Vines Dream Symbol


Vines – Vines are the symbol of fruitfulness, especially when they are a flowering or fruiting vine like grapes. If you dream about other vines, like poison ivy, it could be a symbol of something bad and uncomfortable entering into your life. If you find something unwanted in your life it does not always mean that it is bad. It is quite possible that it will provide you with a life lesson or make you stronger.

If you dream about vines trellising or climbing up the side of a house or building it is symbolic of peace and comfort. Vines provide an insulating quality to a house when they are not destructive. Similarly, there is something in your life with these same qualities. As long as you keep it in check it can be a very good thing, but if you don’t it can cause a great deal of damage. 

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  1. I just had a dream of a vine growing next to me while I layed next to it. It grew towards my head and entered my ears, it was thin, small leaves, very green. It was playful. I closed my eyes and let it do what it wanted to do. It wasn’t painful. I think it was transferring life and energy into me.

  2. I dreamed about a vine coming out of my left side. There were four small vines. I pulled each one out, and it would come back. The roots were different sizes, the last root was the biggest. Each vine left a hole where it was. Then, there were more vines coming from me, each leaving a small hole. There was more to the dream, but this was the vine part. Any ideas?

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