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Veins – Veins of an animal or veins of a mineral represent very similar things in life when they present themselves in your dreams. Veins are concentrated places of life and hope. If you dream about a vein of precious metal it means that you are about to come upon a very precious opportunity that will bring meaning and vitality to your life. If you dream about veins of blood it means that something in your life is bringing vitality to you.

Whatever you do you should take into consideration the continuation of these things in every major decision that you make. If the decision involves you letting go of a part of your life that brings you vitality it is probably a bad decision and should be rethought despite what other positive features that it may contain. 

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  1. Lastnight I had a dream that the veins on my femur were Protruding at the surface and they were so swollen with blood , eventually one of the ends turned into a shape of a lizard head and it even looked alive lifting its head off of my leg. I screamed to my mom that my veins were swollen and she just massaged my leg and laughed it off.

  2. I had a dream of a red vein running up the side of leg but it was on the outside of my skin and then went back in before the knee and the pops out in my knee cap but not bleeding

  3. i recently had a dream of my veins throbbing and just had the color black. It was as so my arms hand no blood circulation and in the dream the word “risk” would often been said. in the dream i show no pain nor facial expression , just numbness. everyone in my dream seemed to be more concerned about it then me , should i be worried?

  4. I was standing in front of the bathroom sink with my mom standing next to me. I think we were getting ready to go somewhere. I noticed something sticking out of my forearm; it looked like a thick hair. I pulled on it as I wanted to take it out. The more I pulled the longer it got. The color of it changed too. It went from black to blue and then red. Both my mom and I had no clue of what it was. I had no pain and there was no blood, only a weird feeling. Then, my godmother came into the bathroom and we asked her if she knew what it was, and she said -“Oh, it’s a vein. You have to cut it!”. She grabbed a shaving blade and cut it off from the red part, then closed the end by burning it. While all this was happening in my dream, in real life I could feel a weird sensation on my arm to the point where I woke up because of it. When I think about it, I feel it on my wrists. What does this mean?

  5. Vaishali biswas on

    I had a dreams of lots of tiny snakes through my veins n I was pulling them out of my left thumb continuously. I realised it was a dream n tried to wake up to have the dream again. It repeated for 3-4 times n I finally woke up to be real. I know this sounds weird. Is there anything to be worried?

  6. I had a dream that the viens in my stomach and shoulder were visable and purples, blue, and even slighty orange. The viens on my shoulder were blue and orange and the viens on my stomach were dark purple.

  7. I had a dream about my vein being completely black, it was about only one vein in my hand, it was black from wrist to armpit. It was really strange, and I still don’t know what does it mean.

    P.S. Other veins were blue.

    • I had a similar dream except it was only the veins on my right side that turned black especially on my face

  8. I had this Dream of looking into the mirror and a vein on my shoulder protruded out and release steam. It was very strange.

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