Vegetable Dream Meanings and Intepretations


VegetablesDreaming of vegetables can indicate your wish to get back to the basics in life. You may have a need for simplicity and a healthier life, which you may have been lacking lately.

Fruit in your dreams is a lucky sign and it signifies you have great spiritual and self-knowledge. You have a thirst for the truth about love, life, and everything. Seeing rotten fruit in a dream may be a warning there is someone around you telling untruths. Be wary.

Dreaming of vegetables is a sign you need to grow in some areas of your life. It is also a sign you need to find more balance. This a dream that reminds you have the strength to take action. You may also desire independence and stability.

Eating vegetables can mean you have locked yourself away from the world for too long and want to break free. You may be someone who does not usually stay in one place for long. Do you avoid putting down roots anywhere? This can be a message letting you know it time to settle down. It is time to create a permanent home. Let your roots grow. It is also a sign to watch your health. You may need to eat more nutritiously.

Dead vegetables in a dream can warn of ill health. It is time to see your doctor. You need to eat better. Planting vegetables represents fertility and may mean you will soon announce a pregnancy. If you are still wandering the world as a free spirit, you need to settle down. You need to focus on yourself and your family. Seeing vegetables growing is a sign you will be happy with the choices you make throughout your life. That you have no regrets.

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When your dream focuses on vegetables or is strongly related to growing and harvesting them, this is a sign you need to look at your health and nutrition. You may have been eating lots of junk food lately, or food from a can or the freezer. This type of dream is telling you to change your priorities.

You need some structure in your life. You need to take a look at what is really going on and to at least start eating healthier. For without good health, you can never succeed. It can also bring messages to look at other areas of your life. What other areas are unhealthy? Do your struggle with love and friendship? Are there problems at work? What do you need to change to bring healthy structure into your life?

When vegetables are the only thing you dream of, you may need to look at your emotions and mental health. Is there something you need to take care of? Do you feel guilty about how you eat, but are powerless to change your old habits? Are you powerless to beat old habits that are not doing you any good? If you do not change, you may have major challenges with your health in times to come.

When you see vegetables growing in your dream, it indicates things will get better. You are attending to your needs and growing in wisdom. You are taking care of your physical and mental health.

Artichoke Dream Symbol – Artichokes in your dreams may represent the sorrow hidden in your heart. It may be buried so deep you are no longer consciously aware it still lives there. Consider what old hurts lay hidden that need to come to the surface so you can let them go into the wind. They do not serve you well. These will keep negative energy in your heart that works against you in the long run.

Dreaming of cooking artichokes can mean you will get the opportunity to show your agility. You will demonstrate your quick thinking in a difficult situation. Be careful, though, to not neglect your everyday responsibilities that need taking care of along the way or it may be your downfall.

Forcing a child to eat an artichoke in a dream can symbolize there are challenges on your way if they refuse to eat it. Eating artichoke jam can mean you will have an argument where you insist in pushing your point of view. You may be refusing to listen to others, which can cause you trouble in the long run. It is a time when you need to take on other people’s opinions, to help you inform your own. You do not always know everything.

Asparagus Dream Symbol – Dreams of asparagus is a fortunate sign that indicates your life will suddenly become blessed and lucky. Everything you do becomes a strong base to build your projects and relationships on for future success. Money will come in from many areas and any challenges will dissolve when you decide they are of little consequence. It is a time when you take risks knowing the results will be better than you thought. Just go for it. If you are eating asparagus in your dreams, then you can expect things to not turn out so well.

Aubergine (Eggplant) Dream Symbol – Aubergines featured in your dreams is a sign of abundance and that success is on its way. Aubergines can bring messages that any problems in your life will resolve themselves. And, any financial challenges, may be met with a windfall. If you are alone, this is a time where you are likely to meet your soul mate.

Cooking aubergines for a meal in your dream, can mean you focus on your goals and persevere to see them through to success. You do not give up when faced with obstacles, but find another way to reach your dreams.
Dreaming of growing aubergines, is a clear indication your dreams come true and anything you try to do is blessed with success at this time. But, if you are buying this vegetable from a market, the price may be too high for your success.

