Vending Machine Dream Symbol


Vending Machine – Vending machines typically represent receiving some small comfort in life that you are then remorseful to have allow yourself to take.

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  1. Mr Johnson on

    I had a dream I was pushing a vending machine I push it alone nearly a block away from my home. The vending machine was half full even the labeling wasn’t all there I recall thinking to myself I could put more soda in the machine and write labels on paper. I went to get help. A longtime friend whom I don’t talk to much said he would help me but he wanted to get his lunch first. He work at Popeye the food look so good I wanted some myself. As I waited I could remember speaking to people as they walk pass me. My friend call his mother to tell her he would be home after he help me. I begin to think how awkward it would be to have a vending machine in front of my home. As me and this friend made our way to get the vending machine I woke up

  2. Adrianna Valencia on

    Someone please help me understand this? From what I can only remember. It looks like I was at school except it wasn’t my university. Anyways I was walking in a hallway towards the vending machine. Every thing around me looked dull, including the snacks. Everything was like a washed out khaki color. As I was putting money in. At the same time a ghost of a girl with long crinkly red orange hair, pale skin, freckles was inside the machine while my cream snack fell out. She looked so sad or hopeless and numb. She also held her hands out like she missed someone and knew she couldn’t escape. I couldn’t get my snack because I was in was surprised of what’s happening. The this celebrity name Jason derulo took my snack. I have no attraction to this man and don’t listen to his music. Not sure why he’s there. But the ghost and the man came at the same time. What is the meaning of all this? Anyone please. I was a scared, sad, emphatic, and shocked.

  3. Florence D. on

    I recently had a dream that I was working and 100. 00 bills was coming out of the machine it almost seemed as if the vending machine was a slot machine. It was just releasing the bills at a fast speed. In the dream I picked up the money and continued to work. Is there a meaning to this dream ?

  4. I had a dream I was drunk and was trying to select a soda from a vending machine but someone sobor pressed the bottom of a sparkling lemon water and I received two lol

  5. My vending machine always is located on a floor usually parking garage on floor e6 or I’ll walk into a building and I’ll see e6 on something then the number I have to hit is e6 on the vending machines. Usually that’s when I’ll wake up

    The machine is almost always empty. Or almost empty and I never look at e6 I don’t even know of there is an e6.its just what I always press

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