Vomiting Dream Symbol


Vomiting – Vomiting is as unpleasant in a dream as it is in waking life. The significance of vomiting is similar, as well. In waking life, we vomit because we are ill, and often because there is something in our stomach that our body recognizes as dangerous and wants to expel. In a dream, the dream symbol of vomiting also signifies violently expelling something poisonous from ourselves.

This is most commonly an idea or a belief which we have internalized, or “eaten,” and which we now need to remove and be rid of before it causes more damage. It is also possible to have a vomiting dream symbol about a relationship or even about a situation in life, though these things are also most often connected to ideas and beliefs. People make us believe different things about ourselves, and so a toxic relationship can make us believe things about ourselves that we should reject for our own well-being.

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  1. I could taste that slight salty wet dry mouth feeling, which to me is both exhilarating an frightening, coz I hate vomiting. It often takes hours for me to vomit properly even when I plunge nearly my whole fist down my throat. Anyway in the end, I can’t remember whether I actually vommited or not. ijust remember running from the table iwas sitting at towards a sink, bcoz I knew I needed to be sick. I also remember thinking how funny it was, needing to vomit whilst in a dream setting.

  2. I really need answers I was screaming like a demon with blood running out of my eyes before I threw up in my dreams then I woke up at 5 in the morning and threw up at my bedside trash can

  3. Walked into a room looking for my boyfriend, found him on the floor getting head from our male roommate. He was enjoying it and i nudged him with my foot to stop and left the room and started running while vomiting down a hallway. …..woke up almost feeling like vomiting as well

  4. I had this dream where I think I was prayed for right in the dream and I vormited coakroach….was a very scary dream…need answers

  5. Hi all, hope all is well. I just woke up from a dream literally 30 minutes ago of my ex girlfriend vomiting. In my dream she was drinking beer in a back bedroom and I was in a living room, I heard her vomit and checked on her then she laid down in bed and then I woke up.

  6. All I remember was eating a pepperoni pizza cut in small square pieces. My mouth was stuffed with several pieces that I could not chew. I was in a shopping center all I know I begin to start walking, took of running. I was able to find a trash can I found a cup I begin to remove the pizza then the vomit tin occur like runing WATER. The vomit was Red I’ll stop then I’ll begin again… … When I woke up I jump out the bed ran to the bathroom my mouth was full of saliva. I was in shock what does this mean?

  7. I keep having this dream where im around all my family and I start vomiting and I cant stop. It gets to a point where I feel like its stopping and then its starts again. its horrible and feels so real.

    • Victor Patrick on

      I had a similar dream, did you get any answers to yours?
      Would love to read from you or anyone with a useful explanation.
      Victor Patrick.

  8. Fokwa Blaise on

    Please I’m really gonna need answers. I had this dream vomiting and crying about my late mum and the suffers of my granny to my coordinator in school. The vomit was very white. Even as it touched the floor, it didn’t get any extra colour mixed in it. It was white like nothing I’ve ever seen.

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