Virgin Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Virgin Dream Symbol – When a virgin visits your dreams it is about innocence. Possibly you dream about the lost innocence from your childhood. Or, you long for an innocent time in your life or you may have a new understanding of something important to you in your waking reality. Virgins also bring gifts of wisdom and faith.

A virgin can represent your feminine wisdom trying to speak to you. You need to follow the wisdom of the dream in your real life for better outcomes. When more than one virgin visits, this is a sign that they are directing you onto the right path for financial and business success. You should take notice.

virgin-dreamsDreaming of a virgin scared of losing her virginity can mean it is time you became more adventurous. You are probably already thinking about adventure. So get out there. Venture out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid. Being afraid is a good excuse to use to hold you back. Seducing a virgin can symbolize your fear of a relationship changing and becoming too serious.

What do you fear? It maybe you may have to carry through on promises you had not thought too deeply about before. Or, you could fear that your actions will taint something beautiful. That is will not be what is was before. These dreams help give you clarity of what your future holds. There may be changes coming soon.

Being blessed by a virgin is a good sign. Seeing the Virgin Mary is a sign that you will soon be gifted with the solution to a serious problem that has caused much grief. Spending time with a virgin as their friend indicates something new will cross your path. New people. New ideas. New projects. There is something good coming into your future. Be open to opportunities that cross your path.

Additional Dream Meanings

The virgin is a powerful symbol of purity and perfection. Virgins are often considered the most beautiful women in a society and after their innocence is taken they are no longer considered in the group of beautiful young women. Virgins are also powerful spiritual symbols, often connoting a special sanctity and power that is lost along with virginity.

Many cultures have stories of virgin births (See, Immaculate Conception). Virgins also represent honesty and holiness. If you dream about a virgin it generally confers to you these symbolic attributes in such a way that you now become pure and holy and full of innocence. In this way, the virgin is a bringer of forgiveness and freedom from guilt.

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  1. I had a dream my gay friend got me drunk and took my virginity I’m a woman and he’s a man. Is this a sign that I don’t trust him

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