Seeing an aubergine growing in a garden indicates you feel excited about something or someone. And, if it is in a salad, you may need to ask family and friends for help. Whether you get that help or not depends on the circumstances of the situation.

Dreaming of selling this vegetable at market can mean you will have visitors from afar. It maybe your visitors are relocating and need shelter for some time.

Bean Dream Symbol – Dreaming of beans is symbolic of reaching long held goals. With old fairytales involving beans, they are connected to growth and represent your inner potential that needs still to be explored. Beans can represent your inner spirituality. They can also symbolize your life’s experiences and how you have dealt with any challenges along the way.

This may be an indication of how you may grow onto the future. You have the ability to tap into what you see as being in your future for a better life. Beans can be symbolic of fairytales that complicate all manner of things. This can be a message it is a time to simplify your life. Material things may have no bearing on what makes you truly happy long term.

Actually seeing Jack and the Beanstalk in your dreams, can indicate you are having trouble dealing with a difficult situation. You may turn to those close to you for help to understand how to solve this difficult situation.

veggie dreamsBeans also bring messages of fun with changes in the air if you see a beanstalk growing into the air. If they are growing from the ground, and the base of the plant is the focus of the dream, you will rarely have financial problems throughout life.

Green beans symbolize fertility, new changes and growth, and eating them brings you joy. Green beans can also signify the marriage of someone close to you, if you are not the intended bride. This is also a sign of innocence.

Eating beans may mean others gossip about you. Be wary of those who may talk behind your back. It can even bring messages of arguments, court cases, and violence that will hurt you sometime in the near future. Flowering bean plants may mean your dreams soon come true.

White beans in a dream can mean there are big challenges on the way. Planting beans symbolizes your overcome the challenges in your life.

Beetroot Dream Symbol – When you dream of beetroot this is a sign of good news, especially if this is a young girl who dreams this dream. There may even be a surprise on the way. If a married woman dreams this dream, it can be that she misses out on something that she has long dreamed of.

A young man dreaming of beets can mean he will have great regrets for something done in moments of rebellion. If he had done things differently, even listened to advice, his life would be different. And a man who dreams of beets, can mean his son will meet the girl of his dreams for the rest of his life.

Collecting beetroot may mean you are tortured about things you regret in your life. And, beets in a salad, can mean some things will bring you success very soon. Seeing them sown in a field is a true sign that prosperity comes to you after much hard work.

White beets can signify health problems and risky situations, and red beets mean you recover from an illness, or receive a promotion or change careers entirely.

Eating beetroot may mean you have unexpectedly come across a new opportunity that suits you well. Cutting them for harvest is a sign there may soon be rifts in close relationships. Be wary of what goes on around you. Be careful of what you say.

Broccoli Dream Symbol – Broccoli in a dream can represent your need for spiritual nourishment and growth. You may have a longing for greater knowledge and understanding of what you cannot see. It can also mean you are lacking something in your diet. Do you need to eat more healthily? Alternatively, broccoli appearing in a dream can mean you have put up walls to keep everyone out in respect to situations you find too hard to resolve. This may be a time where you need to deal with old things once and for all.

Seeing broccoli plants growing foretells of happy family times. Old broccoli can mean there is great sadness and cooked broccoli may indicate your success will be slow.

Cabbage Dream Symbol – Dreaming of cabbages can signify a difficult chain of events that are all interconnected. Every single thing that happens will require a unique solution. It can indicate that you have gone into yourself. Become too secretive. You may even be a hypocrite. You need to come to terms with who you are to start becoming who you truly want to be. Alternatively, cabbages in a dream can mean there is someone close to you hiding behind the secrets they tell you. You can this be?

Women dreaming of cabbages can be a sign of abundance and being able to go shopping for anything they want. If her dream is of an abundant cabbage crop, it may mean her life will be fulfilled with her dreams. Eating cabbages can mean she will soon be pregnant if she is not already.

Men dreaming of cabbages mean he will be financially successful. This is a sign of being able to well provide for his family. If he removes cabbage leaves to reveal a surprise, this can indicate his wife is, or soon will be, expecting a child.

