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Virgin Mary Dream Symbol – The Virgin Mary is a dream symbol that has different meanings based on your own religious traditions and beliefs. For Catholics, members of the Orthodox churches, and even some Protestant sects, the Virgin Mary is the mother of God, one of the most important religious figures in existence, and the mediatrix of all graces.

For others, the Virgin Mary is a highly suspect character, smacking of all the excesses and corruption of clericalism. For still others, the Virgin Mary is a mother goddess, equivalent to Isis of the Egyptians. If the Virgin Mary gives you a message in a dream, this is most likely a message coming from your spiritual or mystical aspect and should be treated with credence.

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  1. You do not accept Mary as someone holy, blessed or an instrument of God to spread His Message through Jesus Christ. That’s how will I interpret it.

    • I had a deal that I took virgin mary to sleep with m and was talking to her telling her how beautiful she is and kissing her, what does this dream mean?

  2. Ezeh valentine on

    Last night had a dream of virgin mary crying blood and i was conforting her promising that it will be alright i really wanna know the meaning of that dream

  3. I had. Dream in which I saw holy mother Mary in the sky looking beautiful wearing a white and blue gown. She didn’t say anything. I don’t know what it means.

    • Septepber 6, 2019.

      What happened to Mama Mary’s savage attacked in my dreams? Who can intrepret those dreams? Are their someone who can interpret those dreams of mine?

      “SACRIFICE”, the word that came from my mind when I discern and interpret my dreams. Most of my dreams have a hidden message behind of it. Dream is one of the way that God give me some messages. There are some bad news but most of the time are good news.

      I saw a familiar person, she’s one of my classmate when I was in elementary grade. I like her smile than to her twin sister because she’s not faking it. They are a good classmates in us back when wherein elementary days.
      She hugs me and gave a kiss from my checks like were very close enough and she was greeted me then. She insisting me to go with her. When we arrived to that place, I saw a group of youth listening to a spokesperson, and I went there ahead to listened as well. I found out that they are other religious believers of God because they spoke a harassing word from the Roman Catholic. I was insulted and went in a distance watching and observing them. In a few minutes, as I saw it they were had a gathering from that place, they’re youth dancing and offering some flowers and put it in the front of the altar. It was very nice place because it surrounded of different kinds of flowers from it. While they were dancing I saw someone holding a statue of Mama Mary and put it to the altar surrounded by a flowers, and that person is the one who insisting me to went with her. As I found out that they were not a Roman Catholic, I wondered why they have that kind of gatherings? When I was observing them quietly, I was devastated because the one who put the statue of the Mama Mary in the altar was doing a dreadful manner from it. She holded a sharpy cutting tools and crashed the head of Mama Mary’s statue until it brokes into pieces. I was in pain while watching of what they did to the statue and filled with fear. I didn’t had an actions but to ran after I saw what happened to that scenario. Ran and ran that’s what I did because I found out that they would kill those people who believed in. I was afraid and worried then but that was only my dream at all.
      Dreams are the way of receiving God’s messages to us. Its up to us how we can interpret and how should we believe on our dreams. That was a lucid dream of mine that really disturbed me and unto you.

    • I got a dream of mother Mary statue coming towards me and told me that she’s going to sleep, this dream repeated two times in the morning, am not able to understand what thz means….

  4. Later this May of 2018, I dreamt of Mama Mary she appeared on my dream while praying on a sanctuary, There stood an image of Sacred of Jesus and a half body statue of Mother Mary, In my dreams I was sincerely praying looking into her eyes, and suddenly she began to fall down a tears on her eyes and told me a word which brought so much tears on my dreams wherein she said “Your tears are pure tears”. I woke up and opened my eyes feeling the tears on the side of my eyes and cheeks, I know it’s like a real visit of my Mama Mary on my dreams. All I wanted to know is what does that mean? I mean I am Catholic, a servant of Church and a believer of God, but I know deep within me I am imperfect for Mother Mary to appear on my dreams. Until up to this time I am still puzzled by how and what does that dreams mean.. God bless!

