Vault Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Vault Dream Symbol – The vault is the safest place that you can possibly dream of outside of being held by a parent or loved one. If you dream about placing something inside of a vault it represents hiding a part of yourself or life away from the rest of the world in the hope that if you put it away the outside world will not be able to affect it.

If you dream about taking something out of a vault it symbolizes that you have realized the truth is that it is worse to live without that portion of your life. Rather than to try and keep it safe, you have decided to become wise and go through life affecting others in positive ways rather than worrying about being affected in negative ways yourself.

Additional Vault Dream Meanings

A dream featuring a vault indicates you have repressed anger. It can also represent your need to keep things close to protect them and yourself. An open vault can mean your pent-up anger is about to explode. Whether this is good or good bad depends on many things. Positively, a vault can mean you need to be open about how you are feeling. Share your fears and frustrations with those close to you so they do not the build-up to where you just explode.

For this can have negative results. Are you feeling this way? Negatively, it can mean you are too open with others about how you feel. This can earn you a reputation that makes you look bad. Is this what you want? Learn to share your emotions in appropriate ways. Maybe you need to talk to someone. A locked vault is a sign you need to open up more. Are you too uptight? Are you ignoring the hard times the people you care about are going through? This may be a warning to express yourself more often to the ones you care about. A vault on fire warns your anger is on fire.

You have repressed this for a very long time. You are about to lose control. You need to let these feelings out before you have to go into damage control. Seeing a vault under water can mean you feel you need cleansing. Something or someone has left you feeling dirty. You may need to look deeper to cleanse yourself of these toxic emotions. Dreaming of a broken vault can mean you have had enough of repressing your feelings and are ready to be more open to those that you trust. You are ready to be happy and move forward in life.

An easy to open vault symbolizes being in control of your emotions. This is good, even if you think it is not. Vaults can also represent hiding secrets that eat away at the core of you. Do you have feelings of guilt that relentlessly follows you every day? This type of dream may be repetitive until you change your ways. Maybe it is time to tell all the secrets you protect, regardless of the effect on others. It can be good to clear the air to start anew.

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  1. I think I was protecting the vault in my dream… going in and out to clean the floors. A man was on the outside at a desk. So it was like I was the janitor and he was a teller. He wanted to have access to the vault like I did.

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