Removing cabbage leaves one-by-one brings messages of a financial windfall and tearing them off can mean you spend money in an out of control manner. If cabbage leaves are thrown to the ground, then you are just wasting your money on things that bring only limited rewards.

Cabbage is not something everyone enjoys, and it can symbolize negativity and how it affects you. When the cabbage you dream of is still unripe you may have problems with the one you love. You need to pay them special attention to get the relationship back on track. If you ignore this warning, beware, for you may be the victim of a hidden betrayal.

Dreaming of harvesting cabbages can indicate you need to stop spending freely. If you do not rein in your spending, you will face financial hardship. Rotten cabbages in a dream, signify your longing for a quiet life. It also can mean you win over your enemies.

Carrot Dream Symbol – Carrots in a dream can symbolize fertility and prosperity, as well as good health. Dreaming of eating a carrot may mean you are worried about how you are feeling. This is a time where you may need to cut back on the nasty toxins n manufactured food and eat more healthily. This may be a warning that if you continue to ignore the signs about your health, you may get very sick. You need to look after yourself.

Carrots have absolutely no calories and may signify that you are overeating. This may be a time you need to start a diet or you already have begun a new healthy eating regime. Seeing carrots can be confirmation that you are on the right track. But, it can also warn not to go too far the other way. It is balance you need right now.

Because carrots are difficult to grow, this dream can bring messages about learning patience. They need constant water for them to take firm root in the ground to grow ready for eating. You may need to have great patience with someone or a situation in your life. Trying to push things too hard and fast may end in disaster. It can be you need patience in many aspects of your life to bring it back to a healthy balance.

Eating carrots in a dream may mean you are trying to increase your vision. This can be either your eyesight or the way you see. Carrots are traditionally good for your eyesight, whether that is a myth or not it remains to be seen. There may be something you need to see on a deeper level to understand the truth.

Cauliflower Dream Symbol – Cauliflower dreams can be about feeding your spirituality with love and understanding. It can represent tough times and turmoil, and bring messages that these times will be over soon. For not much longer will you be haunted by negativity. Negativity will fade from your life, leaving you feeling positive about the future.
Dreams of cauliflower can mean you are a passionate person who achieves success being methodical. You may be someone who spends much of their time helping others.

A cauliflower in your hand can mean you are trying to collect debts from those who owe you. You have given them chance after chance, but still the debt remains unpaid. They have forced you to take drastic action to recover the debt that has been outstanding for too much time.

Celery Dream Symbol – Seeing celery in a dream can mean you need cleansing. This can be either emotionally or physically, and it can even be in relation to your job and your financial returns. Fresh celery stalks mean you may have more money and abundance than you could ever dream of. Your highest hopes will not be disappointed. Celery can also represent the money you earn in return for your labor. It can also mean you will be rewarded for outstanding service of some kind.

Eating celery indicates boundless love will enter your life and if a woman shares celery with her lover, then she will be endowed with much wealth.

Cucumber Dream Symbol – Dreams containing cucumbers bring messages of health and prosperity. Eating a cucumber can mean you will work hard for something that may be just out of your reach. And if your partner is pregnant, then you may soon welcome a daughter into the family.

Snake cucumbers in a dream can mean you are blessed with your dreams of money, successful businesses, and new properties. It can also mean, that the money that comes in does not remain long. You may need to look at how you spend money to keep abundance flowing through your life.

Kale Dream Symbol – Dreaming of kale can be an indication your health is out of balance and it affects the way you see the world. You may be depressed and have little care about anything very much. Kale brings the message that by changing your diet you can change everything in your world. You will see things in a more positive light. It is a time where you need to concentrate on how you nourish your physical self to heal yourself as a whole.

Harvest Time Dream Symbol – Dreaming of harvesting crops is an indication of a joyous time coming soon. It is a time you reap the rewards of your hard labor after putting so much hard work into it. This can mean your plans are working out and abundance is flowing in. It is a time of joy and contentment with prosperity on the way. A small harvest may mean small profits. Dreaming of someone harvesting a crop can mean you still need to do some work to achieve your goals.