  5. I keep having dreams about the Virgin Mary. My friend tells me it’s actually Satan, but? She made me feel so relieved and she was wearing all white with blue and gold so I doubt it was him.

    At first I was walking through a hall of dead fish everywhere then suddenly mermaids swimming past me. I opened a door and Mary was there glowing.

    I don’t know what all this means exactly, but I’m so traumatized?…I can’t stop thinking about this dream.

  6. I just dreamt o an image of Mama Mary floating in a water beside my bed and I asked her to help me in my current situation

  7. Please can someone explain this dream to me:
    Last night I dreamt of a women which I don’t know telling me ” there is something big is going to happen in your life, be careful , virgin Mary will be with you” and she gave me a nylon back full with bright blue beads and told me virgin Mary sends you this”

  8. Last night I dreamed mother Mary holding baby on the form of clouds and in my dream I scared because the clouds is coming near to me then I awake.What its mean?This is not my first time to dream like this.

  9. I had a dream that vergin Mary is flying in the sky. From my right side to left. With in a second she disappeared in the clouds. For a moment I prayed my problems…what is the meaning of this dream

  10. I dreamed that all the stars gathered together and formed THE TEN. As i looked up, the mysteries were enacted until i saw Mary wearing gold gown ang all the stars again gathered together and formed her big crown. I saw also the Last Supper being enacted and i wondered that that was not included in the reciting the mysteries. I also saw many shooting stars. What does this mean? Thank you.

  11. Narîn Ezîdî on

    I walked into a room, more likely a cave. I looked at my right side, i saw a wooden table and a clay oven for bread baking. Then i looked at my left, i saw, Jesus lying down in blood with two men, each beside him. And i looked back at my right side, i noticed the the clay oven magically turned into Mother Mary. She was dressed in white, and came down to join me, while i was sited in the middle of the room. I wanted to ask her three questions, first question i do not remember, second question i wanted to ask her but didn’t, what was my future like, but instead i asked her the third question “How is TwasiMelek?” She looked at me with a smile and answered, ” Today HE is getting married.”

    I hope to paint this dream and share with every human being, Who is TwasiMelek.

    Narîn Ezîdî

  12. I always dream that I’m walking to a mountain that has a huge rock with an image of virgin Guadalupe I walk an walk but I can make it I wake up … What is that means

  13. I dream about virgin mary, there is a letter or a prayer she wanted tell me but I forgot it. what should i do?

  14. I dream of Blessed Mary that in my dream I was already late with my flight and exam but in my dream I know that I’m already late so I just went to a chapel and offer a flower to Blessed Mary and I arrange the flower to be flouting flower and offer in the altar.

  15. I always dream mix dreams ment some of them not make sence… But this is first time I dream about Mother Mary…I was with my fionce getting ready to get married for our big day,I was visiting friend who I have argument with her daughter,than not sure was other helping me to do my blond exstancions and we talk about quality and volumen I should have as tanning procession as other beauty things… Than I was back with fionce,not sure we hire,bought place,house or we been on holiday in hotel,but he was showing me how windiw is like a little door as it’s easy excess to that garden/ park… I was looking into it when also look thro the real door we go out I was looking at the sky and than turn around to talk to my fiance,than he said to me Mary apearence is knowing in this area,and I was suprise with his words,when he said that not sure was bad dark weather or night,but soon after he said that I could feel heat as brightness behind me like beatiful sun first day of summer,he said look quickly turn around and see its Mary,I really try to turn around but for minute was something holding me on for a minute like a force, every time I turn around her big appearance her head and half body was going to disappear,I keep turning to him and to her,than manage to catch her half appearance and she was there on sky so close to me,I could reach her face,she was looking at me,I was start praying as saying things to her to forgive me… but than becouse of my excitement to see her,I feel I was flouting or something like that,but realise my fionce was holding my leg/ feet behind,said don’t go please wait,than I woke up.. I never seen Mary I was hoping one day will see her as my late grandmother who I love dearly as she pass away… Now writing you this experience/ message sun raise comming so strong thro my window… I’m looking in my fionce and my room seeing little statue of Mary we got next to us,so bright…This is my first ever experience so close to God,I try to find out what is the real message key behind it,hope you could give me answer,or maybe the answer was me who will got to discover…

