Virus Dream Symbol


Virus – A virus is a threatening and negative dream symbol, indicating disease and contagion. If you dream that you have a virus and are in danger of spreading it to others, this signifies something negative inside yourself that affects others in a negative way. The most common thing for this to symbolize is a bad attitude or a morose or depressed outlook on life.

It is very hard to be positive when people around you are negative, so your grumpy mood may be causing everyone around you to have a bad day too. On the other hand, if you dream that someone else has a virus, this may be an indication that this person is a toxic influence on the people around them, and that you need to protect yourself from the influence of this person.

People who sap energy from those around them are very difficult to deal with, and this sort of person can be lowering your productivity and even your quality of life without you even knowing it, especially if this person is close to you.

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  1. I actually had a strange dream. I was in a library, and someone was talking about a poisonous serpent that had been let loose and everyone was afraid. They called it “Raven’s something…” but when I confronted it, it was a virus, actually, more in the form of a chain, like a serpent, but definitely a virus… when I cut it, it broke apart. i hit it several times, and it crumbled to dust. It was odd because I distinctly recall someone saying a very poisonous, and rare serpent by the name of “Raven’s…. “something..

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