Harvest time is a time for connecting with the earth, and is symbolic of fertility and growth. It can mean your spirituality is growing. You may even be connected more deeply than you realize to the things that matter most. Taking part in a harvest can mean you celebrate your life and all that it means to you. It is a celebration of abundance and having enough for the immediate future.

Leek Dream Symbol – Seeing leeks in a dream can mean there are things you dream of that will not come true. It may be a time where your behavior is inconsistent and your life is about excess. A fresh green leek may mean a woman will deceive you and an odd colored leek can mean a good looking, charming man may deceive you in the future.

Planting leeks in a garden can symbolize those who owe you a debt will never repay it and it is the end of those relationships. Harvesting leeks can mean poor life decisions have taken you far from friends and family. You may be running with the wrong crowd.

Seeing leeks in a store indicates you will overcome all challenges at this time and keep those you love safe. Buying leeks in your dream can mean you are making apologies for any trouble your actions or words have caused.

Chopping leeks can mean you have an out of control gambling habit, and spend everything you and your family has on your bad habits. It suggests that you may be extremely selfish. Your family may turn their backs on you for your betrayal leaving you to pick up the pieces.

Preparing and cooking leeks for a meal may suggest that you will put those you love at risk because you try to protect yourself. This makes you unpopular in your circle of friends. Eating leeks can indicate you will waste money on something that is impossible to achieve. Something you may regret years later.

Seeing leeks played with in a dreams can indicate you know what your bad habits are but continue them anyway. If you continue this way, you will find yourself in big trouble very soon. And, you may pay a very high price.

Mushroom Dream Symbol – Mushrooms grow in fields, in the ground, and also on its food sources. Some are safe to eat, some are poisonous. Dreaming of mushrooms growing in the ground is a symbol of fertility. You maybe wishing and longing for a baby or talking to your partner about future plans for children. It may even be someone close to you who announces they are pregnant soon.

But, fertility is not all about pregnancy. It can also indicate you will welcome a new pet into your life. Fertility is also about how ideas, relationships, and even yourself grow when you open yourself to new opportunities. It is a time to be open to positive changes in your life.

Mushrooms are super adaptable and can grow anywhere, anytime, on anything. Mushrooms that pop up as a surprise or you are given as a gift in a dream can indicate there are exciting opportunities on the way. It can also be a message from your intuition alerting you to something that needs your attention. This may be a reminder to remain flexible and open to new possibilities. If you have to move locations to a completely new environment, then that should not be a problem. It is easy to start out somewhere else. Make an entirely new circle of friends.

Eating mushrooms in a carefree manner can mean you have a sudden financial windfall, but it may be that you spend it foolishly. It can be a warning to take a look at your finances. You may need to get them under control. Eating mushrooms that do not taste good is an omen that what you say will upset others. Eating a mushroom with a bad smell is a warning there is someone close to you that you cannot trust.

Dreaming of magic mushrooms and imaginary worlds can be an indication you want to escape your reality. This is clearly you dreaming of something unrealistic. Something you can never have. It can also mean you need a break from your everyday responsibilities. It may be time for a holiday.

Onion Dream Symbol – Dreaming of onions can symbolize unravelling the many layers to get to the heart of the matter. There may be many levels and layers to a challenge you currently face. You need to peel these back and deal with them one-by-one. Onions can indicate your frustration at things and the possibility you are jealous of others.

When you dream of onions there can be negative energy around you that can make you accident prone. It is a time to focus on what is important and what steps you next need to take to move forward. This can be a slow process as you work out what you truly want to do. You may to rebalance your life and reflect deeply on your true passions.

Onions can also represent healing the sick and your ability to heal yourself emotionally in time. It may be a time to look to alternative medicines or new ways of seeing to heal what ails you. Onion dreams are a reminder that you are complex and it is okay to take the time you need to know yourself better. Any challenges that cross your path are lessons that can help your future. These are lessons there is always another way.

Dreams of eating an onion can mean you will make it through the challenges. And, cooked onions, can mean positive movement and growth for a business you are involved in.

Parsley Dream Symbol – Parsley in your dreams can mean you will have financial success as a direct result of your hard work. Your hard work comes to fruition. Planting parsley may mean you give up your rights to some reward to help others.

