Video Camera Dream Symbol


Video Camera – Video cameras can represent the fact that you are about to receive your fifteen minutes of fame. You could be about to accomplish something or be a part of something that will shoot you into fame for a short period. This fame may not necessarily result from a positive event. Often people enjoy their fifteen minutes as a result of being involved in something that is life-altering bad.

A car accident or natural disaster can become the reason why so much attention is put on you. The video camera can also represent memories from your past or the fact that you are currently in a period of your life that will result in many good or bad memories for your future self. If you believe this to be the case, go out of your way to make great memories no matter how hard it might be.

Camcorder Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of a camcorder brings the good news of happy moments from your life as it captures these to recall in the future. The only time a camcorder is negative is if death or something negative is captured. Being captured singing to yourself is a sign of fun, happy times soon will cross your path. Feeling happy about seeing a camcorder in a dream then there are positive changes on the way. Your social life may have suddenly got busier. It is a time for fun and games.

Being secretly recorded in the nude can mean you may soon feel victimized by someone or a situation in your waking life. Do your feel used by someone? Are there those that use you for their agenda? This is a warning there is trouble coming. You need to avoid situations that can cause you grief. Recording yourself in the nude is a sign you are proud of your physical appearance. This indicates a happy, proud time in your waking life. You have worked hard. Enjoy it.

When you dream of your partner masturbating, this represents renewing the romance between you. If you were being recorded in an erotic dream this can be a fantasy or about your waking reality. Take notice of who you are having sex with. Is this what you really want? If it is, then this dream indicates you get what it is you want in your waking life.

Watching old recordings from your childhood is a true trip down memory lane. You may be dreaming of simplifying your life. Just remember, do not let your past ruin your present moving forward. This dream could be a warning you are behaving in an immature way. Or, you have unrealistic expectations?

Dreaming of your creativity being recorded is a sign your life will be full of happiness and creativity. When you dream of recording yourself or the ones your love, this is a sign there is much positive energy around you in your current waking life.

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