Victim Dream Symbol


Victim – If you dream about being a victim it generally means that you are a victim of something or someone that you cannot prevent. Unfortunately, having the feeling that you are a victim is also common in people that naturally feel sorry for themselves. It is a sad truth but these people are really the victims of themselves and they are in reality only holding themselves back in life. If you have a dream about being a victim it means that you need to really take a very close look at what you feel you are a victim of and determine if it is you or someone else that is giving you this feeling.

Having an overdeveloped sense of self-preservation can cause some people to believe that they are a victim of someone else’s designs when in fact that person is at heart a loving and benign person. Try asking advice from a few third party individuals who are not close to you or the other person to try and determine the best course of action and clarify the situation. 

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