Buying parsley in your dreams can mean you have success through your personal growth. This can be in relationships or in your career or in a hobby. This success will be a great reward for something you have long been passionate about. Selling parsley can mean your relationship or marriage will break down and you may even get divorced.

Cleaning parsley can indicate your relationship will become a happy family life with children with many happy years long onto the future. Chopping parsley can indicate you will give something of value to a friend to show them how much you care. Eating parsley can mean you are different from the mainstream of society. You detach yourself from what does not matter to you to rise to the top of your passions. You do not allow others to distract you from what you want to achieve.

Parsley in water in a dream can mean you may be a busybody, and know everything about everything. Or, so you think. Others criticize you for your attitude and you may even be shunned by those you care about. It is a time to listen.

Parsnip Dream Symbol – Dreaming of parsnips can mean things are not all good in your life. You may be being told things you do not want to hear, but that are for your benefit. Even though you do not want to hear this, it is to your advantage to listen. It can even be you have been ignoring these things for a long time. They may be just too hard to bear. Sometimes you need to go through challenges or continue to face tough things for your long-term benefit. You may owe someone money or a favor, and dislike being in this situation.

Eating parsnips in a dream can mean good news for your career or business, but it can bring bad news to your love life.

Pea Dream Symbol – Seeing peas in a dream can mean you are going to change work, house, or school sometime soon. Shelling peas is symbolic of money you will spend on your home environment. And, if you see someone shelling peas, it can mean financial rewards are coming. Cooking peas indicates your problems at work or school will resolve themselves and your finances will improve. And eating peas can mean you are going on a family holiday that will bring you all closer together.

When you are planting peas in a dream it may be symbolic of your family. Two peas in a pod. If you are happy when planting peas there is good news on the way. If you are unhappy when planting them, it may be a reference to difficult things happening in your life but they will soon come to an end. Collecting peas can refer to children around you and if you are single, this may be a sign of an upcoming marriage. Selling peas indicates you will move to a completely new environment where you will start a whole new, happy life with many new friends.

Peas are a sign of good health and much wealth. Dreaming of planting peas indicates your future plans and ability to action them to reap the rewards. Gathering peas is a sign you will be rewarded for your hard work and persistence. Shelling peas is a sign your lover will make wonderful promises. Will they be able to fulfil them?

Seeing canned peas means there will be doubts about your dreams until you find a solution that will bring success. These challenges may be of your own doing. You may need to put more thought into the choices we make. Seeing dried peas is a sign you are not looking after your health. Eating them may mean you will suffer some small financial loss after you have much financial success.

Pepper Dream Symbol – Dreaming of peppers is all about money. It indicates your drive and ambition will pay off will financial rewards. Eating fresh peppers increases your success. As you work harder the rewards keep flowing in to reward your ongoing successful performance.

Eating pickled peppers is a sign you put your money to good use. Often to help others. Hot peppers can mean you will soon have good news. And, seeing sweet peppers means the news coming is not so good, but you will resolve the bad news quickly. Stuffed green peppers can indicate that you continue to work with or for people you do not trust or like. By doing this you are eventually rewarded for your efforts.

Seeing a pepper farm in your dreams can mean all the hard work you have done saving your money may pay off with the purchase of a property. Pepper seedlings can indicate you will need to travel for work. This will please you and give you a renewed interest in your job. Collecting peppers can mean your ambitious ways have gotten you into trouble of some sort. Dreaming of pepper seeds is a sign you will have arguments with your partner.

Buying peppers can mean that all you work for falls apart There are many issues you need to deal with, but with focused energy you will soon overcome them. Selling peppers may mean someone close to you will help out you and your family in some way.

Dreaming of peppers is a sign you have money tied up in a secure investment. Make sure you keep a close eye on it to make sure it is working hard for you. Eating peppers in a dream can mean you are going to have to take something that tastes nasty because you are ill. It can also mean you become a victim to people who send you negative energy. You can successfully overcome this if you work hard. You will need to work through some emotional times to get through to the other side. Peppers can be a warning you need to hold your tongue. Your barbs can be hurtful, which can mean people may go out of their way to avoid your company. Is this what you want?

