Vampire Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Vampire – Vampires have changed in social and cultural symbolisms, especially recently. However, historically vampires were one of the scariest creatures that you could ever encounter. If you dreamt of vampires a few hundred years ago it would likely be taken as a sign of extreme danger and possibly even demonic possession. Vampires were traditionally equated with creatures that could literally suck out your soul.

If you dies at the hands of a vampire, you had no hope of eternal salvation or nirvana. Your soul would be consumed and destroyed forever. Today, we choose to believe that vampires have changed their ways and become modern just as we have become modern, at least some of them at any rate. For your own dreams, it is important that you take into consideration the feelings that the dream impressed upon you.

Vampire Dream Symbol

When vampires visit your dreams, you need to consider what they mean to you to get a better understanding of the dream. Are you afraid of vampires? Or, do you find them interesting or amusing? This can be a warning that you are turning into something other than your true self. Some vampires have a cool, sexy charm and they tend to be secretive hiding away from the light.

Dreaming of a scary vampire, like one from an old movie, drinking your blood, this warns about the negatives in your life. Maybe you have fallen victim to someone who holds you under their spell. You may have lost all control of your life and your will. Is this you? Sexy vampires in a dream can represent your sexual fantasies. This can mean you wish for someone to come into your life to make it more interesting. This sort of dream may manifest just before problems become serious in your relationship.

Being chased by a vampire to suck your blood, can indicate you are fighting against your true nature and major changes. You may come through this with a whole new perspective of yourself and the world. If you welcome change in the dream, this indicates you will manifest great things by accepting your fate. Falling in love with a vampire symbolizes you will find your soul mate. This will be someone you will be happy spending the rest of your life with.

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  1. Nijah Moore on

    I had a dream that it was me and my friends from school and we started off at a dinner table with the vampires just eating, and as where eating it was this particular female vampire & she was very beautiful. She kept staring and making sexual gestures at me, then she started to flirt and ask me questions. ( I
    Don’t remember the questions) so somehow we got on the topic of hide and go seek & they said when they find us they would kill us but we would come back to life so we all agreed. The game started and we picked a hiding spot but the me and my friend joselyn was like Naa we gonna go to the top floor ( we where at my school btw) so as where headed out it’s this girl that’s in front of everyone and we can’t get by so we punch her out the way and start yelling at her to get out the way , now I’m leading the line and they all pushing me so I’m like telling them to wait because I was about to fall over the railing, I ended up falling and just went off on all of them , I don’t even remember what I said but I was screaming to the top on my lungs , we get there and notice everyone’s where we at so we leave and go to the girls dorms and decide to go up that way .. we get up there and think we have a good hiding spot eventually the vampires came and found us but they killed joselyn but left me alive , the vampire that was flirting with me earlier had took joselyn back and this other even more beautiful vampire had stayed and I guess we started flirting I don’t even remember what was said I just know she started to seduce me ( I have a gf in real life btw) so we end up laying on the bed and she gets on top of me & we started taking off our clothes , she tells me she never kiss no one , and I can’t remember wat her exact face looks like but I kno she’s beautiful but she had like this green glowing spot on her face , so we start kissing and I’m rubbing all over her , she’s liking it then my gf storms in and is like I knew you where doing this and she’s like that’s why I was in class with my bf so I’m like who’s your bf and she shows me the only male vampire there was at the dinner table so I’m like you kno he’s a vampire right .. she like idc so I grab her and pin her down on the bed basically “exaplaining” my actions and that I kno they aren’t right .. atp the vampire girl just vanished .. then all I remember is me and her going to get in my moms car and we went to quiktrip and then I woke up

  2. I dreamt of my boyfriend last night, who was a vampire(in my dream, I think… Cause he has a very weird aura in real life, mysterious, mischievous, he’s not that good looking but girls are still drawn to him, ex: me),he and his family went to take over the world, to make the vampire world dominant. In it, before I didn’t know, but when I did the scene in my dream changed. I ran into my old bedroom before my grandparents house was rebuilt, the door was hold open by a knife with a note on the door warning to don’t take it out, if I did the door will never open. But I didn’t listen, I still threw it away and ran inside to hide, in there was almost pitch black if it was for that it was noon. As I was hiding under the blankets the door was opened and a few vampires ran in(it was night by then), one of them was about to attack me until I shouted that I know ‘my boyfriend’s name’, then they stopped and I woke up from there.
    I still remember this dream because I saw it before when I was a very young child(about 4 or 5), but the boy I saw didn’t have a face then, I only saw from the torso down, now after like 12 years I dreamt about it again, but with my boyfriends face in it

  3. I had a dream about a very evil and more powerful then typical vampire. (Think dio from jojo’s bizarre adventure) and I was human and I had to gather up all these people some of witch were diffrent supernatural beings like a werewolf or a mermaid. And during a fuzzy first fight my lover was critically injured and he was human like me. But that’s when I started to gather the others to fight the dio like vampire who hurt my lover. And when we had a God force we were unexpectedly attack and in the chaos I got turned (bit and forced to drink his blood) but then the tides where turned as our force of numbers began to out power him. I was a more traditional vampire now. And after the battle I went down to the floor my lover was on and there I revealed that j had gotton turned on purpose to a supernatural person (I wasent tempted by non human blood) so I could turn my lover and safe him. I retrieved a blood bag from a hidden fridge that I put together for this plan. And I drank it and it was the most delicious thing ever. Then I turned my lover and nearly killed him doing so but he was saved and I gave him some blood aswell. And we had just started to kiss when my phone rang and woke me up. I have no idea what any of it ment or anything. But it was a weird dream

