Venereal Disease Dream Symbol


Venereal Disease – Venereal diseases bring with them an impression of dirty and unsavory things. They confer upon the dreamer a sense of evil and sordid character. It is not necessary that you commit sexual atrocities to acquire a venereal disease and, likewise, it is not required to be sexually impure to have a bad character.

If you dream about having a venereal disease it means that your  subconscious is trying to warn you that the path in life that you have chosen is having a negative effect on your soul and you should try to change your ways and live a more pure and honest life. 

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  1. I dreamed of having sexual intercourse with a prostitute and the following morning I contacted staphlococus . I woke up and became scared. Please what does this portend?

  2. I dreamt about someone trying to give me and std in my dream but instead I ran away from him… I remember feeling so scared for my life and told a friend in my dream what he tried to do to me .. what does this mean?

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