Voiceless Dream Symbol


Voiceless – Speaking and other aspects of communication are very important as dream symbols of your own communication and confidence in communicating in your own life. If you dream that you are voiceless, meaning that you try to speak and nothing comes out, this is a sign of a lack of confidence in your communication.

There are several possible causes for this. It may be that you have a hard time putting your thoughts into words, or that you are too timid and shy to speak those words aloud. It may also be that you are accustomed to not being heard when you speak, that you are constantly talked over, or that your thoughts are not listened to or considered important.

It is also possible that your dream of being voiceless is due to a common phenomenon at the end of your REM cycle, when you are beginning to be aware of your physical body, but you are not able to control it yet, and thus are not able to speak.

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  1. Hi,
    I constantly have dreams where I can’t talk or move my body, But tears would drop… And its a very painful dream experience ever

  2. In my dream i cant talk i can only mumble and at some point cant talk at all. Keep wakeing up from moaning while trying to talk in my dream.

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