Voiceless Dream Symbol


Voiceless – Speaking and other aspects of communication are very important as dream symbols of your own communication and confidence in communicating in your own life. If you dream that you are voiceless, meaning that you try to speak and nothing comes out, this is a sign of a lack of confidence in your communication.

There are several possible causes for this. It may be that you have a hard time putting your thoughts into words, or that you are too timid and shy to speak those words aloud. It may also be that you are accustomed to not being heard when you speak, that you are constantly talked over, or that your thoughts are not listened to or considered important.

It is also possible that your dream of being voiceless is due to a common phenomenon at the end of your REM cycle, when you are beginning to be aware of your physical body, but you are not able to control it yet, and thus are not able to speak.

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  1. I’ve been having these dreams lately, it will be a normal crazy dream, I’ll be able to talk one minute, but the next, I suddenly lose my voice. For the past few days at least at some point of my dreams I will lose my voice, and even my dream self is catching on. But once I read your report you were absolutely right. No, I don’t feel like I’m heard. In fact just recently before the dreams I have been feeling upset and trying to talk louder, add more personality, move my hands. Yet my mom still manages to ignore me and not hear what I was trying to tell her. At school no body can hear me or ignore my comment completely. So I’ve decided if no one will bother to listen I won’t talk, and so then the dreams of being voiceless began.

  2. Hi,
    I constantly have dreams where I can’t talk or move my body, But tears would drop… And its a very painful dream experience ever

    • Laura Lynne Watson on

      You could possibly be experiencing sleep paralysis & it may be reflecting in your dreams. If this isn’t the case than it’s cause you are going thru an extremely trying time where you don’t believe you’re being heard & there’s no solution. If you let it continue it won’t get any better. keep trying to communicate & share your feelings. Also as I said in a comment below, try to remember where you are when this is happening. Bedrooms, living rooms , strange room etc all have different meanings & it might help to point you in the direction to fix this situation.

  3. In my dream i cant talk i can only mumble and at some point cant talk at all. Keep wakeing up from moaning while trying to talk in my dream.

    • Laura Lynne Watson on

      You are experiencing a problem in the waking world where you feel like you aren’t being heard when you share your ideas, or perhaps you hesitate to say what’s on your mind & keep it bottled inside. Try to connect who you’re trying to speak with or look into more dream interpretations that are in your dreams. The setting & the people involved should be a good hint as to what’s causing this

      • Im experiencing this but in a different manner. When im just normally talking to someone my voice is existent but when im trying to shout thats when i lose the sound of my voice. Its a very tiring experience because Ill be trying to shout it out more and acting my words just to be understood till i wake up. I can feel the exhaustion even after i wake up. Its weird.

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