  16. carole Anne on

    I dreamt of Our Lady last night she was swathed in cloth and she was turning in the river. I jumped in and kissed her feet. I looked up she stood on the bank dressed in a fine way not wet at all. I spoke to her and said I Love You and she said I Love you too. I woke up.

    Last year I dreamt of Jesus he was in my garden. He spoke to me and I looked he was putting pictures on my wall and he said he must go speak to Elijah I woke up. The coming Christmas I put many pictures up of Jesus many people in the street commented. Please just e mail me about my dreams

  17. Had a dream today early morning, was in a church and saw mother Mary with small baby in hand through a hole. What does it mean

  18. Me and my husband saw an image of mama Mary 2012(not sure) but i reported it to the Catholic Church. Then when we are praying inside the car, I was seated at the back crying and my husband saw me from the mirror looks exactly Mama Mary crying. Then February 2017 I saw mama Mary wearing royal blue gown headless. She sat and I knelt down and cry on her lap and I touched her foot it was so white and soft. My sister was there in my dream and witnessed it . Mama Mary left the room and I hug my sister and the one I am hugging became my son.

  19. I have dreamed about mother Mary without Jesus in my college classroom. She is blinking her eyes and I am crying by saying that I can’t able to handle my troubles. She said don’t worry about your problems , I will take care of that. After that I lied on mother Mary’s lap and started to tell hail Mary prayer . Suddenly she tell me to wake me from her lap in anger by saying you are pinching me. After that she went away.. I can’t able to understand my dream . Will you tell me what the dream leaves message

  20. Hi , my name is royce rodrigues , @ the age of 24 , I use to visit mount mary church in mumbai . Mother mary and infant jesus appeared in my dream and speaking to me . Firstly I got scared to talk , mother mary’s image was 10 times bigger and it was shinng like 10 times crystal diamond . I could not open my eyes , I got scared to speak to mothermary .angels singing beside mother mary . Sometimes I try to recap the dream , but I feel lucky to say that god exist and speaks to us . Pray pray , you will surely see god in dream.

  21. Regine bragat on

    i had a dream last night that the sky turns into an image of mama Mary .she has a big wings.she want to holsy hand .whats the meaning of this?

  22. Dreamt a sticker of Mother Mary with Infant Jesus on the teeth of my ex-boyfriend. He is married to someone else. This dream worries me.

  23. I had a dream about the Virgin Mary but in my dream it started as everyone not getting along and then their is a cake of the Virgin Mary and it was very detailed what does that mean? I mean I felt happy when I woke up I happy and sad can anyone tell me what that means.

  24. Last night, i dream of a light that spark on my face an image of mama mary telling me “i love you”…what’s the meaning of that?

    • Renee Sarmiento on

      I dreamed mother Mary waking me up whispering “continue praying the rosary”.Mother Mary woke me up 3 times just saying continue praying the tosary.She whispered in my ear.This was around 2008.After several years I dont know if it is a dream or real.My walk in closet was open.My bed facing walk in closet.I saw Blessed Virgin Mary with her beautiful smiles.She was wearing White veil and blue she was about 5/3 or 5/4 .What does this mean

    • Renee Sarmiento on

      I dreamed mother Mary waking me up whispering “continue praying the rosary”.Mother Mary woke me up 3 times just saying continue praying the tosary.She whispered in my ear.This was around 2008.After several years I dont know if it is a dream or real.My walk in closet was open.My bed facing walk in closet.I saw Blessed Virgin Mary with her beautiful smiles.She was wearing White veil and blue she was about 5/3 or 5/4 .What does this mean

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