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Voice Mail – A voice mail is a dream symbol of communication, especially between loved ones and people who care for each other. Receiving a voice mail from someone in a dream is an indication of communication. This may indicate that you need to reach out and communicate with that person, or it may even be a spiritual message from the person.

Remember that the parts of the brain which process language are shut down during sleep, so you will not be able to listen to a voice mail in a dream the same way you would be able to in real life. The words are likely to change, or else you will not remember what you heard once you are finished. This is normal and a result of brain function, not a dream symbol of your communication with this person.

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  1. I had a dream I ignored a call and was left a voicemail when listening it said “ hello I need to speak to you”
    It sounded like someone was clicking a button and making the words repeat in a robo voice over and over again until the voice got so low it sounded like the devil. I freaked out in my dream and looked at my hand to see I had seven fingers and confirm I was dreaming to force my self awake

    • I had a nightmare about a yellow dial phone and it had a voice mail on it that was about sending people to a mental place and they sang a song about a patient, help and his brain

  2. Bryna Roussel on

    Okay I had the weirdest dream last night and it’s been bugging me. I had a dream I was bored and was just calling random people on one of those very old phones that are connected to a wire on the wall. I dialed in a random number and got a strange voicemail. I heard a woman’s voice who starts off saying “You don’t know me and this family doesn’t know me but i’m a psychic and i’m here to tell you this family is going to live a horrible life.” Then she goes on to explain that first their daughter will commit suicide, things will go downhill from there. During this call I see images as if from a photo on a boat on some sort of blue body of water, and the sides of this blue body of water are lined with tall stone walls. On the boat I saw an image of what appears to be a loving married couple, possibly in their thirties are early forties. I did not recognize these these people. The man was tall and lean and balding, judging my his facial hair he hasn’t shaved in a while and he’s turning old due to gray hair. The woman beside him was smiling broadly. She had long brown hair and blonde highlights. She wore glasses and I think she was wearing a dress. She was on the shorter side and tanned and a little chubby. I wake up due to an alarm before the voice mail ends. I wake up shaking and I still can’t get it out of my head.

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