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Virgin Mary – The Virgin Mary is a dream symbol that has different meanings based on your own religious traditions and beliefs. For Catholics, members of the Orthodox churches, and even some Protestant sects, the Virgin Mary is the mother of God, one of the most important religious figures in existence, and the mediatrix of all graces.

For others, the Virgin Mary is a highly suspect character, smacking of all the excesses and corruption of clericalism. For still others, the Virgin Mary is a mother goddess, equivalent to Isis of the Egyptians. If the Virgin Mary gives you a message in a dream, this is most likely a message coming from your spiritual or mystical aspect and should be treated with credence.

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  1. carole Anne on

    I dreamt of Our Lady last night she was swathed in cloth and she was turning in the river. I jumped in and kissed her feet. I looked up she stood on the bank dressed in a fine way not wet at all. I spoke to her and said I Love You and she said I Love you too. I woke up.

    Last year I dreamt of Jesus he was in my garden. He spoke to me and I looked he was putting pictures on my wall and he said he must go speak to Elijah I woke up. The coming Christmas I put many pictures up of Jesus many people in the street commented. Please just e mail me about my dreams

  2. Had a dream today early morning, was in a church and saw mother Mary with small baby in hand through a hole. What does it mean

  3. Me and my husband saw an image of mama Mary 2012(not sure) but i reported it to the Catholic Church. Then when we are praying inside the car, I was seated at the back crying and my husband saw me from the mirror looks exactly Mama Mary crying. Then February 2017 I saw mama Mary wearing royal blue gown headless. She sat and I knelt down and cry on her lap and I touched her foot it was so white and soft. My sister was there in my dream and witnessed it . Mama Mary left the room and I hug my sister and the one I am hugging became my son.

  4. I have dreamed about mother Mary without Jesus in my college classroom. She is blinking her eyes and I am crying by saying that I can’t able to handle my troubles. She said don’t worry about your problems , I will take care of that. After that I lied on mother Mary’s lap and started to tell hail Mary prayer . Suddenly she tell me to wake me from her lap in anger by saying you are pinching me. After that she went away.. I can’t able to understand my dream . Will you tell me what the dream leaves message

  5. Hi , my name is royce rodrigues , @ the age of 24 , I use to visit mount mary church in mumbai . Mother mary and infant jesus appeared in my dream and speaking to me . Firstly I got scared to talk , mother mary’s image was 10 times bigger and it was shinng like 10 times crystal diamond . I could not open my eyes , I got scared to speak to mothermary .angels singing beside mother mary . Sometimes I try to recap the dream , but I feel lucky to say that god exist and speaks to us . Pray pray , you will surely see god in dream.

  6. Regine bragat on

    i had a dream last night that the sky turns into an image of mama Mary .she has a big wings.she want to holsy hand .whats the meaning of this?

  7. Dreamt a sticker of Mother Mary with Infant Jesus on the teeth of my ex-boyfriend. He is married to someone else. This dream worries me.

  8. I had a dream about the Virgin Mary but in my dream it started as everyone not getting along and then their is a cake of the Virgin Mary and it was very detailed what does that mean? I mean I felt happy when I woke up I happy and sad can anyone tell me what that means.

  9. Last night, i dream of a light that spark on my face an image of mama mary telling me “i love you”…what’s the meaning of that?

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