Vitamins Dream Symbol


Vitamins – Vitamins are a dream symbol of health and taking in the things you need in order to remain maximally healthy and fit. Taking your vitamins is a sign that you try to take care of your needs in life. This does not necessarily have to do with nutrition; vitamins can be a dream symbol of anything else you need to live a healthy and balanced life, such as getting enough sleep, exercising, or taking enough rest and relaxation.

Nor does it have to be physical; vitamins can symbolize things you do to meet your spiritual needs, such as meditation and prayer, or your emotional needs, such as going out in nature to center your emotions or talking through a problem to purge your emotions. If you dream about needing to take vitamins, this is a sign of needing to take care of your needs somehow. You will need to examine your own life to determine what need you have that is not currently being met.

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  1. The dream didn’t make sense, but me looking for some kind of vitamins was prevalent. Maybe my body is trying to tell me I’m deficient in something.

  2. Kathleen Hufstetler on

    Very interesting. I’m just recently starting to remember my dreams and look up interpretations.
    My dream last night involved pouring my multi vitamin out into my hand and realizing I was running low sooner than the bottle should be running low. Then the thought crossed my mind”of that’s because I’ve been taking two at a time instead of one”.
    Not sure what this means.

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