Venus Flytrap Dream Symbol


Venus Flytrap– The Venus flytrap is a plant that works via seduction in order to ensnare its prey and consume them alive for its own purposes. If you dream about this plant be wary of the people around you that flirt with you. Avoid them whenever possible and go out of your way to do so. There are many women out there who, unfortunately, use sexual harassment complaints to further themselves in life. This is horrific and a shallow way to live, but these women do exist. Do not give them the chance to ruin you or your man. 

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  1. I dreamt about a giant venus flytrap after being harassed by a fly all night. It actually gave me a solution to a pest problem. Got one as a house plant. It’s not always some deep hidden meaning in dreams. Sometimes you’re just tossing around ideas in your mind 🙂

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