Vandalism Dream Symbol


Vandalism – Dreaming about vandalism symbolizes that there are some minor changes that are being forced upon you in life that you wish were not happening. We tend to see the unwanted effect that others have on us as vandalism in our dreams.

This is normal, but remember that you are human and that the effects that others have on you are normal and you should not look at them as negative or infringing upon your our goals and sensibilities. The fact is that it is just a little graffiti that they believe to actually increase the beauty of your ideas and aspirations. They wouldn’t do it if they didn’t like you. Why would they waste their time? 

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  1. Dreet Kishore on

    Vandalism of your car in a dream means that someone is hurting your outward image.
    Be careful

  2. I had a dream that someone persuaded me to steal a car and vandalize then return it. I ended up feeling badly and offering to fix it. Any thoughts on that?

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