Peppers burning your mouth is a sign that others spend time gossiping about you. Take this as a warning you need to be wary of who you trust with your secrets. Seeing a red pepper on the plant means your partner in life will be frugal as well as independent. This can sometimes frustrate you.

Potato Dream Symbol – Dreaming of delicious potatoes is symbolic of emotional and spiritual nourishment. They are often a sign of good luck. Potatoes still in their hessian sacks can mean you may suddenly change direction in the short-term. This has the possibility of bringing positive results. Others may envy your luck and success, and may try to harm you in some way.

Planting potatoes can mean you need to ensure that you should have some money put away for a rainy day. Collecting potatoes indicates you may be rewarded for all the hard work you put into what you want to achieve.
Dreaming of peeling potatoes can signify that a relationship or friendship that has had problems can be turned around. With a little effort you can turn this around so your relationship goes back to being just like the good old days. You do this even though the other person makes it as difficult as possible. French fries can mean you have a lucky win that allows you to pay off a debt.

Eating potatoes is a sign that the time for saving and being frugal has ended for now. Things have improved and you do not have to worry about having enough anymore. Eating a raw potato can mean your rash behavior will cost you dearly, especially financially.

Dreaming of potatoes is a good thing. They symbolize life events. Picking a potato and boiling it ready to eat can mean you will have material wealth of some kind. Eating potatoes indicates success at work or in your career. Someone will notice the effort you put into being successful and offer you new opportunities that will bring greater financial success. It is a time to be open to new opportunities.

Planting potatoes is a sign you have great prospects both personally and financially. Your partner may ask for your hand in marriage or someone will offer you better work prospects. Just remember, in order for this to happen you need to continue to work hard to realize your dream. No sitting back expecting things to just happen.

Rotting potatoes indicate there is something good about to enter your life, but it may not last very long. Peeling potatoes is a warning someone will publicly humiliate you for their own amusement. Take a look at those you trust. Hold your secrets close until you remove deceitful people from your life.

Seeing potatoes already cooked can mean confirmation you are already happy and content. A woman eating big boiled potatoes can mean you will advance in some way in your life. This will bring success and happiness. Planting a large potato is a sign of good fortune that you will be able to nurture to enable it to grow.

Gathering potatoes is a sign of success in your near future. The bigger the harvest the greater your success. Cleaning dirty potatoes is a sign gossip and arguments surround you. Try avoid getting involved in the dramas.

Radish Dream Symbol – Radishes in a dream brings new experiences. These will be unusual experiences. Something that you have not experienced before. You could move, travel the world, or take a really unusual job. Do things that most people only dream of doing.

Planting radishes can mean you start saving the money you need for a dream purchase like a house or a car. Harvesting radishes can signify that you are invited to an extravagant event with a relative. This is not something you would normally do, but you want to accompany them. Seeing radishes growing in a garden may mean you will do something that costs you more than you can afford. Someone close may encourage you to do it anyway and it turns out to give you much pleasure.

Someone cutting up radishes in a dream can mean you take advantage of some opportunities. You make this widely known and others may be jealous. Seeing someone eating a radish can indicate that someone close is using you to leverage off the positive opportunities that come your way.

Salad Dream Symbol – Making a salad in a dream can mean you are making intentional life changes. This can even be a sign you are moving soon. It can signify the negative feelings you have will become positive with a little patience. It can also mean you are well supported by family and friends, as well as your community. Cleaning the salad vegetables symbolizes going shopping to replace old items.

Eating salad can mean you may be off on a business trip or a weekend away. Eating bread with your salad can signify that what you believe in and are working towards is for the good of many. Your rewards will be greater wisdom and inner peace. Adding salt can symbolize work and your success at setting up a new business or department. Squeezing lemon juice or adding vinegar to a salad means your friends support you in your plans for the future.

Spinach Dream Symbol – Dreaming of spinach can mean you need to look at a situation with a different perspective. You may need to look at all sides of the situation to make a good decision. You have to make a compromise so you need to grow up and accept it. In the past you may have acted childishly when faced with challenges. This is a message that you need to take a more balanced view of things and act more responsibly. By respecting others, you show respect for yourself.

