Virgin Mary Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Virgin Mary Dream Symbol – The Virgin Mary is a dream symbol that has different meanings based on your own religious traditions and beliefs. For Catholics, members of the Orthodox churches, and even some Protestant sects, the Virgin Mary is the mother of God, one of the most important religious figures in existence, and the mediatrix of all graces.

For others, the Virgin Mary is a highly suspect character, smacking of all the excesses and corruption of clericalism. For still others, the Virgin Mary is a mother goddess, equivalent to Isis of the Egyptians. If the Virgin Mary gives you a message in a dream, this is most likely a message coming from your spiritual or mystical aspect and should be treated with credence.

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  1. I dreamed of mother Mary standing beside a whole that was dug by my deceased husband who was alive in my dream standing on the other side of the hole holding the shovel. There was also a third person in my dream but I can’t remember who it was but I know I was standing there staring at them but it’s like I wasn’t even there to them. But in my dream every thing even mother Mary was the color of light brown dirt. I really wish I knew what this meant bc I have recently started talking to a new man which my husband has been deceased 11 years now and I have had rocky relationships since his death but this new man I’m dating is very good to me but he is going through a hard time right now after losing his mother.

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