Ventriloquist Dream Symbol


Ventriloquist – The ventriloquist is an archetypal character in dreams who represents trickery and deceit. Often this dream represents that there is someone in your life, likely a person who you really enjoy being around because they are funny and bring you a modicum of joy, that is really starting to have a negative effect on you. This is because the ventriloquist is full of lies and deceit.

Occasionally, you may dream that you are the puppet being used to convey messages to people around you for a specific person. If this person is unable to say what he wants them to hear by himself he is not only deceitful, but also a coward. Get away from him as fast as possible or confront them if you cannot get away completely. 

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  1. Hi I had a dream this morning that my husband and I were at some type of camping grounds and there was a type of bungalow a older lady lived there never seen her before but in my dream I knew her and I called her my aunt (weird) so she had a bunch of dummies he said she was going to put on a show for kids so I walked out of the bungalow and I felt physically one of the dummies grab my finger pulling me down but the dummy was still when I looked at it (pretty scary) I was wondering what does this mean?

  2. Hi good morning, I had a dream last night that a few friends and I were staying in an older, small beautiful hotel where an old man was the keeper. Part of the way through the dream I realized there was an evil looking clown doll that was made for ventriloquist and then left it alone for a while in the dream and then proceeded to walk down the hallway and shut all of the doors. I ended up seeing him lying in bed under the covers in a room and shut the door and began to walk back down the hallway when I felt like I had done something wrong. Fear grabbed me and I slowed down and began to walk backwards waiting for him to come out and he did, mostly just appeared in the hallway. I ran into the bathroom where my friend Sarah was taking a shower and for some reason I could see she was partially naked. I told her about the clown and she walked through and out of the bathroom and I stayed and locked the door. The clown tried to get through and under the door, forcing his body under and I had a knife and chopped off his arm and then eventually stabbed him in the face.. he was a very bluish grey with the dramatic red makeup. The entire time my fear felt manageable, even in the hallway – more like guiding me to react. I feel as though Sarah was there more as my friend than the cause of the clown to appear. Thoughts? I’m in a new relationship that has a lot of promise and we’re long distance at the moment. It’s really tough and at the same time when we’re together it’s almost fate.

  3. Umm hey guys what does this mean,in my dream the ventriloquist is dead and does not move at all,he just lays there untouched or moved.What does dis meeean

  4. Thank you for this entry! This confirmed my suspicion about my recent dream. A ventriloquist’s doll came to me. I cared for it, but lamented its presence. I loved it, but eventually killed it. I felt guilty. When I awoke, I thought it had symbolized a child I was reluctant to mother (I’m unable to conceive and feel guilt about that in waking life). This entry confirmed my secondary suspicion that a man who a love dearly is lying to me once again. The doll looked like him and now that I read ventriloquist symbols represent cowardly liars…. Well… I think I’m right in thinking this guy is up to no good.

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