Alternatively, spinach in a dream can represent health. Dirty spinach can be a warning that ‘you are what you eat’. You need to be careful. You may have been eating too much of the wrong foods. Washing spinach signifies health issues you may have at the moment, but you should recover if you eat a healthier diet. Making spinach for a meal can indicate minor children’s health issues. And, eating it can mean there are financial issues that eventually resolve themselves. Seeing someone else eat spinach is a sign you will hear good news about the health of someone you care about.

Squash Dream Symbol

Dreaming of squash can be a sign of how you feel about some people and situations. You may find them boring and uninteresting. It can be about messages of making the right choices even though they do not feel right. Sometimes you have to do things you do not want to do to get to where you want to go. These too are lessons. You may even feel unaccepted in some social circles. If this is the case, seek the company of those with like minded attitudes.

Alternatively, squash can represent negative feelings about having to care for people or someone or a situation that you do not care for. You feel forced into a corner by someone or something that is not right for you. This may even make you feel guilty. You may feel forced to be part of another’s drama because they have left you with no choice. Well, you do have a choice. You always have a choice. Know you have the courage to make the right choices for you.

Tomato Dream Symbol – Tomatoes are a comfort food and indicate that you are comfortable with most things in your life just the way they are. You may prefer the normality of everyday responsibilities. You may not long for excitement and adventure. You may be content with the practicalities of a domestic life. Stability may be what you prefer. Tomatoes in a dream can also mean new people come into your life or your environment may change in some way.

Dreaming of tomato plants represents your feelings of resistance to change. Even if these changes are ultimately what you want. You may be resisting because you are being pressured to move out of your comfort zone. You may want to plan for a normal future and someone is trying to drag you back where you have come from. Trying to move forward you may be feeling something is dragging you back.

Seeing tomatoes growing can mean someone close to you gives you an idea for a business. You action this and it is eventually financially profitable. Gathering tomatoes from the vines indicates a large family gathering. These are time you all happily gather together to enjoy each other’s company. Although there may have been problems among you in the past.

Raw tomatoes can indicate that someone you care about will move away. Peeling tomatoes may mean you renovate your house and the financial cost will make life difficult financially for a while. Slicing tomatoes may be an indication you wish your life was not so busy. You strive for perfection and this puts a lot of pressure on you. It can be a message to let you know that you cannot always be perfect. Your life would be a lot easier if you relaxed more. Eating tomatoes indicates that you will be remembered for your assistance helping a member of your family. His may come as a financial reward.

Dreaming of throwing tomatoes at others can be a sign of your resentment or disappointment. You expected more from something or someone. You may have been promised the moon and the stars, and been delivered only shadows. It may be that you passed on these promises to others who ridicule you when they do not turn out as promised.

Turnip Dream Symbol – Dreaming of turnips can be a sign of surprisingly positive feelings about something you would not normally choose. This is a time where you experience the positive wonders of good choices. It can also mean you are intentionally ignoring something that is in your best interest to resolve. You may be scared of the consequences of dealing with this challenge or person. By ignoring it you can make everything worse.

Planting turnips can mean you may become reckless. This may mean you take part in activities that cause you to lose all you have. This can mean, possibly, even your health. Seeing turnips growing can indicate you will be tricked into taking part in a social event where they deceive you. Harvesting turnips from the ground can indicate that you may know people are trying to manipulate. You take action that protects those you love from those who would hurt you.

Eating turnips can mean you are close to someone who has dropped out of society. Possibly because of how they look. Your friendship may encourage them in a positive way. Drinking turnip juice can signify your positive influence on those close to you.

Water Cress Dream Symbol – Dreaming of water cress foretells of great riches and wealth in the future. Keep working towards your goals.

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  1. Chinonso Aniagor on

    in my dream I planted curry but before putting the curry I throw one ripe banana inside first before planting the curry. pls what does these mean.

  2. in my dreaming I noticed outof the corner of my vision, – a market stall of large neatly laid out cauliflowers, they looked scary n beautifully artsy at th same time.

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