncomfirtable coukd my subconcious be telling me he is trying to harm us again?

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