Video Game Dream Symbol


Video Game – Video games are representative of social endeavors that result not only in pleasure and fun, but also in great team work. If you dream that you are playing or are a character in a video game it could very well mean that you are a great team member or will need to work with a team in order to accomplish something. Interestingly, dreaming about video games is very common when you have recently been playing them a lot.

If you have been playing a lot of video games recently it could mean that you are playing too much or are simply working out a solution to a game that you have been playing. In a scientific study several years ago a group of people hung out together and played tetris. They were all then sent to sleep in a common area. Sixty percent of them dreamed about tetris that night. 

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  1. Anonymous person on

    I had a dream last night that i was in skyrim, although i haven’t played it for a long time now.

  2. rainbow_unicorns:P on

    years ago, i had this dream, this dream was almost not about video games at all, but at the start and end i was playing spyro 3: year of the dragon, upon waking i remembered exactly what the level looked like in my dream, i realized, i played that game so much that i just memorized that whole level top to bottom, i realized it looked just like it did in the actual game in my dream, i played the original spyro trilogy so much back then… i guess my dream was telling me i should play games other then those three…

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