  4. I dreamed of a hall where there was marble floor a foyer and a ballroom like that of a castle. No indication of how I got there but I enjoy partys so I stuck around. There were huge glowing gumdrops of different sizes, shapes, and colors in a bowl on the table next to an ornate trident shaped candle that was lit but was not the light source in the dream. There are no windows anywhere but the room is packed with people and some of them are eating the gumdrops, so I proceed to ask someone about them and they say “don’t eat the gumdrops unless you’re going to pay for them.” At that point I thank the person and when I know I can’t see that person anymore I head out of the crowd to the gumdrops table and stuff my pockets with them. Everyone there is dressed formally and suit pockets are huge. I then re-enter the ballroom but there is no one there and as I walk back outside into the grand hallway something walks down a grand staircase that had not previously been visible and flies at me, pinning me to the wall next to the table. The thing is a pale white vampire (nosferatu type) with the left half of its face a complete gangly gnarled twisted patch of flesh and asit tries to bite me I use my right arm to push against its throat to keep the its famgs away but I am being easily overpowered by it. As its face quickly draws nearer to mine I can hear its screams and I yell “Get thee behind me Satan.” The vampire then shrieks and literally flys away revealing just how huge the entirety pf the hall is. Then the dream becomes grey like static and when it focuses again I am standing above a casket with a wooden cross the size of a large hiking backpack in my right hand and I proceed to impale the casket with the cross until the only thing remaining on the floor is a complete mess of shattered wood and I snap awake.

  5. Laura Lynne Watson on

    I had this odd dream last night that woke me up at 5:20am(520 is my birthday, too). I was in my parents town & it was one of the only towns surviving in the area. It only had a few people living there. Some major disaster had happened & everyone lived fairly close to each other. I was with this pale girl who wore all black, she had black hair too & she was quite petite. I am not usually into skinny girls but there was more than a friendship with her. We were at my parents house together in their backyard & that is when something big flew into the building behind my parents house & blew up in it. I remember saying “Oh my God” as I watched this happen, as the building was a hospital & a school. It was night time but we both knew people were in the building. That’s when she told me it was time for us to turn together as we were the only ones who had the power to save everyone & time was running out quickly . I let her bite me first as biting & sucking blood was part of the ritual in turning. I remember I ran in front of her & just laid on the ground with my neck out. When she bit into my neck I could feel it but it didn’t really hurt as she was very gentle. That’s when I woke up.

  6. I had a dream I was engaged to a vampire ‍♂️ like I was on cloud nine it was amazing. I hope to dream it. Again

  7. I had a dream that I was Dracula’s girlfriend. He was so in love with me and I too was deeply in love with him. I felt a love that I have never felt before I have never been in love with anyone in that way …not even close. He cared so much for me, he was such a gentleman, he held me tight said he never wanted to let me go. He said he was more than 1000 years old and he wished we were born in the same century so we could be together. I told him to bite me and turn me into a vampire too because I didn’t want us to break up. We kissed so passionately and just snuggled and enjoyed bieng together.My husband woke me up and I got so mad at him I just wanted to be with Dracula forever .I’m hoping I see him again in my dreams tonight. BTW best dream I have ever had in the past years.

  8. I had a dream last night that me and this guy (who I don’t actually know) were on the run cross country from a vampire. When he finally caught up with us he grabbed me by the neck and revealed that the reason he had been chasing us was because I was the last member of his blood line but just never knew. It was really weird and now I’m wondering what it meant.

  9. Last Night, When I was dreaming I Was In My 4th Peruod Science Classroom And I Wished I Was a Vampire And I Turned into One and I Felt Make Teeth Grow And I Wished That I Can Have a Mirror to see what My Fangs Look Like and The Fangs Started Bleeding I Don’t Know why But It Just Started Bleeding and I Grabbed A Tissue And This Guy In My Class Was Looking at Me Suspiciously And I Don’t Know about my eyes They were Orangey Reddish Eyes (I Think They were) And I Woke up Feeling Strange cause The Fangs Have Blood on Them Here’s My Question Why Do Vampire Fangs Have Blood When You Wish To Be a Vampire in A Dream?

  10. in my dream I had the powers of a vampire I found a long lost brother a man gave me his blood and the was a voice telling me not to do something what does all of this mean its happened twice back to back

  11. what if you dream about having a relationship with a vampire and your fighting too much vampires in your dreams and then you go to get some help but that friend betrayed your vampire boyfriend she gave something to my vampire boyfriend so he can be a bad vampire.

  12. ajay gurung on

    In my dream even I don’t know I was a vampire I was leading a group of monster they call me father ..and the people around that part wasnt afraid of vampire .. If they see any then they killed them..
    I was running something was chasing me I think I was going to meet my gf or wife .. That time I said no matter what I will see her sparkling face then there was some thing like hotel . I enter there suddenly one man came and thorw a kerosene in my body and try to burn me .. I escaped ..
    Later I transform into another person and get inside there was two lady but suddenly one man notice that I was vampire than he hold his gun and ready to shoot me I said him plz bro I need to go. I will give u money gold u can buy anything .. Then he told I will still get the money by killing u ..
    Then I started running ..
    Dream was incomplete I woke up

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