Valentine’s Day Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Valentine’s Day – Dreaming about this particular holiday can mean many things based on your faith and spirituality and your station in life. If you are a happily single person then this day might represent that one day that you may feel some undesired regret because of what others put upon you.

If you are happily married this day might represent a very romantic day. If you are unhappily married this day will certainly provide you with a reminder that your life could be different if you would only allow yourself to break the mold that has been place upon you.

Valentine’s Day Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of Valentine’s Day is about romantic love. This can be either negative or positive. Usually these dreams are positive for your real life. When you dream of being in love or someone loves you, it draws your attention to the abundance of romantic feelings that surround you. If you are looking for love, you may soon meet your soul mate when you find a valentine in your dream. This type of dream lets you know you have the right energy around you to attract love. This is a time where you should not hold back.

If you are already in a relationship, this is affirmation of your love and the happy life you build together. When your relationship is going through problems and you dream of a wonderful Valentine’s Day, then this means you can reignite your romantic feelings for each other.

When someone you love rejects you in a dream this is a negative sign when it is a valentine’s dream. This can indicate there is someone you love who does not even know you exist. You are invisible to them. You may have negative feelings towards love because of past hurts. You need to address this if you want to move on to find your soul mate. Do not allow this negativity continue too long or it can turn to bitterness. You do not wat your whole life to be about misery.

Dreaming of an ex-partner on Valentine’s Day can mean you have not moved on from the past. Do you allow past hurts dictate how you act and think in the present so it negatively affects your future? You need to let this negativity go to see the opportunities that come your way. Someone accepting a valentine’s gift from you is a sign that your relationship will move into a deeper commitment. You may buy a house together, plan a wedding or starting a family.

Being proposed to on Valentine’s Day is a negative sign you will have problems with the one you love. You may have to consider whether the problems this relationship causes are truly worth getting caught up in the dramas.

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  1. Why do I unexpectedly dream of my ex during valentines week. This has happen for 3 years. All of a sudden she pops in my dreams. Unexpectedly.

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