Volume Dream Symbol


Volume – Volume is a very important dream symbol concerning your emotions about certain things. If you dream of something that is very loud, this indicates something about your emotions regarding your current situation, the relationships you are in, or the communication you are giving or receiving from other people. For instance, dreaming about loud music or loud background noise indicates a feeling of oppression or bombardment from people or events in your life.

Perhaps you need to focus on getting some more silence for yourself. If you dream of someone speaking very loudly to you, or of speaking loudly to another person, this indicates a problem with communication. Either the other person is always dominating the conversation so that you cannot get away from their words, or they do not listen to you when you speak. Alternatively, the problem may be with you: you may be trying so hard to get your own point across that you do not listen to anyone else’s ideas or views.

On the other hand, if you dream that a song, a movie, or a voice is very quiet, it has the opposite meaning: the emotions are peaceful and you do not feel oppressed, but it may be difficult to understand what is being said or communicated if you cannot hear it clearly.

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