Vampire Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Vampire – Vampires have changed in social and cultural symbolisms, especially recently. However, historically vampires were one of the scariest creatures that you could ever encounter. If you dreamt of vampires a few hundred years ago it would likely be taken as a sign of extreme danger and possibly even demonic possession. Vampires were traditionally equated with creatures that could literally suck out your soul.

If you dies at the hands of a vampire, you had no hope of eternal salvation or nirvana. Your soul would be consumed and destroyed forever. Today, we choose to believe that vampires have changed their ways and become modern just as we have become modern, at least some of them at any rate. For your own dreams, it is important that you take into consideration the feelings that the dream impressed upon you.

Vampire Dream Symbol

When vampires visit your dreams, you need to consider what they mean to you to get a better understanding of the dream. Are you afraid of vampires? Or, do you find them interesting or amusing? This can be a warning that you are turning into something other than your true self. Some vampires have a cool, sexy charm and they tend to be secretive hiding away from the light.

Dreaming of a scary vampire, like one from an old movie, drinking your blood, this warns about the negatives in your life. Maybe you have fallen victim to someone who holds you under their spell. You may have lost all control of your life and your will. Is this you? Sexy vampires in a dream can represent your sexual fantasies. This can mean you wish for someone to come into your life to make it more interesting. This sort of dream may manifest just before problems become serious in your relationship.

Being chased by a vampire to suck your blood, can indicate you are fighting against your true nature and major changes. You may come through this with a whole new perspective of yourself and the world. If you welcome change in the dream, this indicates you will manifest great things by accepting your fate. Falling in love with a vampire symbolizes you will find your soul mate. This will be someone you will be happy spending the rest of your life with.

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